3 tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy cooking space

When it comes to finding interior design inspiration for your kitchen, Pinterest is a pretty handy tool. It allows you to pursue and pin some of the most picture perfect images to your own virtual pinboard – but why stop there? There’s no reason why you can’t create a Pinterest-worthy cooking space of your own. In this blog, you’ll find three key tips on how to perfect a totally dreamy kitchen space.

 Cooking Space

1. The wonders of solid wood

Type ‘kitchens’ into the Pinterest search bar and you’ll be shown a whole host of gorgeous cooking spaces featuring an array of different materials. From intricately detailed marble countertops to super sleek, high-gloss cabinets, it’s clear to see what’s hot right now. However, if a winner was to be picked, it’d have to be solid wood.

As it’s pointed out on kitchen specialist website http://www.solidwoodkitchencabinets.co.uk, you can’t quite beat the homely warmth offered by natural wood. What’s more, it’s a great choice if you want to achieve a certain decor theme. For example, if you’re going for the farmhouse style in your cooking space, wooden cupboard frontals and worktops can really help you nail your look.

2.  Perfectly placed accessories

For the ultimate Pinterest vibes, it’s all about the accessories. To start with, you could invest in some aesthetically-pleasing appliances. If you’re aiming for a super cute retro look, why not go for a vintage-esque kettle, toaster and microwave combination in creamy vanilla or soft mint? Or if you’d prefer something more modern, stick with cool, contemporary shades such as gun metal grey and matte black.

There are also a wide variety of bits and bobs you can strategically place around the room to complete your cooking space. For example, you could organise a collection of cute Mason jars on your window ledge or display your favourite mugs, plates and bowls on an open shelf for everyone to see.

3. Plants, plants and more plants

Having plants in the kitchen isn’t anything new, but it isn’t falling out of favour either. This trend is still seen throughout many homeowners’ cooking spaces – especially on the popular photo sharing platform. Introducing some greenery into your space is a great way to add a pop of colour, and it can work particularly well if the room has a neutral colour palette.

Whether you place a large and leafy indoor tree by your back door, position a vase of beautiful blooms on your kitchen table or line the window ledge with petite, potted succulents, plants are the perfect way to liven up any cooking space.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to create a kitchen so dreamy it deserves its own Pinterest board.

How to Plan a Magical Christmas Wedding

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s usually a time to buy gifts, put up decorations and spend time with family. However, many people are now planning their weddings for over the festive period.

If you’re heading out to get your Christmas shopping, you’ll see that wedding shops in London are now just as busy as the big department stores!

Christmas Wedding

Christmas weddings are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. It’s no surprise either, with cheaper venues and people being likely to already have time booked off work. While a white wedding isn’t guaranteed, mulled wine and mince pies are a surefire winning combo.

In the 18th and 19th century, weddings on Christmas Day were quite common. This was primarily because Christmas Day and Boxing Day were common days off of work for young, working-class brides and grooms. Nowadays, it’s a magical time and offers an alternative to a summer wedding.

Sisters Jo and Claire run a bridal shop in North London. Here, they share their thoughts on how to plan a magical Christmas wedding during one of the busiest times of the year!

Pick a Date as Soon as Possible

Opting for a winter wedding means you don’t have to carefully select a date in the summer when nobody is on holiday. However, schedules can get very busy at Christmas so pick your date well in advance. If you want to pick a popular date such as Christmas Eve, send out save the dates as soon as possible! You don’t want them to get lost in all of the Christmas mail.

Hunt for Wedding Shops in London

You should always find your wedding dress early. But, for a winter dress, this is particularly important as you will likely require more than just a dress. There are lots of great wedding shops in London so it’s a great location to start looking for your perfect dress and attire.

If you’re planning outside photos or if your church wedding is a bit chilly, a beautiful bolero can be the perfect addition to a dress. Under layers are also essential to keep the heat in.

Choose a Winter Wonderland Setting

Christmas Wedding

It would be impossible to predict a white wedding, but choosing a venue which is geared up for the winter months is important. Unless you’re planning a Christmas wedding abroad, find a venue which allows for the service and reception to be inside and has plenty of space. Log fires and an area for a Christmas tree make it extra magical! Outside photographs are beautiful, but if it’s too cold or raining, be sure to find a venue with a great indoor photography setting too.

Seasonal Colours and Decorations

Although Christmas is often associated with red and green, there are a lot of other winter colours which will look stunning. Purple, dark green or silver are elegant and perfect for the season.

As for decorations, there are endless ideas! Holly, wreaths, snowflakes, ivy, Christmas crackers and mistletoe can adorn your venue and offer that festive feeling to your guests.  Don’t forget the candy canes, gingerbread men and mince pies for that perfect treat as well.

Organise Transport

It’s going to be cold and potentially wet or snowy. If your ceremony is at a different location to your reception then organising transportation is a must. While a 20-minute-walk in the summer can be wonderful, it’s not going to be in the winter. There are some fun and creative ways to transport your guests, such as London buses or horses and carts.

Whatever date you pick and venue you choose, the important thing is to have a magical day! Celebrate with those you love and get excited about what is yet to come.


My Copper and Blush Christmas with Cox & Cox

Before we had even bought our first house over 10 years ago, I remember starting to buy Christmas decorations, for the tree we did not have. Much to my now Hubby’s dislike, he just couldn’t understand why I was starting to buy decorations, but I couldn’t not as the following year I might not have been able to find the same ones. We, well I decided on a plum and silver theme for our tree and over the years I have collected a range of decorations. Yet in the last couple of years I have been thinking about changing my theme for something else, and this year I am doing just that.

I love having the Christmas tree up, since having the children I try and put get it up as near to the start of December as possible and this year will be no different. I like to have the tree up for as long as possible so we can enjoy it.

Copper and Blush Christmas Tree

blush-copper-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-baublesMy purple and silver theme needs an update, it has become less purple over the years and more mixed, this year I shall be introducing the beautiful copper and blush colours. Cox and Cox have so far produced some of my favourite blush items, which seem to be more difficult to find, I bet next year they will be in every shop. Cooper tones and rustic looking tree decorations seem to be the trend for this year, which is great as I love them plus they will work well with my style and sit nicely with a lot of the decorations that we already have.

I just love the luxury feel to the blush and copper tones, I cannot wait to get my tree up and start to decorate it will so many beautiful nice baubles.

Gift wrap

A beautiful Christmas tree isn’t complete without beautifully wrapped presents beneath it. Cox and Cox also do a stylish range of Christmas wapping paper, labels and bows. I do love presents to be wrapped with care and to all be finished off with pretty bows, ribbon or twine.

I however, do not do this to all the presents under the tree, my children just rip through the wrapping paper without a seconds thought about the hours it has taken me to lovingly wrap them all up. So for their gifts I now buy enough of one patterned paper for each child to save me even having to put labels on them all, plus it means I don’t have to worry about them opening the wrong persons gift. Also this year for the first time I have a baby niece to buy for, she also has her own wrapping paper, not to sure why as she is only going to 4 months old at Christmas but I shall start with the traditions and continue them on.

So what do you think to my choice of Christmas tree style this year? Is it something you would love for your own tree, or do you have another theme that you love?


*Thank you Cox and Cox for sending me out some beautiful Christmas tree decorations. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Car safety checks for a long journey

We love going away for a weekend, or an over night stay in a hotel, somewhere nice to get away too. I love picking a nice place to stay that we haven’t visited before, packing our over night bags, jumping in the car and getting away from it all.

Car Safety Checks

I have to say that car things are my Hubby’s job, generally I just get into the car and drive it. It’s very rare I think about doing safety checks, do you? When heading out on a long journey it is even more important to ensure that your car is ready for the trip ahead.

Before you set out on your journey make sure you carry out the following checks.


Car Safety Checks

Make sure your tyres are within the legal tread limits, a minimum of 1.6mm. If you are unsure what that is then you can use the 20p test. Place the 20p in the tread grooves if you can see the outer edges of the coin then you need to get some new tyres. Did you know you can be fined up to £2,500 and 3 points per tyre if they are not within the legal limits.

Check your tyres are in good condition, remove stones and any other but stuck within the tread. Look out for cracks and odd bulges in the outer wall. If you are unsure about the condition of the tyres then pop down to your local Kwik Fit to get them to check for you.

Before you set out, get that tyre pressure correct. If your tyres are under inflated it can lead to blowout especially when travelling at faster speeds. Check your handbook to make sure you know what the correct pressure is for each tyre. I always check mine at the petrol station, it’s free to do.

Your spare tyre also needs checking to ensure that should it be need in an emergency then it is in good condition.

Under the bonnet

Make sure your coolant is at the correct levels and if not then top it up. The coolant stops your car from overheating, if you notice any leaks then make sure you get it checked.

Keep your oil levels topped up, use your dip stick when the car hasn’t been running. Oil keeps the car lubricated and all the parts moving well.

Making sure you can see when your driving is always a bonus, so keep your screen wash topped up. I always use one made up with anti freeze throughout the winter months.

Car Safety Checks

On the outside

Make sure your window wipers are in good condition. Check for any signs or wear like splits in the rubber. The windscreen needs to be free of cracks or chips. Did you know if you have a small crack in the windscreen and hit a pot hole, it could crack the whole windscreen.

Make sure all of your lights are working. Brake lights, reversing lights, indicators, fog lights, headlights and also the interior lights. If you get someone to help you check your lights it is so much easier.

Next time you are heading out on a long journey make sure you carry out car safety checks.


*This post was made in collaboration with Kwik Fit. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*