5 Interior Design Ideas for This Winter

Ready to retreat indoors this winter into full hibernation mode? It always helps to have a cosy atmosphere at home to keep you going on those winter nights in. This can be achieved through some simple interior design tips, which will also come in handy when you have family over during the holiday period.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home decor this winter, we have 5  great interior design ideas for you below.  If you decide to get anything installed, don’t forget to invest in the necessary high-quality materials for all your fixings such as balustrade components.

Warm up a room by layering soft and comfy textiles on your furniture.

Adding in throws and quilts to create a layering effect on your sofas, chairs, and beds can really create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness in a room. Opt for soft and knitted fabrics for the cold winter months. You and your family can wrap yourself up in the snug blankets to beat the chill, and they’ll also make your room look comfortable and inviting!

This is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms where you will be spending most of your time indoor to escape the cold. In the bedroom, add an array of layers over your bed such as quilts and throws. In the living room, add in extra pillows and cushions to help create a supremely inviting and cosy look for the room.

Cover the floor with sumptuous rugs.

Nobody wants to walk around on a cold bare floor when it’s already chilly outside. This tip will not only ensure that your feet don’t get cold and help with insulation, it will also amp up the colour and style factor of a room.

Even if your floor is fully carpeted, adding a more plush rug on top during the wintertime helps to give a room a more warm and cosy feel.

Incorporate some wooden elements to create a cabin-like feel in your home.

Everybody dreams of retreating into a beautiful wood cabin in the mountains during the chilly winter days. Create that atmosphere in your own home by adding wooden accessories, This could be anything from rustic pieces of wooden furniture, or even some chopped fire logs displayed stylishly. Wooden design elements are really effective in evoking a feeling of warmth indoors.

If you have a fireplace, get a fire going and spruce up the area around it to make it a focal point in the room.

Possibly the best winter interior design element is a beautifully designed and decorated fireplace with a roaring fire. This really gives you the feeling of being tucked away in a cosy cottage, and it’s a pleasure to come home to. The glow that the fire emits also naturally adds beauty and warmth to any room.

Adorn your fireplace with festive decor during the holiday period. Or display your favourite ornaments and family photos on the mantel. A fireplace is a great investment for winter and when decorated correctly, it really can become the focal design point of any room.

Light a few pretty candles for an instant ambience uplift.

This is a very simple and cost-effective interior decor tip for you this winter. Invest in an array of cute candles and stylish candelabras or lanterns that you can use to create an attractive display. This can be done on your dining room table, coffee table, or even in and around a fireplace.

The flicker of the candlelight adds a cosy intimacy to any room and will definitely help get you through the dreary winter nights. Many candles available these days also help your room smell delicious! Just make sure you stay safe by keeping your candles away from any potentially flammable materials.

So what are you waiting for? Implement the changes now while daylight is on your side, and hunker down for those cold nights that are drawing in. As the leaves fall and start to change colour, this should be your indication that the freezing cold mornings and low in the sky sun are just on the horizon. Winter is drawing in but when it’s cold outside, follow some of our helpful hints and you and your loved ones will be warm and cosy in your beautifully designed home.

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Can’t find your perfect home? Why not build it yourself!

One of the hardest parts about house hunting is having an idea in your mind of what you want out of your perfect home. It might be the amount of space, the style of architecture or simply the way it feels when you step inside, but finding the ideal home can be incredibly difficult for a lot of people. It can often feel as though, in order to actually find a home while house hunting, you have to be willing to compromise one or more of your criteria. However, there is something that you can do in order to avoid having to compromise anything that you want and finally find your perfect home…. build it yourself. Of course, as tempting as this can be, there is a lot of work involved in it. If you’re considering building your own home, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Professional help

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that, unless you already have some kind of expertise, you’re not even going to be able to start planning your home without the help of an interior designer and architect. They’re the ones who can take the ambitions you have for your home and A) let you know how realistic they actually are, and B) turn them into something that’s actually achievable. Not only that but you’re going to need the help of a construction crew. Some designers and architects have their own crews but if not then you need to make sure that you find a team that is both reliable and trustworthy so that you don’t end up getting scammed.


One of the best things about building your own home is that you often have more control over your budget since you can adjust the plans based on what you can afford. However, it’s also very easy for your expenses to spiral out of control if you’re not incredibly careful about your budget, both when creating it and making sure that you stick to it. Don’t let your ambition get ahead of you and leave you in a dangerous financial situation.

Time management

The other drawback of building your own home is the sheer amount of time it takes. Buying a house can be a long and convoluted process, but it’s nowhere near as significant as the amount of time that building a home can take. Similarly, you often have to use the money from selling your old home to afford the costs of building your home to you need to be sure that you’re able to find somewhere to live while your new home is being built. Make sure that you include how long the build should take in your plan before you get started, so you know exactly what to expect.

Sure, there are a lot of challenges involved in building your own home, but if you’re willing to work through them, then you could end up with a home that’s all your own and that you’d be happy to spend the rest of your life in.

Getting suited and booted with Dobell

For years it has been that you would hire suits for the Grooms men at weddings. However things are changing, with many couples now buying suits or even trousers, shirt and waist coat without having the jacket. For our wedding we did hire our suits because my Hubby wanted a traditional morning suit, but I think if we were to get married again he re-think this.

Tweed Jackets from Dobell


Tweed jackets are now very popular, for a smarter look with jeans for an evening out or more formal occasions with a nice pair of trousers.

Tweed waist coats from Dobell


I have a friend who married just over a year ago and he and his Grooms party opted for tweed waist coat, white shirt, chinos and bow tie, all wearing brogues. It really suited the Groom and the rustic style of wedding.

Dobell offer a fabulous range of Grooms men items, from tuxedos, dinner suits and morning suits, they really have anything you could want for your Grooms party. Their prices are reasonable with a suit starting at just £79.99 or they currently have an offer of two suits for £140, so you could consider buying your Grooms mens suits instead of hiring them.

Dobell kindly send my Hubby out a Green Tweed Jacket, so he could see the quality of the items and have a a jacket that he can wear for occasions that require a smarter look and also for a casual day out. The jacket normally retails at £99.99 however it is currently on offer for £49.99, such a brilliant price for a tweed jacket.

The Green Tweed jacket that my Hubby was sent, is lovely. It is a nice thick wool blend fabric, fully lined, looks wonderful with  pair of jeans out for lunch or with chinos for an evening out. I have to say that I was impressed with the quality of the jacket, it’s well cut with true to size fit. I often find when buying clothing on line for anyone in our house that sometimes items are not true to the size, which is some times a annoying as you buy something bit its far to big or to small then you have to arrange to send it back and get new items sent out to you. My Hubby now has his eye on the matching waist coat to go with his lovely jacket.

*Thank you Dobell for sending my Hubby a lovely jacket. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Going the extra mile: How to be the perfect Bridesmaid

You’ll (hopefully) only have one wedding, one special day when you’re at the centre of attention. However, in all likelihood, you’ll be involved in many more wedding days! When your best friend gets married, you’re going to be a massive part of the proceedings. While the staple duties of a bridesmaid are well documented, you don’t want just to do the bare minimum; you want to make sure that you’re fulfilling the important task to the very best standard you can muster. Below, we take a look at how you can be the perfect bridesmaid, by doing things that go far beyond the core responsibilities.

Think Ahead

You’ll know when your friend is in a relationship that might lead to them walking down the aisle. When you think it’s only a matter of time before they get hitched, start thinking about how you can make their engagement and wedding one for the ages. It’s never too early to start thinking about engagement parties, hen parties, and special ways to mark one of your best friend’s biggest life milestones.

Be Involved Before The Engagement

If you’re the best friend of the future bride-to-be, then you’ll probably have a pretty close relationship with the groom-to-be too. It’s rare that a girl’s best friend doesn’t also consider the groom a close friend, too! Make yourself available to help plan the engagement. The groom will love your friend sincerely, but he probably doesn’t know anything about Tacori engagement rings or where and when to ask the question. You’ll have talked about this moment with your friend over cocktails and bottles of wine in the past: share your knowledge with the groom and make sure he knows what she’d love.

Bring Your Enthusiasm

It’s hard to capture the feeling of being engaged. It’s an intoxicating feeling when you can think about nothing else other than your good news. As a friend – and future bridesmaid – it’s your responsibility to bring as much enthusiasm as possible when discussing the engagement, as much interest as the bride (OK, not quite that much, but nearly). There’s nothing better than sharing the joy of great news, and your friend will love it if you’re just as excited as they would be if you were getting married.

…And Your Patience

Enthusiasm is one thing, but being a bridesmaid isn’t all a walk in the park. It requires patience. Your bride will have no qualms about trying on twenty different wedding dresses, but they might feel a bit uneasy about testing your enthusiasm to their big day. Let them know that there’s nothing that they can do that’ll dampen your enthusiasm, and they’ll be free to enjoy the experience to their heart’s content. Remember: a wedding is as much about fun as it is about love!

Work With Your Other Bridesmaids

You won’t be the only one involved in the wedding, even if you’ve got your eye’s on becoming the maid of honour. You might have to whip up the other bridesmaids into shape from time to time, especially if they’re taking the responsibility side of their duties easy.

Do all these things, and you’ll be the best bridesmaid any bride could ask for!