Disaster proof your Wedding day

A lot of careful planning and money goes into making a wedding a fun and joyous occasion. Don’t let an unforeseen disaster ruin the entire day. Here are just some of the biggest disaster than can destroy a wedding and how you can protect yourself against them.

Disaster-Proof Your Wedding Day


Its bad luck if you or your partner are ill on your wedding day, but it does happen. Whilst you can attempt to soldier through the day, it’s likely you won’t be able to handle the barrage of people and food and drinks. Insuring your wedding can allow you to cancel your special day and rearrange it if one of you is ill, allowing you to get back all the money you spent on your wedding. WedInsure are just one of the companies that provide this insurance coverage. Like travel insurance, the more you pay, the more you will be covered in the event of such a disaster.

Transport issues

What if you get stuck in heavy traffic on your way to the ceremony? What if your car breaks down on the way to the wedding? If the wedding venue is far away, it’s worth staying in accommodation nearby the night before. This way you’ll never be far from the venue – if there is traffic or the car breaks down you can always walk and get to the ceremony. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than being stranded miles away whilst everyone is waiting for you. Plan your guests to arrive an hour or two before so that if they get caught in traffic, they’ll still make the ceremony.

Bad weather

If your marriage is taking place mainly indoors, bad weather needn’t ruin your day. For outdoor weddings, it’s best to not take the chance and provide some emergency shelter just in case. A canopy from a company such as Fews Marquees can allow everyone to stay dry – it could be worth hosting the ceremony and having food under here. If the weather is hot, people can still mingle outside for the remainder of the wedding.

Be aware that extreme heat can also have its drawbacks. So that the wedding cake doesn’t attract flies, it could be worth having a glass container to go over the top of it until the cake is cut. This way it can still be on display without bugs getting to it.

No-show caterers

What happens if a food catering service or a registrar or a photographer doesn’t turn up? By using a professional and credible wedding service, this generally won’t happen. In other words, think twice before hiring a friend of a friend to cater – unless they do it for a living, can you really trust them? Wedding insurers may allow you to cancel and make a claim if this does happen. Alternatively, you could use a wedding planner to arrange your day – many planner can quickly call for backup if a photographer or DJ or registrar is sick.

How to Plan a Magical Christmas Wedding

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s usually a time to buy gifts, put up decorations and spend time with family. However, many people are now planning their weddings for over the festive period.

If you’re heading out to get your Christmas shopping, you’ll see that wedding shops in London are now just as busy as the big department stores!

Christmas Wedding

Christmas weddings are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. It’s no surprise either, with cheaper venues and people being likely to already have time booked off work. While a white wedding isn’t guaranteed, mulled wine and mince pies are a surefire winning combo.

In the 18th and 19th century, weddings on Christmas Day were quite common. This was primarily because Christmas Day and Boxing Day were common days off of work for young, working-class brides and grooms. Nowadays, it’s a magical time and offers an alternative to a summer wedding.

Sisters Jo and Claire run a bridal shop in North London. Here, they share their thoughts on how to plan a magical Christmas wedding during one of the busiest times of the year!

Pick a Date as Soon as Possible

Opting for a winter wedding means you don’t have to carefully select a date in the summer when nobody is on holiday. However, schedules can get very busy at Christmas so pick your date well in advance. If you want to pick a popular date such as Christmas Eve, send out save the dates as soon as possible! You don’t want them to get lost in all of the Christmas mail.

Hunt for Wedding Shops in London

You should always find your wedding dress early. But, for a winter dress, this is particularly important as you will likely require more than just a dress. There are lots of great wedding shops in London so it’s a great location to start looking for your perfect dress and attire.

If you’re planning outside photos or if your church wedding is a bit chilly, a beautiful bolero can be the perfect addition to a dress. Under layers are also essential to keep the heat in.

Choose a Winter Wonderland Setting

Christmas Wedding

It would be impossible to predict a white wedding, but choosing a venue which is geared up for the winter months is important. Unless you’re planning a Christmas wedding abroad, find a venue which allows for the service and reception to be inside and has plenty of space. Log fires and an area for a Christmas tree make it extra magical! Outside photographs are beautiful, but if it’s too cold or raining, be sure to find a venue with a great indoor photography setting too.

Seasonal Colours and Decorations

Although Christmas is often associated with red and green, there are a lot of other winter colours which will look stunning. Purple, dark green or silver are elegant and perfect for the season.

As for decorations, there are endless ideas! Holly, wreaths, snowflakes, ivy, Christmas crackers and mistletoe can adorn your venue and offer that festive feeling to your guests.  Don’t forget the candy canes, gingerbread men and mince pies for that perfect treat as well.

Organise Transport

It’s going to be cold and potentially wet or snowy. If your ceremony is at a different location to your reception then organising transportation is a must. While a 20-minute-walk in the summer can be wonderful, it’s not going to be in the winter. There are some fun and creative ways to transport your guests, such as London buses or horses and carts.

Whatever date you pick and venue you choose, the important thing is to have a magical day! Celebrate with those you love and get excited about what is yet to come.


How to entertain children at your wedding with Wicked Uncle

When it comes to having children at your wedding, it is always something to consider. Should we invite them, should we only have nieces and nephews, do we just have our own children or invite them all?

When I got married our son was 15 months old and safe to say he was a nightmare throughout the the ceremony. My Aunty was kind enough to take him outside so people to hear our vowels. We had a few children at our wedding and I had made little party bags for each of them, we also had a couple of outdoor games in the garden for them and the adults to play with.

This year we have been to three weddings, our children were invited to two of them. The first wedding was for our good friends Nicky and Emma we didn’t have any issues with taking then children, as my God children were also invited, and the eldest just happens to be one of my son’s best friends so we knew the children would be entertained with each other. We took along their iPads, books and some toys for the little ones.

The second wedding was for my childhood best friend Vanessa, now she had lots of children invited, and went all out to ensure they were really well catered for. A marque with a couple of girls from the local nursery on hand to help with the children. The marque was packed full of craft items, drinks, out door games, so many things to keep the children entertained while the adults were able to enjoy the day.

The third they were not invited to and my Hubby was best man, which meant that we could both really enjoy the day without having to worry about them. It was a stunning lakeside wedding, so if they had of been there I would have spend the day panicking about them going into the lake.

How to entertain children at your wedding..

There are lots of different ways, like my friend, having a set area just for the children is a fabulous idea, but often venues do not have the space for this. So I love the idea of giving children a small bottle of bubbles to keep them entertained while wedding photos are being taken, along with some larger garden games.  For me as a parent it’s keeping the children entertained during the wedding breakfast and speeches, which can last a couple of hours is that hardest part. I find even though I take a range of items with me, they seem to get bored of their own toys and games, so having a gift or a package at the table that is personalised to each child’s age and their likes works a treat. Each child has something new and exciting to play with.

Wicked Uncle offer a wide variety of toys and gifts that would be perfect table toys to keep children entertained during your wedding breakfast and speeches, it also means they get to take something nice home with them and gives their parents time to enjoy their meal and the speeches.

Have a look at my top picks from Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle offer so many cool ideas for keeping the little darlings entertained, they offer different items for different age ranges, crafty items, games, quiz boxes, little torches, things to build, note books and crayons. Whatever you are looking for you will find with at Wicked Uncle.

Have you thought about how to entertain children at your wedding?

*This post was made in collaboration with Wicked Uncle. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

9 Wedding items that should be on your check lists….

Weddings are one of the biggest purchases that you are ever likely to invest in during the course of your life. Ideally, you’ll have just the one of these, so it’s fairly traditional to want to go all out and have the most amazing, unforgettable day. As with anything, some items for your big day will be available to you based on your budget. Things like ice sculptures in the shape of swans and champagne fountains may be a little out of your reach if you’re on a tighter budget. When you plan your wedding, you need to work out the things that you want for your big day according to the final budget that you have available.

Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a wedding planner on hand to remind you about your save the dates and wedding invitations. You don’t want to fall at the final hurdle and realise on the morning of your wedding day that you’ve forgotten a crucial detail. Even the smallest wedding detail can feel like a big deal when it’s been forgotten about. The stress, excitement and sheer tension of getting ready for a wedding is enough to make any bride forget something rather important. So, we’ve put together a list of things you must have on your wedding day that you must not forget!

Car ribbon

You’ve likely spent money on a set of beautiful cars to transport your wedding party from the church to the reception venue. You’ve also got the car to take the bride to the church with her bridal party and a car for the groom and his groomsmen. The chances are that you may have to provide your own wedding car ribbon. The company that you use may be happy to provide this, but it’s not something you should rely on. Check out the local stationers and check with your car company whether ribbon is provided before you spend!


Okay, you may be the bride, but your groom is wearing a suit with inside pockets in the jacket. You may not have opted for a cash bar, and you may not even need to spend any money on your wedding day. However, having a small purse of cash ready as a just in case is a smart idea!

Point person

Your maid of honour or best man may already have this covered, but if you haven’t properly allocated someone to hold onto phone numbers for the caterers, the band, the reception venue etc, then you need to get that done. Having someone to coordinate for you if you haven’t hired a proper wedding planner is a smart idea; delegating to someone else saves your stress on the big day itself.

Supplier meals

You’ve paid a lot of money for a photographer and likely a videographer too, so it makes sense that you should inform your caterer that you would like them to have a meal with you all. It doesn’t sound like something anyone should forget, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t add on the extra, believing that the suppliers should be taking care of themselves. It may not be in their contract with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer and be a little polite with it.

Spare shoes/outfit

One of the worst things to cope with is blisters from new shoes. Not only do they rub on your feet, but they make you feel like you cannot physically walk. Those bridal shoes you picked for your ceremony are beautiful, but are so, not practical for dancing. Bring a white string bag such as this one and add some dolly shoes or flats that are suitable for dancing the night away. If your dress is a large meringue or corseted, you may find yourself quite uncomfortable as the day goes on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a second dress for the evening if you want to dance more freely.

Sewing box

When you’re getting ready for your wedding, you have plenty of chances to visit a tailor and get your dress sized and ready for the day. This doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems on the day, though. Having a small travel sewing box with you on the day is going to be a life saver if you or your bridal party have a dress emergency and need pinning. Safety pins are a must in your sewing box, so don’t forget to add those.

Makeup touch-up bag

Hopefully, your makeup artist has done an amazing job with a face of makeup to last you all day long. Just in case, have a small pouch with the best makeup you have to touch up your face during the day. This is especially handy if the speeches have made you cry happy tears, or if you find you’ve smeared your lipstick on your champagne glass.


A lot of your guests may be driving to your wedding venue from the church, especially if your budget hasn’t stretched to include transport from the church. Get your groom to head out along the route from the church to the reception venue armed with signage to tack to trees and lampposts along the way so that your guests don’t get lost. This is especially important if you have remembered to put in a map with your wedding invites.

Bar décor

Whether you have an open bar or not, it’s likely going to get visited a lot throughout the day. Make it look beautiful and decorate it along with the venue room the night before the wedding. It’ll look inviting and your venue will be pleased with the money spent.

Your wedding day needs to go off with as little stress as possible, don’t let yourself get out of control by forgetting the must-haves that your day will benefit from. By taking your time and getting a word of advice from your bridal party, you can have a day to remember.