Five useful tips to start your married life debt free

If you are planning on getting married this year, you might be already worried about your budget and finances. There is nothing worse than starting a new life knowing that you are already in debt. Chances are you will move to a new home, taking out a mortgage, but your chances of getting accepted will be reduced if you keep on spending on your credit cards and taking out loans to fund your wedding. Below you will find five useful tips on how to avoid starting your new life together in debt.

Budget For Your Wedding Early

The sooner you create a budget for your wedding the earlier you can start saving up. Look at your finances and see how much you can put aside in a savings account each month to cover the cost of your wedding venue in worcestershire and wedding planners. Make sure you ask about the prices in advance. If you get a fixed term 12- or 24 months savings account, you can contribute each month and get a good interest rate as well. Withdraw the money gradually to pay for your wedding when the time comes.

Ask for Gift Cards as Wedding Favours

Instead of getting gifts you will never use, ask your friends and relatives to give you a gift card instead. While they might feel reluctant to put some money in an envelope, a home store or designer outlet voucher will help you get your new house ready to move in. Check out the One for All gift card scheme that allows you to use your card in hundreds of UK stores.

Get Help from Relatives

You might want to save money on wedding planner services and use the help offered by your relatives. Some of your family members would be happy to arrange the flowers, while others will know a local catering company that can create your menu. If one of your relatives has a large house or holiday home, you might not want to hire a venue, instead, ask them to make it available for your wedding.

Join Forces Financially

If you have to take out a loan or use a credit card, it is better to do it together. You are likely to get a lower rate if the company takes into consideration two incomes. You should sign up for a joint bank account and have a savings account together. If you take out any type of credit, make sure you set you set up a savings fund that you can use to pay it back over time, before you start your life together.

Pay Deposits in Cash

The golden rule of happy marriage and financial freedom is not stretching your budget. Only get services you can afford, and pay deposits in cash, instead of using a credit card. Create a saving plan to get the rest of the money ready when it is needed, so you don’t end up with high credit card interest and fees, increasing your stress levels just before the most important day of your lives.

Planning your budget before getting married can help you avoid starting your new life troubled by debt.

Never struggle with finding the perfect gift again

When it comes to giving gifts, there’s a lot of that dictates what kinds of gifts are expected from us. It’s important that you identify who you’re closer to and who you would consider and just another friend (as shallow as that sounds), everyone has best friends. Not just the relationship, but the context of the gift is important too, sometimes certain gifts wouldn’t be appropriate. With all that said, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at the personality of the individual, which is what has the most value when it comes to what they’ll enjoy.

Close friends

When it’s time to celebrate special occasions with your close friends, you’re looking to get something that will mean a lot to them, rather than something you can pick up on the way to them. It’s that time where you need to put quite a bit of thought into what you should get them. Usually, taking a look at your past with them is a good signifier of what they’ll appreciate. With that said, it can be pretty difficult if you don’t have so much creativity, or the individual hasn’t been around in your life for all that long. In which case, you should turn to the occasion of the event. Perhaps it’s not a birthday, but something bigger like a wedding. At which point you could check out to get some ideas of what makes a good gift. If you would prefer to find something on your own, maybe you should do some low-key stalking into their life. That doesn’t necessarily imply that you should follow them around when they’re not looking, but instead trying to find out about their interests on social media, or through cryptic conversations. It can be quite easy to find out something they need if you really try, just make sure you don’t give the surprise away while trying.


Giving gifts in the family can vary quite a lot. It can depend on how much of a tight-knit family you’re part of, and the age of them. For example, you wouldn’t give your new seven-year-old nephew a bottle of wine, but instead maybe some toys or a cool gadget. When it comes to those who are closer to you, something that you’ve taken the time to make yourself might come across as more thoughtful. Perhaps if you’re talented in art, you could create something unique and special to them, rather than going out and guessing what they might like from a store. This way, even if it’s not something they would usually go for, the thought and time that you’ve put into it are still special to the gift itself.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to impress and leave a smile on the face of the person receiving the gift, you should focus more on what you know they like, rather than trying to get them something anyone would like. Taking the time and effort to come up with something/put together the right gift for someone can show how much they mean to you, which can make any gift big or small worth much much more. If you’re still not sure, you could check out for some great ideas of gifts that could be quite useful to many.

How you can start growing your own food today

Growing your own food is becoming more popular as concerns about the environmental impact of supermarket food become more prevalent. As people try to reduce their carbon footprint, growing your own food instead buying it is a good way to do it because you don’t contribute to all of the pollutants from production and shipping of that food, and you also don’t create more plastic waste from the packaging. The only problem is, most people don’t really know how to grow their own food and a lot of people think that you’ve got to be an expert gardener to do it. That’s not the case at all, anybody can grow their own food as long as they’ve got a garden to do it in, just follow these simple tips to get you started.

Growing your own food

Use Any Space You Can

Even if you’ve only got a tiny strip of grass in the back garden, you shouldn’t neglect it because you can still plant stuff. It’s not going to be enough to feed you all the time but it’s still something and every small change makes a difference. Window sills are also great places to grow herbs and other small bits and bobs. Growing things vertically is another handy trick when you’ve got a limited amount of space.

Get A Greenhouse

If you’re growing without a greenhouse you’re limiting yourself to the summer months where certain plants are concerned. There are still things that you can grow during winter but you have a lot more options if you’ve got a greenhouse as well. You can get greenhouse polycarbonate and accessories to build your own custom greenhouse which is the best way to make sure that you’re making the best use of space. A lot of plants like tomatoes and chilli plants will only grow properly in a greenhouse so if you want to get serious about growing your own food, you need one.

Start Small

Although you should get a greenhouse and make use of all the space you have, you should still work up to it slowly. If you buy a load of plants before you know what you’re doing, they’ll probably die. Start out with a couple of simple ones and then gradually increase the amount of plants that you’re growing as you get more confident in your growing abilities.

Get Cheap Seeds

If you go to a garden centre and buy packets of seeds, they’re going to cost you quite a bit. Luckily, there are plenty of much cheaper sources these days. Most supermarkets and home stores have seeds for a lot cheaper than garden centres but in a lot of cases, there is no need to be paying for them at all. Whenever you buy vegetables, save some of the seeds and dry them out, then you can just plant them in the garden and without paying anything. This is a good idea, especially when you’re just starting out because it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

Growing your own food is a great way to save some money and reduce your impact on the environment so get started today.

Essential things to remember before travelling

So you’re getting ready for your trip, then once you get there you remember you forgot your sunglasses, your boarding pass, and you will have to buy expensive sunscreen at the airport because you forgot yours. Here are some things that you have to remember to do, and think about, before you leave for your trip. Following these simple tips will help you to enjoy your trip. There is nothing worse than stressing about all the things you could have done better when your already on the plane. Read on and make sure you are prepared for you trip, so you can enjoy every minute of it while you are there.

things to remember before travelling

Make a List

Lists are you best friend in everyday life, but especially when you are going somewhere and you have lots of things to remember. Ticking off your list is not only satisfying, but you can add to it whenever you remember things. This is definitely the best and only way to make sure you don’t miss anything when packing. Make a thorough list and stick to it! Unless your backpacking, it’s best to be over prepared than underprepared. Remember to leave time a trip to the shops, which we always have to do, when we run out of essentials like toothpaste the day before you leave!

Exchange your Money

Remember to get some money exchanged before you go. The jury is out on how much cash you need to carry, as you want to have enough to get around, but you don’t want to carry lots  round with you. Travel cards are a great option for many people, and can save you a lot of money in the long run. It can be expensive going to cash points all the time and withdrawing money, so make sure you prepare, so you don’t have to spend anything unnecessarily. Being smart with your money means saving quite a bit, so you can spend more on things that really matter to you.

The Language

It’s good to know at least a little of the language before you go, and can really help you get about the place. If you want to learn quite a bit of it, there are language schools like Ellci that can help you out. There are also loads of other ways you can learn a language, or at least enough to get around the city. Youtube has loads of language learning videos, and these are great because you get to listen to punctuation and speaking, which is exactly what you need if you are travelling. Even knowing a few words can help you out when needing to find the bank, or a place to eat, or it can just be great if you can say thanks for something.

Here are a few essential things to remember before you go travelling, and doing these little things can, make your trip that much easier. Try some of these things before you go, and see how much more you can enjoy your trip.