My Winter style….

I love the winter months, the colder days opens up a whole new wardrobe of items. Jumpers, jeans, jumper dresses, boots and most importantly coats, scarfs and gloves.

Every autumn I start to look for a new winter coat. I really don’t need another coat I have 5 coats already but it is a must have for each winter. Plus each year there are so many new styles and fabrics to choose from that I just can’t help myself.

So, even though I have so much Christmas shopping to get started I couldn’t help but start my search for a new winter coat. On my search I started to think maybe I need a whole new outfit for the winter and I found it over at Esprit a fabulous fashion house. Keep reading to see what I fallen in love with for this winter.

The coat and scarf

Although I don’t need another coat or a scarf come to think of it, but I am always wanting another one to add to the collection. Plus I don’t have anything like my picks this year. I have chosen a gorgeous tweed style coat, it’s slightly different than the standard tweed as it has some colour within the weave of the fabric and a beautiful large spade collar and the main thing I look for in a smart winter coat, a tie-waist as they flatter by figure the most. It also has two side pockets that are hidden to look like the seam of the coat, perfect for keeping your hands warm.

The scarf I chose was this lovely navy, grey and plum made of block stripes. With the beautiful Autumnal shades it is versatile enough to go with many outfits throughout the Autumn into the Winter.

The dress and boots

Now I think the one of the staple items to have within a winter wardrobe is a jumper dress. They can be worn all winter, so easy to just pop on in the morning before the school run to wear with a pair of chunky knit tights and a pair of boots, with a heel or a cute pair of chelsea boots, flat shoes or even a court shoe. Jumper dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, adding statement jewellery and clutch bag or just popping on your wellies to take the dogs for a walk. Whatever the need a jumper dress during the winter offers just that.

I also found these mid heel black suede style boots, they will look fabulous with so many outfits this winter, plus they compliment my choice of jumper dress perfectly.

So there you have it my top picks for the perfect winter outfit, gorgeous coat, versatile scarf, jumper dress and boots… just perfect.

What would your go to winter wardrobe be?

*This post was made in collaboration with Esprit. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Stop your green fingers turning blue this winter

Gardening season is over now that the summer is long gone. Still, the urge to go out into the Great Outdoors and prune flowers burns strong. For an average homeowner, severe weather is enough to keep them inside most of the year. However, some homeowners are red-blooded eco-warriors who need their fix. If you’re in the latter category, winter is the most depressing time of year. Or is it? Thankfully, there are ways to stop your green fingers turning blue.

Shelter is your friend

The obvious answer is to shelter the garden from the elements. Sadly, the way global warming is going, a couple of sheets of tarp won’t suffice. What you need is a home where you can continue to grow plants and flowers away from the harshness of hurricane season. Step forward a greenhouse, the ultimate shelter for all of your gardening needs. From South West greenhouses to Halls and Elite, there are lots of manufacturers. However, you need to focus on the size. Simply put, a greenhouse should be big enough to fit in the garden and house the plants and flowers.

Plants are eternal

Well, that isn’t entirely true because plants won’t last forever. Still, some seeds bloom into evergreens which tend to survive from summer to spring and back again. It’s worth noting they aren’t as vivid or as pleasing to the eye as their cousins. However, they won’t die and need looking after during the harsh winter months. Anyway, autumn and wintertime aren’t months which are synonymous with deep reds and purples. No, they are seasons which utilise browns, greens and yellows. All you have to do is plant them so that they flower in time. If you don’t know which ones are evergreens, you should search on Google.

Stone over grass

Rain and wind destroy grass and flowers in a matter of minutes. They aren’t as effective at damaging stone, though. Thanks to its durability, stone and brick can take a battering and still look the part. Okay, it may appear a bit battered from time to time, but it is fixable. Landscaping is a big job, yet it’s one which will keep you active during the winter. By replacing the less robust elements with sturdier alternatives, there is no reason to worry about the garden surviving. With a greenhouse and a few evergreens, it will thrive all the way to April.

Cut down

Don’t take this literally because it has nothing to do with pruning. Instead, it means you should cut down how much time you spend in your garden. During the spring and summer, you can spend all day and night planting and weeding. Now, it’s much harder to get a couple of hours outside thanks to the weather and dwindling sunlight. There is no need to stop, but you have to be realistic. Make a list of the things which need doing and prioritise the most important features. Then, do them over the course of a week rather than a day.

See, you can still be a keen gardener in the wintertime.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen comes to Lincoln

If you haven’t heard of Flying Tiger Copenhagan then where have you been hiding? These Danish stores are popping up all over the country with the latest one opening this week in Lincoln. I’ve been to a few Flying Tiger Copenhagan stores, I can’t walk pasted on without popping in and buying something. Now I have one only 45 mins away from where I live, couldn’t be better.

I was invited along to the new store to have a look a do a mini super market sweep. Well, how could I possibly say no to that? So, off to Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln I went, I was surprised by the size of the store. It’s the biggest one I have visited. Plus the Lincoln store is light and airy, even though there were so many amazing items in there it was spacious and inviting.

If you have never been into a store, they set out a little bit like a maze, to work your way around the store allowing you to see every item on sale before making your away to the check out and out of the door, brilliant until some silly person is going the wrong way round.. haha.

My Flying Tiger Copenhagen Haul

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln

Well I can honesty say that I would have happily spent a couple of hours just looking at all of the cool funky items, not to mention the fabulous range of stationery, I mean I’m not sure I know a blogger who doesn’t have an obsession with stationery. For me it’s note books, so of course I had to purchase one, I think it was the first item I popped into my basket £2. I also picked up my Hubby a 2018 diary £3, some cute paper clips £1, and even a little travel journal £2. Oh and I found some magnetic clips £0.50 each for the children’s ‘Art’ work to attach to my already full fridge.

As I walked around the store I kept thinking ooh thats a great idea, or wow my son or daughter would love that. In fact as I walked around I picked up a few Christmas gifts. A mini solar system £3, a pink heart four in a row game £1, a fishing game £5 and even a detective finger print kit £3.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln

I found a fabulous new mug £3, that I love. A cupcake carrier, which I know my Hubby is say ‘why?’ yet I have wanted one for ages and at £3 how could I not pop it in my basket. A measuring glass which has levels for rice and all sorts of other items, a fabulous idea at £4.

As I made my way back around and I then picked up a few random bits, a nail file with a case £1, mints £1, a couple of Halloween figures for the children £1, then I spotted some pillows in the window, so I added a gorgeous grey one to my haul a £7 which easily looks much more expensive than that. Oh and a pair of dog tooth brushes £1 which will be perfect for my Cocker and Sprocker.

So for around £40 I come away with 3 bags packed full of fabulous items, some Christmas gifts, some bits for the house and a couple of bits for me, bargain prices for brilliant products. Bringing a bit of Danish living into my life.

Did you know that every month 300 new items arrives in the stores, created by a team of designers. So there is always something new in store for you, especially the amazing range of seasonal items. The Christmas items have started to arrive and after the Halloween items have flown off the shelfs there will be even more, so I cannot wait to head back next month to see the full Christmas range.

*Thank you Flying Tiger Copenhagen for inviting me to visiting your Lincoln store. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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The Secret Benefit Of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are more of a tradition than a necessity these days. Even in an ever-more digital world, there’s something delightful about being able to hold an invitation in your hands and run your fingers over the beautiful calligraphy. While it might be easier (and cheaper!) to just invite people over the internet or with a phone call, few brides are able to resist the lure of beautiful invitations being sent out to their friends and family.

While these invitations might be primarily ornamental rather than functional these days, the reality is that invitations give you a chance to request more than just an RSVP from your guests. Add a section onto your invitations that allows you to ask a few questions; questions that will allow you to be able to ensure that your guests have the best possible time at your wedding.

Below are three questions you could ask on your invitations, and why they are so important.

Question One: Do You Have Any Dietary Restrictions?

No one wants to be the wedding guest sitting at their reception table, unable to eat anything that’s put in front of them. There’s a wide variety of dietary restrictions that your wedding catering should be able to provide for– but only if you know what restrictions your guests may have. You need to know if they have religious restrictions, allergies, or intolerances such as Celiac disease, so ask the question on your invitation; then you can ensure all your guests are provided for.

Note: This is not an excuse for guests to be picky eaters! Restrictions — which have to be obeyed — are very different from “I just don’t like this much”. Provide a tick box of answers instead of allowing people to write in their own answer, as it helps to eliminate any picky requests.

Question Two: Do You Have Any Seating Preferences?

Figuring out the seating chart for your reception is like playing a human game of Jenga; you have to get people in just the right place, or there’s a risk it will all fall down. If you know beforehand that certain people don’t want to be seated near one another, then it makes planning far simpler. So ask the question on your invite, so no one has to acknowledge the awkwardness vocally– but you are still able to tailor your seating plan to suit.

Question Three: Do You Have Any Particular Requests?

It helps to give examples of the requests, such as:

  • Baby changing facilities
  • Mobility restrictions, such as not being able to walk far to get to a room within a venue
  • Questions about gifts or the registry

The vast majority of people replying to your invitation will leave this section blank. However, for those that do want to make a special request, this gives them a chance to do so without appearing overly demanding. If a request is made that you need to respond to, you can either deal with it yourself or delegate the task to a bridesmaid.

As the above reasons show, invitations do have a place in modern weddings. Use them to glean the information you need to ensure you and your guests have the best experience imaginable. Good luck!