Halloween Chic…

It’s that time of year again, where the trees are starting to change colour as the Summer rolls into Autumn. The children will be heading out to collect the conkers and choose their halloween outfits.

Each year we carve pumpkins, not always with brilliant results, but the children have so much fun doing it. We don’t really go all out with decorating the house, this year however I thought I would have a look at ways to add a bit of the halloween spirit to our house but in a chic style.


Now no home is complete without some kind of pumpkin for Halloween. Forget about the triangular eyes, nose and scary mouth style pumpkins. I am thinking, painted, whites, golds with some glitter, ribbons or even wrapped in fabrics. Or non-curved just little collections of the tiny little squashes that come in variety of shapes and colours, green, orange and white. They can be at the front door to welcome those trick or treaters, added to the centre of tables, in fire places on dressers. Anywhere you can make a bit of space to add some halloween chic.

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Halloween wreath

Now you know I’m a sucker for a door wreath, I love them all year round. So why not find a lovely door wreath, a ring of tiny pumpkins, or autumnal florals. You could even make something out of fallen leaves.

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Halloween Table

I love a great looking table, all set nicely ready for a family meal or having guests round for dinner. I cannot wait to be able to have our dinning set up beautifully for longer periods of time instead of just when it’s a special occasion. Filling the table centre full of beautiful pumpkins, flowers and little candles during the Autumn but as our table is also for the children’s crafts and for homework it never happens.

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Shabby chic halloween

Shabby chic Halloween seems to be becoming more popular, as I spend hours on Pinterest these beautiful pink pumpkins keep making their way onto my feed. I’m not sure they are for everyone but I love them and think they are so pretty, so I thought I would share with you a few ideas.

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Do you style you home for Halloween? What do you think so these ideas?


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Booking the perfect wedding band on a budget with Headliner….

When planning your perfect wedding day, you start with setting a budget, which honestly goes out of the window after you fall in love with your must have venue. Then you start looking for a photographer, choosing the suits, the all important dress, the list is endless and your budget keeps changing or things get reduced. So to save some extra you decide that you will have your cousin who thinks he’s the worlds best DJ to sort out the disco for you in the evening, knowing that it will all go horribly wrong, yet you’re hoping the drinks will be in full flow for people to notice to much. However when you look back and think about the evening music, you will regret not having what you really want…. a live band… a good live band…. no an amazing live band.


My Hubby is a drummer, he loves music it’s something that is always being played in our house, he is also loves live music. He says nothing sounds better than a live band or musician, they make an event, especially a wedding. Now there is nothing wrong with having a disco if that’s what you want, but why not WOW your guests with an amazing live performance, it’s not as expensive or as difficult as you think.


Headliner is the perfect place to start looking for a wedding band, they believe that finding the perfect band for your wedding shouldn’t be a stressful task, it should be affordable and it should be reliable. Headliner started when husband and wife team Stan and Maria struggled to find the perfect band for their wedding but also being on a budget. They wanted to make finding the perfect band for your wedding so much easier than spending hours searching the internet for someone, only to find they are way out of the budget or live they don’t actually sound very good.

Booking with Headliner

Finding your perfect band couldn’t be easier using Headliner. Just have an idea of the type about the genre of music you like or even an artist, add in your location, your event type and search what they have for you. I did a quick search for a random Saturday in June next year, with only a budget of £500 and it gave me 520 results of artists that would be available within my budget. If you have a bigger budget then you can add a higher price range and edit your criteria to you. Choosing your artist you then request a quote for the date, your artist will then email you back with details within 48 hours, if you decide to book then you pay a deposit via their secure online booking system. It’s really that easy. And not forgetting their price guarantee match for all other online competitors.

Not only price match they also guarantee that whatever happens you will have an artist arrive for your wedding even if your chosen one is unable to attend. They have yet to a band not turn up for a booked event but they will ensure that if one does not arrive they will you get one that is as near genre that you have chosen as possible and as quickly as possible. So all you have to worry about is enjoying your wedding day and throwing some shapes on the dance floor.

It’s not only bands

Headliner is so much more than just finding that perfect band for your wedding reception, you can find the harpist, the string quartet for walking down the aisle too or back ground music during the wedding breakfast. They also offer magicians, singing waiters, roaming bands, caricaturists and even acrobatics. So Headliner really is your one stop shop to finding all the entertainment you require for your big day.


*This post has been made in collaboration with Headliner, as always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

An evening of Relaxation at Ragdale Hall ….

Ragdale Hall is only about 30 miles away from where I live in Lincolnshire. I have been keen to visit for years, yet I have never managed to go. I have only been to a spa while on holiday, so I was really excited to visit for an evening spa experience. I invited my best friend to join me for the evening, it’s been a crazy few months for us both so some relaxation was just what we needed.

Relaxation At Ragdale Hall

Relaxation at Ragdale Hall

Arriving for an evening of relaxation at Ragdale Hall, I was pleasantly surprised by the grandeur of the Hall and it’s setting. Often you turn up at places to be disappointed, I am generally someone who does judge a book by it’s cover so to speak. On arriving at the reception we were greeted by the very friendly reception staff, she took our names and showed us through to the lounge area. We were offered drinks, both opting for a cup of tea, we were then given our locker keys and shown a map of the spa facilities. Informed about the various fitness classes we could take part in and where our evening meal would be served.

After enjoying a lovely cup of tea, we headed for the changing rooms. Found our allocated lockers which had towelling robes waiting for us in side. The changing rooms were clean and well looked after, plenty of benches to use to get changed at, or like me use the private changing rooms. Having got changed we entered into the Thermal Spa, we had taken flip flops to wear. My first thoughts went heading around the main pool towards the Thermal Spa was how claim everything was, no one rushing around, no mobile phones just a few relaxed people enjoying the surroundings.

The Thermal Spa

Ragdale Hall is home to 12 different heat and water experiences, each one build exclusively for Ragdale Hall. There was plenty of lovely seating dotted around in little groups, cold water and ice to drink was readily available around the Thermal Spa area, some of the heated rooms can make you really thirsty so keep up your water intake.

Before entering our first heated room, we made a wish at the wishing stream that runs through the spa. Taking a pebble and holding it in your hands to either make a wish or tell it your worries, before throwing it into the steam to wash away all of those negative energy’s before starting your relaxation.

First off we entered into the ‘Thought Zone’ a dry heated room, playing soft relaxing music and showing images on the ceiling to help to get those positive thoughts going. It’s also a silent room. Moving on to ‘Volcanic Salt Bath’, the ‘Colour Flow Cave’ which as really humid and smelt of jasmine and camomile. Then the ‘Scented Room’ which smelt of fresh herbs as soon as the door was open.

Next we entered the ‘Candle Pool’ to be honest it has to have been my favourite room to enter. It felt like stepping into an wonderful sanctuary of relaxation. Stepping down into the pool we swam across to a little bay and sat on the submerged seats with the water lapping over the sides of the pool, watching hundreds of little candles flicker around while looking up at the ceiling that was covered in little ‘stars’. Floating around in that fabulously warm pool was so claiming, so relaxing I just didn’t want to get out.

Then we went into the ‘Rose Sauna’ a tradition sauna you have in the gym however it smelt like roses and had a view of the outside waterfall and pool. If you have been in a Sauna before you will know how hot they are, we didn’t stay in to long before making our way to the ‘Outdoor Waterfall Pool’. By this point it was quite dark outside, which was great, I have always loved being able to swim in a nice warm pool when the temperature outside has dropped and it’s getting dark. I think it stems back from holidays with the family as a child.

Next to each room or cave there are pegs and even glasses holders, as many of the rooms are not suitable to wear your glasses in. My advise is if you wear contacts make sure you pop them in before you go, I completely forgot to put mine in and it wasn’t until I was getting changed that I thought about it. However if like me you can hardly see without glasses it was a bit annoying to keep taking them on and off between the rooms, so I shall remember for next time.

Heading back to the changing rooms to shower and get dressed before dinner. Everything you need is there, lush smelling shampoo, condition, body lotions not forgetting all the towels you could possibly need. Plenty of hair dryers and with seating so easy find somewhere to sit and get ready.

The Verandah Bar for dinner

Included within our package was a 2 course meal in the Verandah Bar. Now having not been myself before I was expecting a small leafy salad followed by fruit and water only to drink. However I was very pleasantly surprise by the menu. Stuffed flat breads or soda bread as an appetiser, we both opted for the rump steak and chiorzio burger with soda bread and chips, although it did take me 10 minutes as normal to decided what to have as there was a great range of items to choose from.

For pudding of course we went for the dark chocolate mouse and the Ragdale mess, (guess which one I went for?) All washed down with a an ice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, just how I like it.

I can normally find fault with just about any meal I go for, my Hubby and Sister hate going out to eat with me because if I find something wrong I will complain. Anyway I genuinely could not fault this meal, it was fabulous the waitress was lovely she was polite friendly what more could you ask for to finish off a wonderful evening.

Getting wedding ready at Ragdale Hall

Ragdale Hall would be the perfect place to visit for a pre-wedding destress and relax. Heading there a few days before the big day after all your plans are in place, I think would be a wonderful treat, I know I would have loved this before my Wedding. You could book in for a relaxing massage or a body wrap so many fabulous treatments to choose from to start the preparation for being wedding dress ready. Or why not have an over night stay for your hen party?

Ragdale Hall has so much to offer, our evening package cost from £59 Monday – Thursday or £69 Friday – Sunday. Although with this package no treatments were included, there was always the option to add something on to fit within your evening.

*Thank you for Ragdale Hall for inviting me along for the evening, I shall be returning again soon. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

5 Interior Design Ideas for This Winter

Ready to retreat indoors this winter into full hibernation mode? It always helps to have a cosy atmosphere at home to keep you going on those winter nights in. This can be achieved through some simple interior design tips, which will also come in handy when you have family over during the holiday period.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home decor this winter, we have 5  great interior design ideas for you below.  If you decide to get anything installed, don’t forget to invest in the necessary high-quality materials for all your fixings such as balustrade components.

Warm up a room by layering soft and comfy textiles on your furniture.

Adding in throws and quilts to create a layering effect on your sofas, chairs, and beds can really create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness in a room. Opt for soft and knitted fabrics for the cold winter months. You and your family can wrap yourself up in the snug blankets to beat the chill, and they’ll also make your room look comfortable and inviting!

This is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms where you will be spending most of your time indoor to escape the cold. In the bedroom, add an array of layers over your bed such as quilts and throws. In the living room, add in extra pillows and cushions to help create a supremely inviting and cosy look for the room.

Cover the floor with sumptuous rugs.

Nobody wants to walk around on a cold bare floor when it’s already chilly outside. This tip will not only ensure that your feet don’t get cold and help with insulation, it will also amp up the colour and style factor of a room.

Even if your floor is fully carpeted, adding a more plush rug on top during the wintertime helps to give a room a more warm and cosy feel.

Incorporate some wooden elements to create a cabin-like feel in your home.

Everybody dreams of retreating into a beautiful wood cabin in the mountains during the chilly winter days. Create that atmosphere in your own home by adding wooden accessories, This could be anything from rustic pieces of wooden furniture, or even some chopped fire logs displayed stylishly. Wooden design elements are really effective in evoking a feeling of warmth indoors.

If you have a fireplace, get a fire going and spruce up the area around it to make it a focal point in the room.

Possibly the best winter interior design element is a beautifully designed and decorated fireplace with a roaring fire. This really gives you the feeling of being tucked away in a cosy cottage, and it’s a pleasure to come home to. The glow that the fire emits also naturally adds beauty and warmth to any room.

Adorn your fireplace with festive decor during the holiday period. Or display your favourite ornaments and family photos on the mantel. A fireplace is a great investment for winter and when decorated correctly, it really can become the focal design point of any room.

Light a few pretty candles for an instant ambience uplift.

This is a very simple and cost-effective interior decor tip for you this winter. Invest in an array of cute candles and stylish candelabras or lanterns that you can use to create an attractive display. This can be done on your dining room table, coffee table, or even in and around a fireplace.

The flicker of the candlelight adds a cosy intimacy to any room and will definitely help get you through the dreary winter nights. Many candles available these days also help your room smell delicious! Just make sure you stay safe by keeping your candles away from any potentially flammable materials.

So what are you waiting for? Implement the changes now while daylight is on your side, and hunker down for those cold nights that are drawing in. As the leaves fall and start to change colour, this should be your indication that the freezing cold mornings and low in the sky sun are just on the horizon. Winter is drawing in but when it’s cold outside, follow some of our helpful hints and you and your loved ones will be warm and cosy in your beautifully designed home.

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