5 Fun and Educational Ideas for the School Holidays

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life somewhat challenging and even miserable for most people. But, it’s the children who were affected by COVID-19 the most, as most got forced to stay home from school and endure home learning due to lockdowns.

Today, the pandemic is now something we must all live with in much the same way we live with colds and the flu. Restrictions are gradually lifting in the UK, making it possible to enjoy some sense of normality.

Fun and Educational Ideas for the School Holidays

When it comes to the summer school holidays, kids won’t want to spend most of that time stuck at home, just like they did for home learning a few months ago. With that in mind, you will undoubtedly be looking at ways to entertain and inspire your children during the holidays.

The following is a non-exhaustive selection of fun ideas for day trips and even holidays, which can also have an educational element. Check them out:

1. Camping

The first idea is one you’ve probably done a few times before with your kids. Camping is undoubtedly a fun way to spend some time away from home and enjoy new experiences. 

Britain is awash with campsites and holiday parks, so you won’t find it hard to choose a destination. You could teach your child survival skills when you go camping and how to identify wildlife, for example.

2. Skiing

Have your children ever gone on school ski trips in the past and loved their experiences? If so, you could do the same thing with them but as a family. We’re obviously not anywhere near the Alps, but there are plenty of indoor ski centres in the UK.

Skiing can be educational because it teaches kids about teamwork and helps them to improve their cognitive skills.

3. Kayaking

If there’s one thing kids love doing during the summer holidays, it’s spending lots of time in the water! Apart from swimming at a local leisure centre and taking a day trip to the beach, there are plenty of other water-based fun activities that your offspring can enjoy.

One such example is kayaking. It’s a great way to learn about navigating local watercourses and, as with skiing, improving cognitive skills.

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is a bit like going on a treasure hunt. You have to follow some clues to find the “treasure”, and once you’ve found it, you can add your name and date to a log to show that you’ve been there.

You can use the geocaching app on a smartphone, and it will tell you all of your nearest geocaching sites. Geocaching can teach kids how to navigate using a compass, and it’s also a good way of identifying wildlife and insects in rural settings.

5. Visit a Museum

Lastly, another fun idea that includes educational elements is to visit a museum. Thankfully, there are plenty of museums in the UK focused on a range of topics, such as art, science, and history.

Many museums are also free to enter, and they can provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience for kids of all ages.

Expert Tips For Planning A Safe And Stress-free Wedding In 2021

If you are planning your wedding this year, then congratulations in advance. Although the year hasn’t been close to 2020’s chaos, coordinating what could be the most significant moment of your life will require a lot of thought and work. A poll suggested that 52% of Brits find the entire wedding process tedious, which can be more particular in the present covid-19 climate. However, it’s still possible with the proper knowledge and insights. Whether you are a planner or an individual planning your wedding, these expert tips should help you create a memorable moment.  

Safe And Stress-free Wedding In 2021

Avoid the most desirable dates and venues

If you intend to get married between April and September, then you should know that you’ll be hard-pressed for reception venues that are available on Thursday, Friday or weekends. With the pandemic leading to the cancellation and suspension of many events, weddings inclusive, 2021 will see a marathon of weddings which could continue into 2022. You may want to consider and keep open about your location choice and mid-week. For instance, many individuals who planned on large marquee weddings are now considering doing so in family home gardens.

Be aware of potential rebooking loss on some supply deposits

You risk losing money if you cancel your wedding rather than postponing it. If you hired a wedding planner, booked a venue or some items, check for any cancellation fee details in the contract. The horror stories about couples being charged astronomical cancellation fees are never few. While some venues may be relaxed and understand your rebooking and cancellation issues, others may not be that forgiving. So before putting the dots on any paper, be sure to read carefully and understand what you are signing up for. Weddings are expensive already, so you need to consider your finances.

Cut down your guest list

This is possibly the only time in history where you can whittle down your guest list, and everyone will be understanding. In the wake of the pandemic, the game is numbers. Begin with the essential people: you and your spouse, and continue your guest list in that order—nothing personal, just necessity. However, not all cuts should be about the bride and groom but consider high-risk factors like age and any existing conditions that may put some persons at high risk for such gatherings.

Get your home ready

While you plan to get home with your happily ever after, it is vital to complete any standing home renovation projects. It could be switching up your light fixture or new bathroom retiling. Like everyone, you may have some projects you intend to finish to make your home more accommodation for you and your spouse. Get in early and get the finer details completed. Need some ideas for your bedroom? Get in some divan beds, add some texture, play with lighting and be colour-conscious.

Although there is some uncertainty and a still-changing COVID-19 situation, it is vital to keep optimistic about the entire situation, and you’ll be surprised how amazing things would pan out. However, if you are up to date with the latest rules and regulations concerning such events, it would be helpful to consult a planner to help you.


How to Find Time for Romance When You’re Endlessly Busy

When you’re always busy and work is consuming you, it tends to be your closest relationships that tend to suffer most of all. Whether that means becoming more distant from your partner or maybe even neglecting your love life altogether. These things are important and neglecting them due to being busy with other things might be something that you eventually live to regret. Here’s how to find time for romance even when you feel endlessly busy.

How to Find Time for Romance

Take Time Away From Devices

First of all, you should try to stop relying on your devices so much if you want to achieve a better balance and find more time for romance. Even dating apps can be a disaster for your love life. If you’re single and looking to meet people, it’s often a lot better to simply get out there and make real connections rather than swiping endlessly left and right.

Make More of the Free Time You Get

When you do get free time away from work or the other things that are keeping you busy, you should try to dedicate more of that free time to your relationship. Finding time for romance isn’t really that difficult; it’s more about rethinking your priorities and creating time for it when that time arises. It’s something that we can all do if we’re willing to make the effort.

Celebrate Milestones with

When there’s a milestone that’s relevant to your romantic relationship, take the time to celebrate it, no matter what else is taking up your time and making you busy. Again, this comes down to having the will to create that time because it’s important to you. We can all find that time if we want to and we stop making excuses for not doing so.

Consider Getting Professional Assistance

When you have a problem with a lack of time, getting out there and dedicating your time to finding the perfect match  can be tough, even impossible for some. But that’s why services offered by a professional dating agency might be just what you’re looking for. They offer you the chance to meet new people who are likely to be compatible without you having to put in the hard work.

Reconsider Your Priorities

We all have our own set of priorities in life, and if yours aren’t working for you and aren’t allowing you the time you need in order to meet someone special or spend time with the someone special you already have, it’s time to rethink and reconsider those priorities sooner rather than later. You can’t make progress in this area until you really know what you want, so try to work on that.

As you can see from the tips and ideas discussed above, there are plenty of ways to find time for your love life and romance, even when you’re busy with other things. Be sure to make the most of the tips that are most relevant to you if you want to start balancing these priorities better.