If you are planning to sell your property in the near future or you want to make some upgrades with a future sale in mind, you need to invest your money in the right areas. It’s unlikely you can carry out every renovation on the list, but smart choices can effectively boost the selling price. 

10 Home Renovation Ideas to Sell a Property

Flooring Upgrades  

When it comes to flooring your home, there are two types of people – those who like carpet and those who prefer wood flooring. There are pros and cons to both; for instance, carpet is much more comfortable and homely, while wood flooring is lower maintenance and better for selling. 

If you plan of selling your home in the near future, it’s best to put down wood flooring. Even if you prefer carpets, put down some cheap laminate flooring to give the impression of a clean and modern home to buyers. Buyers see a wooden floor and think about what can be done. 

Interior Decoration 

Interior decoration is a broad subject that includes the type of furniture in your home, the type of flooring your put down, the colour of the walls, and the general style you are aiming for. Interior design specialists also consider the personality of the home and how this dovetails with style. 

Of course, you aren’t going o match every buyer’s personality, so it’s best to go for a minimal interior decoration style overall. Paint the walls white or grey and put down some laminate wood flooring. If you want to add colour, then paint an accent wall or use throws that can be removed.   

Install Bio Boiler 

Sustainability is an important feature of the home nowadays and something that buyers look at; they will be looking at how well the property is insulated, what kind of pipes there are including Threaded Tube, and what kind of boiler you have installed. These factors influence energy prices and carbon output. 

Eco boilers are an excellent way to win the interest of prospects. A Bio boiler is completely eco-friendly and carbon neutral because it uses a dedicated forest to source the woodchip. When the fossil fuel is burned, it is absorbed by trees that are planets nearby for that purpose.  

Make Home Gym 

With more and more people working from home nowadays, prospective buyers are all in favor of a home gym. Home gyms reduce the overall cost of going to the gym and staying healthy; they are also much more convenient, allowing people to train a little during breaks from the office. 

The best place to install a home gym would be in the basement, the garage, or the loft, but if you are tight on space, you can also install one in a large cupboard or build a small garage in the garden to house it. Again, a home gym adds value to the property and helps it to sell easily.

Loft Conversions 

If you have a loft on your property, you are in luck, most people use this additional space for storage, but you wouldn’t want to do this if you’re selling the property or you want to pay off your home more quickly. It’s better to convert the loft into another bedroom, studio, or home office. 

Once you have your loft converted, your home’s value will rise, but that’s not all; you now have an additional bedroom that you can rent out to travellers and tourists as an Airbnb. An Airbnb is an excellent way to earn some passive income by not doing much and paying down your home.  

Kitchen Upgrades

If you are planning to sell your property, one of the first things to consider renovating is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and it’s the first thing that prospects consider. It doesn’t matter how saleable the rest of your home is without a nice kitchen area.

There are different ways to renovate your kitchen. If you already have many modern features, you might be able to upgrade a single component such as a new countertop, alternatively, choose a nice fitted kitchen from a catalog and increase the home’s value in a few days.  

Bathroom Upgrades 

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most standard spaces buyers look at to help them make a decision. Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to maintain, so it is important to ensure that everything is clean, modern, and up to standard before you put the home on the market. 

When it comes to the bathroom area, the things you need to check to include the tiling, the shower head, the ventilation, and the general appearance. If you can try to install a walk-in shower, they are more modern and support the buying process along with the valuation.   

Landscape Gardening 

Making home renovations indoors can take up all of your time and attention but don’t neglect your outdoor areas. Nowadays, people value the outdoor area as much as the indoor spaces partly due to more people working from home and the need for more space in general at home. 

If you have a nice outdoor space on your property, contact a professional landscape gardener to survey the land and make recommendations on what can be achieved. Some people like a garden with many plants and trees, while others like one that is more open to possibilities.  

Eco Upgrades 

Eco upgrades in the home are trending at the moment because buyers are more eco-conscious and energy prices are rising. If you can put an eco-focus on your home, you will find it is on the market for less time and does not require much selling. So what eco upgrades can you make? 

Firstly, you can change the boiler for a biomass one that is carbon neutral. Next, you can change out the lights and make them all LEDs; LEDs are cheap to install and operate. Insulation is another big factor; installing double glazing, and proper wall insulation is a key selling point.   

New Buildings 

New buildings include things like garden rooms, conservatories, and glass rooms. While these can be expensive to build or install, they extend the floor space of your home, increasing the price; they also give provide you with some extra personal comfort while you sell the property.  

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