One of the things that will make your wedding memorable is the music you choose. It goes a long way to affect the atmosphere of the wedding and, in some cases, the personality of you and your spouse. While there are many genres of music, you can find a theme that would go with your interests. So here are a few ideas for choosing music at your wedding.

choosing music for your wedding


Don’t be afraid to go all out


So you have seen others’ weddings and like the music they used. Does it mean you’re also going to copy their style regardless of what you like? Music is sentimental, and so for your big day, you should choose the ones that are meaningful to you and your partner. Of course, you could throw in a couple of popular songs to make it more interesting, but at the end of the day, it is what you like that matters most. So try your best to think outside the box and not just go with what everybody else is doing.


Consider the different stages of the wedding


Weddings come with different stages that come with different moods. There is the ceremony session, which usually has classical music playing. But you can switch it up with some kinds of pop and soul. Then there is the time for the first dance, and here it will solely depend on what you and your partner want. If you’re having a hard time settling on one song, you can start by looking at what is most common and then take it from there. The reception is usually characterised by formal music at the beginning and then something more upbeat after that. When it’s time to eat, the music should be calm and classy so that people can have lighthearted conversations while eating. After all these stages come the dance or ‘after party’ session, which requires music that you and your guests can party with. Whatever the case, hire a wedding band or DJ that understands these stages and can help you create the best wedding experience through music.


Make a ‘do not play’ list if necessary


It is not every kind of music that you would want to be played on your big day. Maybe some songs or music are triggers for bad experiences, and so you wouldn’t want them to ruin your wedding day. Whatever the reason, it will be better to have all these songs listed and passed on to whoever is in charge of music so that they do not play them. It is better to take the precautionary measure that falls over yourself trying to get the song stopped in the middle of your wedding.

You deserve the best on your big day, and this includes music as well. While a lot of people leave it to the band, it will be nice to curate things to your own liking. So consider the tips above to help you create a wonderful wedding music-wise.


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