Bathroom renovations are excellent investments that will improve your home. Everyone loves a good bathroom, but this area of the house can often become outdated. In a lot of cases, this is one of the first rooms you look to renovate when moving into a new home. 

Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

Like all renovations, fixing up your bathroom can cost a lot of money. Particularly if you’re not careful and let things get a little out of hand. It can very much go from a small project to one that blows a hole in your bank balance. 

Nevertheless, there are ways for you to keep the costs as low as possible – and here are three ideas to consider: 

Work with a bathroom designer

Initially, this feels like an added expense that makes the project more costly. However, many homeowners run into problems when they design their bathrooms. They have space issues or logistical problems that mean things need to be redone and redone again. As a result, the renovation ends up costing more than expected. 

Working with a bathroom designer will change this. You can design your perfect Bathroom with Manor Design or any other design service in your area. Here, you get expert guidance that looks at the layout of your bathroom and tells you what is and isn’t possible. It will mean that the final design is completely feasible, so everything can be installed with no problems. Overall, an investment in a design service can prevent things from being redone and costing more money. 

Don’t alter the layout

Another clever way to save money on a bathroom renovation is by not altering the layout of this room. You keep everything in the same place, but you alter the different elements. 

For example, your new sink goes where the old sink goes, and you get a new shower/bath where the old one was. You can still get new tiling and flooring as well – but none of the plumbing fixtures have to be moved. This makes the project way more affordable as a lot of money is usually spent removing and moving plumbing fixtures. 

Find bargain deals

The third tip is to look for some bargain deals to make the project less expensive. Here, the idea is to find places that might sell old tiles or materials that you can use in your renovation. What sometimes happens is companies have loads of tiles but they order far too much stock. They struggle to sell them, so they start offering them at really cheap prices. 

Or, someone else has a bathroom renovation and ends up with lots of spare supplies and materials. Again, you can get your hands on these for a fraction of the cost of brand-new stuff. 

If you’re savvy, you can make a bathroom renovation much more affordable. This is brilliant as it lets you upgrade your home without breaking the bank. So, to recap: work with a designer to avoid redoing your work again and again, don’t change the layout and find bargain deals on materials.

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