It’s common to hear people talk about the challenges of a small room in the home, but what about large rooms? You wouldn’t think it was really a problem because surely, having too much space is better than not having enough? The thing is, decorating large rooms is actually a lot harder than you realise. They’re not always the most functional rooms either and you often end up with a lot of wasted space in a large room.

Ways To Divide Large Rooms

If you want to make the most out of the space you have in your home, you should consider breaking up large rooms into smaller areas. Each area can be decorated in its own way and used for a distinct purpose, which means you add functionality and overcome some of the big challenges associated with decorating large rooms. 

The most obvious way to split a large room is to add a dividing wall, but that is very expensive and requires a lot of invasive work. It’s also not the best option if you want to keep the open plan feel of your home and encourage the flow of natural light, while also making large rooms more functional. The good news is, there are plenty of alternative ways you can divide up the space. These are the best ways to split a large room without putting an expensive new wall in. 

Furniture Arrangements 

The simplest way to split a room is to play around with different furniture arrangements. For example, putting a sofa in the centre of the room can visually split it in half. By arranging a chair and a coffee table around that sofa, you create a distinct living area in that half of the room. The other end of the room could then be used as home office space or a dining area. You still have one large room, but with a few simple furniture tricks, you create two separate, functional spaces. This is much better than having a large living area with massive gaps between all of the furniture. 

Area Rugs 

Using rugs is another simple way to signify different zones in the room and break it up into distinct sections. You can get some great statement rugs from companies like Cowhide Rugs London, which are perfect for this. People often make the mistake of thinking that you need to put physical barriers in a room to divide it up but that isn’t the case. It’s all about the way that we visually perceive the room and as long as there are clear signifiers to tell us where each area is, that is enough. A few large area rugs will cover most of the floor and it’s a simple, cheap way to differentiate between different areas of the room. 

Glass Partitions

Although putting up a full wall is a bit too expensive, it’s more manageable to put up a glass partition using a wooden frame. This still requires some work, but it can completely transform a large room. You can separate areas and it provides good noise reduction, so it’s perfect for creating a home office in the corner of a large room, for example. The great thing about glass is that it still lets the light through. Often, people ruin a space by putting up big partition walls and blocking the flow of natural light, creating dark, dingy rooms that are not pleasant to spend time in. With a glass partition, you get the best of both worlds. 


This is one that people don’t consider because they are only used to using blinds on the windows. But they’re actually a very effective way to divide up a large room and turn it into a multifunctional space. You can attach some nice wooden blinds to the ceiling, which can be raised and lowered whenever you like. If you need a large space, you can pull them up and use the room as normal, but if you want to divide it up and get more privacy, that is an option too. You might use this to create a study area or a small reading nook at one end of the room, which can be cut off from the rest of the space if needs be. They can also be opened to encourage the flow of light, even when the blinds are down. 

Putting up a wall isn’t the only way to split a room and it’s actually the worst option in a lot of cases. If you want to create original, multifunctional spaces in your home, these are the best methods for splitting rooms. 

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