When we are looking for a partner, we tend to focus on the things that we want in a relationship. But sometimes, it’s more important to think about the things that we don’t want. Everybody has their relationship deal breakers and it’s important that you pick up on these things early on so you don’t pursue relationships with people that you cannot form a good relationship with. These are some of the biggest relationship deal breakers to watch out for.

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Difference In Values

When dating, it’s a good idea to look for people with shared interests so you have something to talk about. But as the relationship progresses, it’s shared values, not shared interests that you have to consider. If your culture or religion are very important to you, for example, and your partner’s values don’t add up with that, it can cause big problems down the line. In some cases, it may be worthwhile using dating sites like arab lounge that match people based on country and culture, so you can avoid dating people that have completely different values to you. You don’t always have to agree on everything, but your core values do need to line up and if they don’t, that’s a deal breaker. 

Lack Of Commitment

Commitment is important when you are dating somebody and you need to find somebody that is looking for the same things that you are. That doesn’t mean that you should start asking about marriage on a first date but if you want to settle down and they don’t, it’s not going to work. It may not seem like a big issue early on but what happens if you want to move in together and they don’t? You can’t wait around and hope that they’ll change their mind and decide to commit. If they don’t want the same things as you in a relationship, that is usually a deal breaker. 

Controlling Behaviour

Controlling behaviour in a relationship is a big red flag, and if you continue with the relationship, it will only get worse. If somebody is asking where you are all the time or asking to check your phone because they don’t trust you, that’s a bad sign. In a lot of cases, partners that are suspicious about cheating are projecting onto you because they have been unfaithful. This behaviour starts out small and if you notice it, you should speak with them right away. If it continues, you need to break the relationship off right away. 

Lack Of Physical Attraction

Sex isn’t everything, but it is an important part of a relationship. A lot of people continue a relationship with a partner because they get on really well, even though there is no attraction there. In some cases, you can build that attraction and still have a healthy sex life, but if it just isn’t happening, it may not be a good idea to pursue the relationship. 

When you are in a new relationship, you should look out for these deal breakers so you don’t waste any more time pursuing a relationship that will not work out.

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