When you are a homeowner, there is often a project that you want or need to undertake. They can breathe new life into your home, they can make your living space more practical and they can add value to your house. Not to mention that they can be fun to plan and complete. The question can sometimes be around where to focus your efforts, so whether you are planning to take on some DIY or call the professionals in, here are our suggestions of 4 home improvement projects that are worth undertaking. 

extended kitchen

Anything structural

The first place that you will need to start when carrying out any home improvements will be to check on your home’s overall structure and condition. Your priority spends are always going to need to be on anything structural that requires your attention.

You might find that you need new ridge tiles for your roof, a damp proof course installation or your brickwork repointing, none of which are likely to be exciting projects to undertake, but all of which are essential. 

There is no point in proceeding with other projects and makeovers until you have ensured your home is fundamentally sound and safe.

Extending or restyling your kitchen

Kitchens are often said to be the heart of our homes, so it makes absolute sense that we want to have our kitchens designed and styled to high standards.

Houses used to have small, functional kitchens, but in recent times there has been a definite shift to a preference for large family dining kitchens. People want room to cook, to entertain and to enjoy the space. Plenty of worktop space, cupboards and light flooding in all make people’s kitchen wish lists, so if yours has not had a makeover for many years, this might be one project that it is worth you investing in.

A well designed kitchen is likely to add value to your home, and more importantly, it will be a space that you are going to use every single day and enjoy spending time in. 

Improving your bathroom facilities

This one can take a few different guises, and all will be worthy projects to undertake.

Adding an extra bathroom, by way of an en-suite or a downstairs toilet, are always going to be useful additions to any household. This is assuming that they do not remove a bedroom in doing so, as in most though not all cases, this can bring down the value of your home. 

You might need to update your current bathroom, if the suite is coloured it can appear dated or the tiles and flooring might need a new look. A modern, clean and functional bathroom is the look that you want to achieve here. 

Landscaping your garden

An untidy garden is unsightly, but is also represents wasted space and opportunity.

Your garden can act as an additional room in your home, space for you to spend time in and enjoy. Look for tips to improve it and think about how it might be best utilised. Could you add a shed for storage space or even a garden room thereby creating an office or den for your home? 

These can be practical solutions, as well as improving the appearance and saleability of your home. 

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