Tying the knot doesn’t mean you need to go for standard, boring and overused wedding traditions. If you’re serious about creating a highly personal and memorable wedding experience, then we’ve put together a couple of the world’s most extraordinary wedding traditions that are sure to add a bit of flair to your big day.

Polish Money Dance

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to collect donations for your honeymoon, then why not try the Polish money dance? It involves guests buying dances with the bride at the reception and the money is collected by the maid of honour. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from doing this with the groom as well!

Kidnapping the Bride

A popular tradition in Romania, Russia, Germany and even Wales, the idea is to “kidnap” the bride before the wedding takes place with the help of friends, family and entertainers. It’s then up to the groom to play a series of games, drink alcohol, offer money and even use romantic gestures to save her. This can be a lot of fun but incredibly difficult to set up as well.

German Log Cutting

Germans sure know how to party and their wedding traditions are no exception! Log cutting is an incredible teamwork-oriented activity, making it one of the most perfect newly-wed bonding experiences that you can have!

Fantastical Celtic Traditions

From getting married on the “light” half of the year to handfasting ceremonies, Celtic wedding traditions are incredibly wholesome and it comes from their rich culture and history. Below, we’ve added an infographic that shows some of the most popular Celtic wedding traditions that you absolutely need to learn about.

Claddagh Rings

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