The coronavirus pandemic took a huge toll on many people’s social lives. You probably spent a significant portion of the last two years either stuck at home in lockdown, self-isolating, or attempting to maintain a two meter distance when meeting up with friends and family.

Opening Up Your Home After Covid

All these regulations and restrictions were for a good cause, with the intention of keeping as many people safe from harm as possible. But now things are slowly returning to normality. Restrictions are being lifted all over the world, and we can now socialise freely.

But the virus isn’t gone. Although we have found ways to live safely and move on, its shadow is still very much looming over you. Many people remain anxious about its dangers, particularly those who are vulnerable or can’t afford to take time off work if they get sick. These concerns are entirely justifiable, as even the fully vaccinated face the risk of becoming seriously ill.

If you are the type of person who loves opening up their home to guests, you are probably itching to get back to your regular social events. But whether it’s dinner parties, garden barbecues, or just a couple of friends over for a glass of wine, you still need to think carefully about your approach. Your loved ones may be worried about the risks, and the last thing you want is your cocktail night to gain notoriety for spreading the virus amongst your social group.

To help you alleviate any concerns and throw a Covid-safe event, here are four tips for opening up your home in 2022.

Talk to your guests

Your friends may not be worried at all, especially if they’re young and healthy. But there is a chance that one or more of them are secretly worried about mingling in a confined space but don’t feel comfortable enough to bring it up. The best thing you can do is to create an open, non-judgemental atmosphere with your loved ones. You want to feel like they can share their concerns without worrying about what anyone else thinks of them. Speak to your friends individually before they arrive. Ask them if they have any worries and if there is anything you can do to make them feel safer.

Put safety measures in place

It only takes a few simple measures to greatly reduce the transmission risk of Covid. Buy hand sanitiser and place a few bottles strategically around your home, as well as some disposable face masks for anyone who might want one.


By taking a lateral flow test before the event, you can have peace of mind that you won;t be infecting anyone. You can’t force your guests to test themselves, but you can ask and encourage people to put safety at the forefront and help to protect others.

Provide options

Some people may not want to be cooped up inside all evening, so provide plenty of options for attendees to move about and feel safer. If you’re throwing a party, you could open up your garden and move things onto the lawn for some fresh air.

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