So you popped the question, and she, or he, said yes! Hurrah! Now the fun begins. After you’ve decided to get married, it’s time to plan the kind of wedding you want. These days there are loads of awesome wedding ideas around. You don’t have to go for the classic anymore if you don’t want to. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it, probably the majority of couples still marry in this style. However, there are so many other special occasions days to choose from now that it makes sense to group together some of the top ones to make your planning a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable. 

Awesome Wedding Ideas

The Classic Wedding 

Everyone knows what a classic wedding looks like; it’s the image of a wedding that’s been used for generations. This wedding has a bride in a white dress and a groom in a tuxedo. It takes place in a church or religious location and has a reception in a nearby hotel. The reception includes a three-course meal, speeches, and a dance. 

The classic wedding is suitable to couples who like a classic wedding without any surprises. Maybe the classic style suits your sensibility, or you’ve always dreamed of having classical wedding pictures that look just like the ones from your parent’s photo album. The classic wedding is also a safe concept that is well known and understood. 

Organising a classic wedding, however, is no easier than organising one with a novel concept. You still need to plan well in advance and make sure all the items are ticked off your to-do list if you want the event to run smoothly. You will have to book the venues for the wedding and reception, book the honeymoon and hire the photographer, among a million other things. 

The Destination Wedding 

A destination wedding takes place overseas or in a different location from where the wedding couple generally lives. The destination chosen is usually iconic or meaningful to the couple in some way. These weddings are often more laid back than classical variety; they involve fewer people, less organisation, and tend to be cheaper overall.  

A destination wedding would suit a couple who want to make their special day iconic and memorable. Imagine your wedding photos in a sun-soaked location or with a stunning sky in the background – no filter. Destination weddings might also suit those who want to reduce the number of guests at the event along with the cost. 

There are many destination venues that deal exclusively with destination weddings. In the same way, you might try various hotels for a classical reception, perform your diligence on each organising venue. They can provide everything for you, including the venue and reception. Remember, you may have fewer guests at this event due to various traveling restrictions. 

The Spiritual Wedding 

For people who don’t want to go down the religious route, there are other options available these days, and no one’s judging, on earth or in heaven. A spiritual wedding is all about the truth and inner beauty of those being married on the day; it doesn’t reference conventional religions or requires participants to adhere to beliefs. 

This type of wedding can take many forms. You could have a spiritual wedding in the classical style, at a special destination, or in your back garden. Since the wedding is focused around the beauty of the occasion, it can be designed with unique ideas and intentions. Personal vows can be written and space made for appreciating the connections made with guests. 

If you’re interested in a spiritual wedding, or any other life occasion, contact wedding celebrant; they specialise in weddings and life occasions that don’t lean in any religious direction. If you think this is something that might suit you, consider combining the idea with another wedding type to create the ultimate personal wedding experience.

The DIY Wedding 

A DIY wedding is the hipster’s choice! This is a wedding style in which the couple decides to do everything on their own. This includes the catering, reception, cake, entertainment, and even the drinks at the bar. These weddings are often low budget but high on guest inclusion; you will likely be working overtime with your friends to get things organised. 

The DIY wedding is ideal for those who want to get married on a budget but still have the celebration of a big day. These weddings are often very authentic and inclusive. Expect a magical atmosphere, lots of fairy lights, and plenty of craft beer. Be warned that a DIY wedding could turn out easier said than done. 

To organise your perfect DIY wedding, you will need to decide on the ideal venue. Some people use a meaningful place, such as a friend’s property. DIY weddings are usually low budget, but you may need to spend some money too, perhaps on a venue or a dress; where possible, however, it’s all about the DIY. 

The Beach Wedding 

Beach weddings are usually small intimate occasions in exotic locations with close friends and family groups. The ceremony takes place down at the water, and the couple often don’t wear any shoes. Attire is also suitable for the beach and for hot weather, so light, loose clothing is worn. The photographs are excellent value.

A beach wedding would suit those interested in having a memorable ceremony that’s exotic and low key, without the high cost associated with a classic wedding. A beach wedding will usually take place on an island or resort in a place with guaranteed sunshine. Due to the location aspect, only a small number of guests will generally attend. 

To arrange a beach wedding, you will first have the fun of selecting the beach you want to get married on, it could be somewhere that is meaningful to you as a couple or that offers the best value for money. Normally everything is arranged for you by the venue so you have less to organise and can honeymoon at the same location. 

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