The bedroom is the one room in the house where your personal taste is all that counts, and with comfort high on your list of priorities, your bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation. Your bedroom can be themed as you like and the décor does not have to match the rest of the home, allowing you to focus on your own design ideas.  If you are planning to renovate your master bedroom and are in need of some ideas, here are a few popular bed room themes to base your design on.

5 Theme Suggestions for your Bedroom
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The Vintage Bedroom Theme – A nice wrought iron bed would be the ideal starting point for a vintage themed room, and with select vintage bedroom furniture, you can create a unique style that can include a few modern accessories. When looking at furniture, vintage is anything older than 20 years, but not more than a century, and by forging an alliance with a local antique dealer, you can source items with ease. Paint can be effectively used to brighten up vintage furniture, with a range of colours to achieve a balanced look.

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The Country Cottage Look – White is the primary colour for a cottage style bedroom, with perhaps some flowery wallpaper to contrast, while yellow and oatmeal are excellent colour choices. A pine four poster bed is the perfect way to set the scene, with white lace drop down curtains to add to the rustic atmosphere. Pine furniture also works in such a setting, with either a clear varnish or white enamel paint, and let’s not forget dried flowers and plants, which add a splash of nature.

The Classic French Boudoir – The boudoir was traditionally a room that adjoins a woman’s bedroom, yet many people opt for this look in their bedroom. Soft, natural colours work well, with splashes of lilac, violet and shades of light blue, as well as a variety of beiges and browns to give the room an earthy feel. An elegant French walnut bed would certainly take the pride of place in such a room design, or something from the Louis XV period that is equally splendid. There are a few classic French bedroom images that might be just what you had in mind.

The Futuristic Bedroom – For lovers of modern furniture, why not opt for a futuristic looking bedroom? A floor-level bed that is slightly raised would set the scene, along with seamless and streamlined wardrobes and cabinets, with matching side tables to house the many gadgets you can add to a futuristic bedroom.

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Victorian Bedroom – Brass and iron blend together in a stylish Victorian double bed, with walnut or mahogany dressers complete with brass handles. Mahogany beds from the same period offer an alternative and with a thick quilt covering and some antique rugs, the look is complete. A porcelain chamber bowl can be added for good effect, as can a Victorian sink unit, and with heavy curtains, your bedroom will have a cosy and inviting ambience.

Whatever theme you choose, sourcing vintage and antique bedroom furniture is much easier when using an online antique dealer, who can help you to acquire the right pieces at an affordable price.

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