Thank you for finding Champagne and Petals. I’m Sarah, wife to my manly Hubby and mummy to my 8 year old little boy and 4 year old little girl. Our family is made complete by a couple of crazy dogs and my much loved house cat.

We live in Lincolnshire in a semi-rural town, however we are very keen to build a life within a village miles away from any town. It has been a dream our of ours for a few years now, one day this dream will come true. Although it could be rather a while yet but one day we will have that village life we crave. Having a beautiful home is a passion of mine, creating a stunning space that the whole family can enjoy.

I love all things wedding, who doesn’t right? Anyway, nothing pleases me more than when a friend says they have got engaged. Then when they ask me to help in planning their wedding. Helping someone to achieve the wedding of their dreams whatever the budget, always makes me happy.

I am passionate about my blog and producing great content for my readers. Therefore I am always looking to collaborate with brands who fit my readership. Would like to work me? I can offer sponsored posts, giveaways, social media outreach, product reviews and much more. If you would like to work with me, get in touch to discuss your needs.

I look forward to working with you on exciting campaigns!

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