It’s very almost time for me to go up the loft and get out all of the Christmas decorations. Not forgetting all the new ones I’ve got hidden in places around the house and after black Friday even in the boot of my car. Just so the Hubby doesn’t see them.

Alternative Christmas Tree Decorations

I love my Christmas tree, I am very particular about it and where each of the decorations sit, when the children help, I often have to make a couple of changes … no a lot of changes so it is just perfect. I normally wire the decorations on so they all sit perfectly. I have been collecting decorations for years and this year I cannot wait to add some extra special ones from our trip to Lapland.

Every year we add chocolates to the tree, sometimes a couple of candy canes get hidden in there too. When you have children you have to add them don’t you?

This year however I have noticed a trend in adding slightly more alternative decorations to your tree with various alcohol based ones becoming popular.

We have bought the children Lego baubles from our recent trip to Legoland a few weeks ago. One has the bricks to build a reindeer and the other to build a Santa, I’m looking forward to the children spotting them on the tree.

As you all know I love a glass of gin and this year it seems to be very popular to have Gin baubles. Pickerings Gin have a lovely box of 6 gin baubles that they kindly sent me to add to my tree. I am thinking about not only adding them to the tree but using them on the table. I always add little gift to the table for each of our guests on Christmas day.

For years ever since I was a child, there have been little foil wrapped chocolates on the tree. Now you can even get full chocolate baubles that The Grown Up Chocolate Company sent a couple out for me. They smell amazing, you are able to add them to your tree in their clear boxes or take them out to hang. I’m not sure they would last too long, especially with the kids and my Hubby about.

So many companies are now making little Christmas tree gifts, make-up, socks, bubble baths, nail varnishes and just about any other small item you can think off. Although I don’t think I would add them to my main Christmas tree, I really like the idea of having a gift tree. A smaller or even table top tree that I would buy lots of little hanging gifts for friends and family to enjoy.

Are you adding any slightly different decorations to your tree this year?


*I was kindly sent items to include within this post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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