Autumn is a wonderful season to get married in. The trees have already given you the perfect colour palette, and all the inspiration you need is found in nature. The seasonal change requires you to think about a few things while you’re still in the planning stage, to make sure your new Mother-in-Law doesn’t slide down the aisle with you on the wet leaves.

Use these handy insights, straight from married couples who successfully pulled off a wedding in the autumn plus, the few tricks and tips they wish they knew about back then.

Watch out for the rain….

A wedding in the autumn is perfect for many reasons,  until the wind and rain ruin the comfortable area you’ve set up for your guests. While those who get married during Summer and Spring miss out on the gorgeous colour display of the autumn, they can also depend on the weather forecast a bit more than you’ll be able to. No matter what they say the weather is going to be like, have a plan B in case rain shows up after all.

Think about everything that makes this season so cosy and magical and throw in all of these elements if the weather should fail. Snuggly throws for the guests to warm up under, emergency heaters in case of a cold front, and even a good old fashioned can of coffee for your especially frozen guests are always welcome.

Remember that rain will make the ground wet and soggy and is not ideal for dancing or walking on. Consider to bring in flooring if the weather changes, make sure to tidy away any wet leaves so that no one falls and breaks their hip in the middle of your special day.

Yummy seasonal food

Everything that nature gives us during this season of harvest can be included as both decoration and food. Talk to your caterer and create a menu together that speaks autumn with every ingredient, pumpkins, mushrooms, squash, slow-roasted meat and orange leaves are perfect elements to decorate your venue.

Be creative about the decoration and make it practical as well as pretty, small but heavy pumpkins can hold the tablecloth down in the case of a sudden burst of wind, and you can serve special drinks made from pears or apple to complement the theme. Have a look at Richard Haworth for tablecloths in a range of colours, so that you can find one that works with the rest of the colour palette.

Timing is everything

When the sun is just about to set, bathing your venue in glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow. This is the time you should choose for those wedding photos. Work with the flow of the ceremony and time it so that your guests are able to enjoy the stunning view and romantic colours of the fall. It the reason that this is my favourite time of the year, and just missing out on the wonderful scenery Mother Nature has painted for you would be a shame.

Serve up some cocktails in the same shades as the sunset and bask in the feeling of having pulled off an undeniably romantic and unforgettable wedding.

Are you thinking about having a Autumnal wedding? I would love to hear all about it.

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