I love shopping, I mean I really love shopping! In store or online I love both. I love heading to the shops a find gorgeous items to buy, that I probably don’t really need. I always find that in shops I am more inspired by the visual products and how everything matches and looks so wonderful together. Coming out of numerous shops loaded with bags full of goodies is for me, so much fun.

When I shop online it’s more because I am looking for something specific that I really want (maybe not need). It could be clothing, items for the children, a gift for someone, something for the house but online shopping for me isn’t so much about browsing like I do in the shops it’s about knowing I need an item then finding the best place to get it.

I often find that when we purchase something bigger maybe over £50 I will always look to see if I can find it cheaper online. Or I will know what I want and go to a shop to see it and then see where the best offers are to buy it. I love a bargain.

Sale shopping is another thing I love to do, my Hubby knows that just after Christmas and into the New Year numerous parcels will arrive from all of my online sale shopping…… who doesn’t love a bargain right?

Bargain hunting with online discounts

online discounts

There are now so many online stores that stock the same products and normally all with a different price, these prices are not just the odd £, it can sometime add up to £££ depending on sales, on-line discounts and special offers that are running. So finding the best price for an item means I can buy something else, or put the rest into savings for a little trip away.

As a family or even when the Hubby and I get a child free night or two, I always look for a bargain break away. It’s always fun for me to search and find somewhere lovely for a couple of nights away and even better when I find online discounts on Groupon. I have used Groupon many times for various different things, it could be a discount for one of my favourite shops like the White Company or it could be a spa day offer for me and a friend or a mini break away. Whatever you are looking for there is always a discount code waiting for you with Groupon.

If like me you love to find a bargain, where are your favourite places to find them?


*This post was made in collaboration with Groupon. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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