It is likely that you use your bathroom several times every day, especially if you have a toilet and a bathroom that are joined. Many people don’t see the point of making their bathroom look better because it’s a private room that’s likely only used by the people who live there. But what if you have a friend or family member staying overnight? Will you feel embarrassed by what they come across? Here are some things that every new homeowner should have in their bathroom. They will make you feel good about your bathroom and make you want to spend more time there.

Bathroom Essentials


You’d think this would be self-evident, but many people don’t have a large enough mirror in their bathroom. Even if you’re only going to the bathroom for a minute, it’s probable that you’ll take a quick glance in the mirror while you’re washing your hands. A good-sized mirror should be on the wall so that you can easily groom yourself and that guests don’t feel out of place when they use your bathroom.

Luxury towels

We’ve all got our favourite towels to use, but your guests probably won’t appreciate using your old towel that you’ve had for years. Consider buying some super soft organic towels to put on display in your bathroom. Not only will your guests have fresh towels to use, but they will complement your bathroom too!

Working taps

The hot water tap is usually the one that doesn’t work when you walk into a bathroom. If this is the case in your home, you should call a plumber to come and fix it so that you can have two working taps. Remember that it’s always preferable to wash your hands with warm water after using the toilet or even after cleaning your bathroom to help eradicate germs.

A shower that is simple to use

There’s nothing worse than having to figure out how to use someone else’s shower while you stay at their house. If your shower isn’t working well, you might want to think about buying a new one and having it put in. Guests will find it less intimidating, and you will enjoy a more pleasurable shower as a result!

Soft closing toilet

It’s a nightmare when you’re in the bathroom late at night and you stand up without realising that the lid has shut loudly behind you. Consider installing a soft-close toilet seat in your bathroom for added peace and quiet at night. You can browse the selection of soft closing toilet seats available from the Roper Rhodes store to find one that complements the design of your bathroom.


Finally, if you’re worried about being embarrassed by visitors seeing your sanitary towels or medication, consider adding storage to your bathroom. Additionally, it implies that your bathroom will be free of several things such as shampoo, conditioner and soaps! Shelving could be an option for you as well!

Try some of these simple ideas for your bathroom and watch how much of a difference it makes to the overall look of the space, and more importantly, how much more proud you feel when you are able to show it off.

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