If you think that you might be likely to be delayed at the airport while waiting for a flight, then it can be worth setting yourself up with plenty of things to do. Even if you are not sure, it can still be good to have a plan, just in case you get held up. One thing that people like to do is to take books so that they can read in order to pass the time. However, some books will suit you much better than others so it is worth thinking about which might be the best for you to take with you.

delayed at the airport

Humorous books

Humorous books can be a great idea as they will keep your mood good while you are waiting for the delay to pass. However, if you are likely to be laughing out loud while reading it, then you will have to be prepared for other people to stare at you! You may not mind this, but consider how loud your laugh is and whether it might cause annoyance for your fellow travellers, especially as they are more likely to be grumpy if you have been delayed.

Puzzle books

A puzzle book can be a good way to keep your brain doing something and being distracted while you are waiting around. Do make sure that you have a pen with you though or possibly a couple! Choose puzzles that you know you will like rather than something completely new as it is a risk in case you do not enjoy them. Consider whether you would rather do something fairly easy or more difficult and choose a book accordingly. If the delay is long you might get really tired and need something that is a bit simpler to do. Do not restrict yourself to word searches or crossword type puzzles. There are now books of advanced puzzles, who–dun-its  and mind benders which you may feel suit you better, so look in a book shop as well as a newsagents to make sure that you are choosing from the full range of options.

Non-Fiction books

A non-fiction book may suit you more. A book where you can learn something new, could be a good way to pass the time. Make sure that you will find it interesting though as if you start it and do not enjoy it, then you will end up being bored! It is worth thinking about whether it is a book that is complicated and will need a lot of concentration. If this is the case then you may find that it will be difficult to read it when you are in a busy airport and so you may need to find one that is a bit easier to take with you.

Fiction Books

Many people enjoy a good story and therefore fiction books can be a good choice. However, you could find that it is hard to concentrate on a long book. It may be better to perhaps get one with short stories in so that if you are interrupted a lot, you will find it easier to manage reading the book around the interruptions. It can also be wise to choose an author that you know, so that you know that you will enjoy the book. If you pick one up that you are not sure of, then you could end up starting it and finding that you are not enjoying it.

Magazines or newspapers

Some people find it easier to flick through something in this sort of situation rather than getting fully engrossed in a book. Therefore it might be better to get some magazines or a newspaper to read. As the articles are much shorter, then you can read a few and then take a break, stroll around, check the boards and things like that before starting a few more. You may also be able to swap them with other people in the area if they have finished the ones that they are reading.

You may decide to wait and see what is for sale at the airport. Although browsing the shop will give you something else to do while waiting around, you may find that their selection is limited and you may not be able to get something to suit you. The prices can be more expensive as well, particularly compared to buying books online and so you may save money as well, if you buy them and take them with you. You will also know that you have enough room in your luggage for them, if you pack them into your hand luggage, rather than buying them afterwards.


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