Do you ever find yourself flipping through various interior design magazines and blogs and finding yourself feeling a little bit like your home never manages to reach the heights of the ones you’re looking at? This is a seriously common thing and a lot of the time it comes down to one word: class. Class can often be something of an indefinable term for a lot of people but the reality is that it often comes down to how intentional everything in your home feels, how much of it feels designed instead of randomly placed. With that in mind, here are some ways you can embrace that intentionality and bring some more class into your home.

Bring Some Class Into Your Home

Embrace minimalism

One of the absolute best, as simplest, ways to bring a touch of class into your home is to start by clearing out as much clutter and junk as possible. Most of us spend our time surrounded by junk that we really don’t need but that we refuse to get rid of. By being really brutal about what is and isn’t worth keeping, you can start to make your home feel cleaner and more elegant in an instant. The key is to think of it like this: if your home has a simple design style, the moments of colour and excitement are going to end up feeling that much more dynamic.

Choose a new style

Another big issue that a lot of people find themselves running into is the fact that they simply aren’t able to hit upon a style that they really want. A lot of homes are little more than a mishmash of different styles that never really come together into any kind of cohesive whole. Choosing something like a classic European style at least gives you the framework for making your home more classy. This might involve a lot of big changes to your home. Engineered timber may be worth considering for your floors and new furniture might also be in order. These kinds of changes can make your home feel like a totally new place.    

Let there be light

Light is perhaps the most important, yet most often ignored, tool in your interior design arsenal. Without the right amount of light, even the most beautiful room is going to feel cramped, stuffy, and uninviting. Bringing as much light into your rooms as well, particularly natural light, is going to give your entire home an immediate touch of charm and class.

Of course, it’s important to remember that class isn’t going to be the be all and end all of how you design your home. The truth is that the most important thing is that you’re able to turn your home into something that reflects who you are. If that means that it never ends up looking like the homes in the magazines and blogs then that’s okay! After all, it’s better to have a home that really reflects who you are than one that looks just like someone else’s.

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