We love going away for a weekend, or an over night stay in a hotel, somewhere nice to get away too. I love picking a nice place to stay that we haven’t visited before, packing our over night bags, jumping in the car and getting away from it all.

Car Safety Checks

I have to say that car things are my Hubby’s job, generally I just get into the car and drive it. It’s very rare I think about doing safety checks, do you? When heading out on a long journey it is even more important to ensure that your car is ready for the trip ahead.

Before you set out on your journey make sure you carry out the following checks.


Car Safety Checks

Make sure your tyres are within the legal tread limits, a minimum of 1.6mm. If you are unsure what that is then you can use the 20p test. Place the 20p in the tread grooves if you can see the outer edges of the coin then you need to get some new tyres. Did you know you can be fined up to £2,500 and 3 points per tyre if they are not within the legal limits.

Check your tyres are in good condition, remove stones and any other but stuck within the tread. Look out for cracks and odd bulges in the outer wall. If you are unsure about the condition of the tyres then pop down to your local Kwik Fit to get them to check for you.

Before you set out, get that tyre pressure correct. If your tyres are under inflated it can lead to blowout especially when travelling at faster speeds. Check your handbook to make sure you know what the correct pressure is for each tyre. I always check mine at the petrol station, it’s free to do.

Your spare tyre also needs checking to ensure that should it be need in an emergency then it is in good condition.

Under the bonnet

Make sure your coolant is at the correct levels and if not then top it up. The coolant stops your car from overheating, if you notice any leaks then make sure you get it checked.

Keep your oil levels topped up, use your dip stick when the car hasn’t been running. Oil keeps the car lubricated and all the parts moving well.

Making sure you can see when your driving is always a bonus, so keep your screen wash topped up. I always use one made up with anti freeze throughout the winter months.

Car Safety Checks

On the outside

Make sure your window wipers are in good condition. Check for any signs or wear like splits in the rubber. The windscreen needs to be free of cracks or chips. Did you know if you have a small crack in the windscreen and hit a pot hole, it could crack the whole windscreen.

Make sure all of your lights are working. Brake lights, reversing lights, indicators, fog lights, headlights and also the interior lights. If you get someone to help you check your lights it is so much easier.

Next time you are heading out on a long journey make sure you carry out car safety checks.


*This post was made in collaboration with Kwik Fit. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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