Keep your Garden looking beautiful all year round

I love having a big garden, although I find it so much more difficult to keep looking perfect all of the time. At our first house, we had a tiny little garden, my Dad referred to it as a postage stamp. It was however always immaculate, a couple of hours a week kept it looking perfect all of the time.

Since moving into the bigger house, we also now have a rather large garden. It’s great, it has allowed our house to become the place for gatherings, bbq’s, fireworks and Easter egg hunts. The children also have a large wooden climbing frame and large trampoline which are both used all year round.


It does however take up so much time. Having such a large garden does come with it’s own issues. We have hedges either side that take hours to cut, collect it all up and then burn, three or four times a year. There is also a lot of lawn, in the back garden and well as the front garden. In during the last year we have found that time has been very precious, we just have not been able to keep it all looking nice. Yes, we have kept on top of the lawn and hedges but not so much on the boarder, the patios, the flowers. For next year we are thinking about getting a Gardener in to help out. It might be just to keep on top of the lawns each week or do the hedges or it could be for everything.

As most of my readers know, we are planning to find our forever home. A place that will need renovating and improving. After an extension or conservatory has put in place, inevitably means that a garden design would need to take place. Making the garden beautiful and manageable even if that does mean we get a gardener in to help out.

How do you manage your gardening? Do you have someone in to help you out or do you find the time to complete it all yourself?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*


Fall in love with your home again

Summer is almost over, and many of us are starting to look forward to the colourful shift to the autumn. It may mean a few more rainy days, many cups of tea, and a couple of extra layers, but at least we get to enjoy the fantastic view of trees bursting with colours in red and orange.

Your home can get ready for fall in a short day or two, and you’ll be so happy that you took care of the most essential stuff by the time spring returns next year. Here is a quick guide to how you can get your home ready for the upcoming season so that you can fall in love with your home no matter what time of the year it is.

Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Getting the garden ready

Fall is the time for harvest, and you should have enough to do in the garden already if you’re boasting a big one. The leaves will be laying everywhere in just a short month, so prepare yourself by getting the necessary gardening equipment already.

Get the mower out and give the grass a nice cut first. Even though it will grow a lot slower during winter, it will still grow – and the heavy rainfalls of fall will make it a lot harder to mow the grass. Be on the lookout for a dry day in September, and tick this one off the list as soon as you can.

If you have a lot of branches and rubbish from the garden that you’d like to take care of, it’s a good idea to visit Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal as they can clear out your property quite fast. That way, you’re able to get on with cleaning up the garden sooner rather than later.  

Remember to take all the outside furniture in as well, by the way, and give it a quick clean before storing it away for the next 9 months.

Getting the house ready

Now that the weather is taking a turn for the worse, you should take a long and hard look at your house’s exterior. Even if you think everything is fine, an unnoticed problem can get a lot worse during the cold season – and you don’t want to call a roofing company in the middle of December when something is leaking.

Inspect your roof and look for any broken or cracked tiles, clean those gutters so that they work perfectly when the rain comes, and check the water drainages as well while you’re at it.

You should consider reinforcing all of your windows and doors too as you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your energy bill when they’re not leaking any air. Plus, a damaged seal on your window may make it weaker over time – which, as we know, costs quite a lot to have replaced.

Fall is actually a great season when you’re warm, cozy, and get to enjoy the gloomy weather with a bright mood. Preparing for it helps a lot, and it will make the season so more enjoyable.

Get set for home grown Summer veggies

There is no time like the present to do something good for your health, your garden and the entire planet. With the costs of groceries rising, more and more people are turning to their gardens for ideas on how they can grow their own vegetables and start saving themselves some money. It’s not an easy task to get started with, especially if you’re totally new to gardening, but it’s something that you are able to do if you want to get stuck into the soil and get a little dirty! So, with that, how can you get started on your very own vegetable garden?

Light it up!

Starting a vegetable garden means first finding a space to hold it in your yard where there is plenty of light shining down. Fruit needs light to flourish and you need to clear the garden of all waste, old rubbish and recycling. Read more here about how you can get rid of your rubbish in the right way and clear your garden for the vegetable patch to grow. Eight hours of minimum light is needed, so take some time in your outdoor space to make it perfect.


The soil that you use is absolutely important if you want anything to grow. You want the garden to be rich, productive and help you to grow the most delicious food. The pH level has to be spot on and this soil test can help you to get the result you need for optimum growth.

Go small, not big

It’s nice to cover a large area of the garden with new soil to be able to grow lots of fruit of veg, of course it is, but the thing is that if you go too big with it, you could end up overwhelming yourself. Go small at first and see how you get on. You can always add new plots as you get more confident growing your own veggies.

Choose wisely

Choose the vegetables that you grow so that they make sense for the season and they are easy enough for you to grow yourself. The best thing that you can do is try not to cram everything into a small space. Plus, as you choose your vegetables, you can get to know how each type grows individually.

Water well

Sprinkler systems are not a bad idea for vegetable patches, as you can then ensure that your veggies are going to be well looked after. Most gardeners new to growing their own don’t realise how much water new seed beds need. All newly seeded beds need water frequently, so invest in a good sprinkler system to make life easier.

Plant flowers

Alongside your veggies, you need to plant flowers because you need to attract bees to your plots. The bees will pollinate and help your veggies and fruit to thrive.

Organic, home-grown veggies in your own garden? You can’t get better or cheaper than that, and when you’re living to a budget and trying to give back to the planet, it’s everything!