Tips To Enjoy Your Garden & Outdoor Space More

The garden and outdoor space is one area of the home that tends to go neglected, especially during the colder months of the year. However, with a little TLC, it can certainly be a more inviting space if you allow it. Here are some tips to enjoy your garden & outdoor space more.

Tips To Enjoy Your Garden

Re-Work The Layout

When it comes to the layout of your garden and outdoor space, consider whether it’s laid out correctly to get the maximum potential out of it. It’s likely that it’s been kept a certain way for a while and you might not have been the person to have done it originally. With that being said, think about how you’d like the space to be laid out as everyone can be different when it comes to what they like and don’t like when it comes to the garden space. Some might want more grassy areas for their kids and pets to roam, whereas some might prefer to have as little maintenance as possible when it comes to mowing the grass or weeding out any plants.

There are lots of things to re-structure and amend so it’s worth looking at garden design and outdoor spaces for inspiration. 

Add Light To The Space

Adding the right light to the space can make a big difference to a room and this is particularly so when it comes to your garden space. If you’re adding light to the garden, then you’re giving your household the opportunity to enjoy the outside space more because you can see everything. This can be great when you have a fire pit to cosy up against when it’s cold or a hot tub for those evenings where you want to make the most of the evening outside. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, lighting can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings a little more.

Improve Your Knowledge Of Gardening

There is a lot that you can learn about gardening, especially if you’re someone who isn’t that well-informed when it comes to your outdoor space. It’s a good idea to start looking at new information when it comes to gardening. It might be understanding plants and flowers to learning how to DIY garden furniture. It’s a good opportunity to make the most out of your garden space and to do as much of it as you can alone if that’s what you want to do.

Aim To Spend More Time Outside

It’s important that you try and spend as much time outside as you possibly can. If you’re not getting outside and having some fresh air, then it can be quite mentally draining to spend so much time indoors, whether that be at work or in the comfort of your own home. Try to enjoy that time you have available outside where you can.

Enjoying your garden and outdoor space is important so use these tips to make your outside space more appealing. Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, there’s something for everyone to learn.

6 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Patio

Just like growing plants in as many places as possible, creating a patio is a fantastic way to make the most of your garden. Here, you can entertain friends, host parties, play games with the family, or just sit, read, and relax on a warm summer evening. But, outdoor patios require a lot of care and maintenance. Otherwise, you risk letting things get out of hand, and your formerly cozy place becomes somewhere you don’t want to think about. To help you make the most of your luxury patio, here are six simple tips to maintaining it. 

Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Patio

Pick the Perfect Cover

You need to protect your patio from the elements, and this is why choosing the best fabric for outdoor furniture is so important. A quality cover to place over tables, chairs, benches, will ensure your furniture doesn’t rot from yearly rainstorms, while also keeping the materials safe from UV exposure, frost, and more. Likewise, these covers will also keep garden debris, such as leaves and twigs out, as well as bugs and other animals who might consider the area to be the cozy home they’ve been searching for. 

Install Storage Boxes

There might be smaller items such as decorations or cushions that you want to keep safe when you’re not using your patio, too. For this, you can consider buying storage boxes to keep everything else out of the way and protect them from weather damage. Modern storage boxes come with a range of styles that are both functional and keep the aesthetic you want to achieve. You can buy a regular storage box and keep it off to the side, or you can upgrade your benches to ones which have storage space under the seat. This will save space and also make everything easy to take out when the time comes to entertain again. 

Use a Power Washer

Over time, your patio will get covered in grime, dirt, and the occasional spilled drink. It’s one thing to get on your knees and scrub until the area looks as good as new, but this can take hours, and it’s no good for your back. An alternative is to use a power washer with specific patio detergent. The powerful stream will loosen dirt and grime, while the wash itself will clean up the space, getting between the patio slats and keeping your patio looking perfect all year round. You can also use it on your furniture to wipe down any dirt or stuck leaves if you’re feeling especially lazy. 

Tilt the Furniture

A simple solution that will mostly protect your patio furniture is to tip it over so any rain, snow, or sleet doesn’t ruin the seating area. Of course, this is most effective when combined with a cover, but if you don’t have a cover (or have a roof over your patio area), this is the best idea. It won’t keep critters out, and there will still be some leaves to clear out, but at least you can sit down in a dry spot when the sun finally reemerges. 

Keep Up With Wear and Tear

It’s difficult to keep up with wear and tear with your patio being outside. This is because it is out of sight, and therefore out of mind, especially during colder months where you’re not spending much, if any, time there. However, wear and tear can quickly get worse, so it’s in yours and your patio’s behest interest to check up on it now and again. Look for chipped paint, sagging frames, or even leaks. This will save you a substantial repair job later on and means your first night back outside will be as relaxed as you need it to be. 

Use It Often

Many people have a dream of building a patio area but end up not using it anywhere near as much as they planned. The more you use your patio, the more value you will get from it, and this gives you the chance the make constant improvements. You can see which furniture or decorations work and which don’t, allowing you to evolve the space regularly. Eventually, you’ll get a patio that you can be proud of. 

A Breath of Fresh Air

Anyone who has installed a patio knows how much of an investment it can be, and this is one reason you should do everything you can to maintain the area. The longer you leave it, the more work it will be, and you risk needing to work even harder to keep it a space that you and everyone else loves. Therefore, take a little time each week to keep it in the best condition, you’ll thank yourself later.

Becoming more sustainable in our new home

Since moving to our forever home, we are going to try that bit harder to help the environment and become more eco-friendly. I have read so much about what we can do in our everyday to change things that over all will have a big impact on the environment. Even small things will help.

Sustainable living is finding ways to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ on our planet. By making changes to our lifestyle will help with our carbon footprints.

basket of home grown vegetables

Becoming more sustainable

I have put together a list of 11 changes we can make in everyday life’s to live more sustainably.

  1. Grown your own. Now I understand that no-everything will be able to do this or even have the space to do so. But why not start with a tomato plant or a potato pot, which makes it nice and easy to grow your own.
  2. Walk more, I know if sound silly but by walking to the local shop or your children to school where possible really will help reduced the amount of fuel you are using, saving the planet but also your pennies.
  3. Take reusable bags with you when you do your shopping. I also take one with me, there is always one or two fold up ones in my handbag and then I keep the big blue ikea bags for the weekly food shop. I know I used to get given so many plastic bags, now I hardly have any in the house.
  4. Use refilled able water bottles. I was terrible for buying bottles of water when out and about, not just for me but also for the children. I now make sure we take our water bottles everywhere, even if it is just to do the food shopping. It saves buying the plastic bottles.
  5. Re-usable hot drinks cups. It’s not often we buy a ‘take away’ hot drink. But when we plan to do so we always take with us our thermal drinks cups. They are better for the environment but also keep out drinks nice and warm.
  6. If your able to have a low flow shower head fitted, we had one at our old house and it uses a lot less water. It pulls in more air so you feel like you are in a powerful (ish) shower yet using less water.
  7. When you need to replace items, choose things that are more energy efficient. O don’t go out and buy something that doesn’t need to be replaced. But a something is not fixable then go for the most energy efficient items possible.
  8. Make do and mend, well as much as possible. Try to see if there is a way to fix an item or up-cycle something before you consider replacing. Always try to sell an item before you just take it to the local tip.
  9. We often will leave our electrical items on ‘standby’ but by switching them off will really reduce the amount of energy you are using and also help reduce your bills.
  10. Switching to renewable energy, with some suppliers it costs slightly more but the reduced impact on the environment makes it worthwhile.
  11. Use LED bulbs, not only do they last longer they are also much more efficient.

If you are not only looking at becoming more eco friendly sustainable but also finally stable then My Money Cottage and Live the Easy Life has some wonderful tips to help you out.