Dreaming about a Garden Office space

Along with all of my many ideas and dreams for our forever home, I often think about having my very office. At the moment I have a small work space in the corner of our living room, or I balance the laptop on the chair arm. I would love a space that is light and airy, stylish and full of inspiration, should be easy right?!

Unless you have a room in your home that is in just the right location for light and with nice big windows then it might not be possible to find it. So I thought about having a Garden office, a space full of everything I am looking for.

Finding a ready built garden office or something that would be built in the garden, with large windows, nice floor boards and a small heater for the winter months. It would be perfect, just as I think it would be easier finding something with all of the correct dimensions and then choosing your finish, the flooring and roofing. Then all I have to do is find the perfect spot and wait for it to arrive. The insulated garden offices from GBC group are everything I have been dreaming about. I can imagine it being an olive or sage green colour with some beautiful pots outside that I would plant with seasonal flowers.

My Garden Office style

I could have a lovely desk, it would be looking out across the garden. I think I would add my beloved bureaux instead of a desk. The space would have a small sofa or a large snuggle chair and a small table, perfect for just sitting with a book and a cuppa. Maybe I would add some lovely shelf’s for my books and my favourite and very well loved copy of pride an prejudice, I could lose hours in there reading.

Having lots of natural light and lovely floor boards would also be perfect for the hundreds photographs I take, the garden office could also double up as a small photography studio.


I would try to keep the space stylish using the lovely country side colours that I love so much. Adding plants in wicker baskets, blankets and cushions, some wall art and possibly a large mug. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I would also have to fit a small set of drawers in, so I can house all of my stationery, there is a lot of it!

Spending hours working in my very own garden would just be heaven, having that space to get creative, while looking out over the garden. Being away from the house, all of the washing and cleaning, will help to ensure I have a better work life balance. Plus it would look amazing in the garden.

Designing my dream garden office is not difficult in my head, its packed fill of ideas but making it a reality might not be so easy. We don’t have our forever home yet, but one day we will have it and I cannot wait!


*This is a collaborative post.*

Entertaining this Christmas with DOMU

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love it, the decorations, buying beautiful gifts for people but most of all I love to socialise with family and friends. We have Christmas day at home, I cook a traditional Christmas dinner for the family, I drink a bit too much and eat too much, but I love it. It’s a real family day, full of love and laugher.

For the last few years we host a turkey curry night between Christmas and New Year, it’s always lots of fun. We have a few drinks and eat a lot of curry. One of my favourite things about the run up the Christmas is the Christmas drinks night we host at our house each year, at some point in December. We have quite a close group of friends we generally have the same people around each time we have a gathering.

Entertaining this Christmas with DOMU

This year I have decided on a Gin and Whiskey night, along with nibbles. I do love a gin, I have been sent a couple of fabulous items for my Christmas gift guides that I cannot wait to try. Cocktails are something I love, I like to make them and especially drink them.

Entertaining This Christmas with DOMU

To help me out with my Gin and Whiskey night, DOMU have sent me some beautiful copper items. A cocktail making kit, a cheese board and a cafeterias that will help the following morning with the sore head.


The Parisian cocktail making kit exudes glamor, it’s cooper in colour and comes with everything you could possibly need to make amazing cocktails, other than the liquids. The kit comes with a muddler, twisted bar spoon/fork, strainer, bottle pourers, double ended shot measurer not forgetting the cocktail shaker and arecipe guide. All packaged up in a lovely geometric patterned gift box.

Cheese lovers

The herringbone cheese board, is gorgeous. It comes complete with 3 specialised knives perfect for cutting all of your cheeses. The knives sit beautifully within the back of the board, to keep them safe, each one has its own little magnetic space so they are secure while not in use. The board is made from bamboo and comes with a hanging loop to allow for it to be stored hanging. I love the herringbone finish to this board, it looks really classy and I cannot wait to use it for my Christmas drinks night. Plus it arrived boxed in love geometric black and gold box.

Morning Coffee

The copper French press is another beautiful VonSuf product. It is the fashionable copper colour that is making it’s way into kitchens everywhere. It has a 1L capacity and makes the perfect coffee and apparently it can be used for tea as well, which is something I hadn’t even thought about until I read about it on the box. The press is easy to clean and I just love it. Another product that is beautifully packaged. It’s going to be perfect for the sore heads the morning after my Gin and Whiskey night.

The VonShef items, are all of fabulous quality, they not only look stylish they are also well made, high end products. As Christmas is coming these would make for perfect gifts, they are affordable, stunning and beautifully packaged.

Thank you VonShef for sending me out these beautiful items, I love them all.


The perfect tea and cake with Maxwell and Williams

I love nothing more than a cup of tea. I even take a travel mug of tea with me on the school run. But it’s just not the same as drinking loose leaf tea from a tea pot in a lovely mug and with a slice of cake. What could be better?

I always think that loose leaf tea tastes so much better than that in a bag, however it’s not often that I have a pot of tea. I’m normally so busy it goes cold so I normally stick to a bag and a mug.

Tea and cake with Maxwell and Williams

Maxwell and Williams have recently launched their autumn/winter collection and were kind enough to send me a couple of gorgeous items from the collection. Including a cute little pink teapot, with a matching mug from their gorgeous Tint stoneware range and a serving platter from the Artisan collection. Perfect for having tea and cake.

The teapot in Rose has a build in loose leaf tea infuser, plus it works as a leaf strainer so you do not have to worry about having one of those as well. I love the shade of pink, it’s a pastel dusky pink shade. It is also light weight, even though it is stoneware, and very easy to take apart for cleaning and easy to load with your tea leaf of choice. Although it is not the normal vintage style china tea pot with a little lid that no doubt I would drop and break, I actually love the modern style and yet it feels traditional to be using a tea pot.

The matching snug mug also in Rose, really is snug as it sits beautifully within your hand. It the perfect mug for cuddling on a cold winters day in front of the fire. Both hands fit around curves, plus it also has that beautiful dusky pink shade that I love so much.

The Artisan serving platter is a gorgeous bespoke item. It has a lovely pink shade to it, so although it is not part of the Tint collection I actually think the items sit beautifully together. The platter has a crackle glaze finish, which looks beautiful and very unique, using the crackle glaze technique it means that each item within the Artisan collection is unique. I love it. As the platter is also not a traditional circle or oval shape, it is more of a tear drop. It means I can add cake and still have space to place the knife or add a pot of hummus if I was using it as a bread board.

I am going to make sure that I incorporate my cute little Tint tea pot and mug into my everyday life. It will be my companion while sat at my desk working from home each day. Do you use a tea pot or do you just go for a bag in a mug?


*Thank you Maxwell and Williams for gifting me this stunning items, they are now a firm favourite in my house.*