Do you know how to DIY?

DIY is one of those things that people seem to think that you either know how to do or you’re doomed to never understand. Plenty of people find themselves in the situation where, if some kind of DIY scenario rears its head, their first instinct is to reach out to someone else for help, whether that’s a friend, a family member, or a professional. However, that’s not necessarily the ways things need to be. The truth is that a lot of DIY tasks are not only surprisingly easy once you understand them, but also essential if you want to be able to function properly as an adult. With that in mind, here are just a few places where you could do with developing some DIY skills.

Your home

Most of us want to take the best possible care of our homes but often leave it at just the obvious stuff like keeping the place tidy and clean. However, being able to deal with some of the more significant issues is just as important. Things like patching up holes in the walls, fixing leaks in your plumbing, and rewiring plugs are all shockingly easy and quick to do once you know how and they make a huge difference to both the way your home feels and how comfortable you are in it every day.

Your car

Cars are complicated, there’s no doubt about that. Most of the issues that you may have with your car are going to need to be dealt with by a professional mechanic. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that you can deal with by yourself. From checking your fluid levels to being able to change a tire in an emergency to using things like pdr glue sticks for dent removal, being able to take care of your car yourself is not only going to save you money but increase your car’s lifespan as well. Just make sure that you take time and care over any job since the last thing you want is to make it worse.

Your garden

A lot of people have this assumption that you need a certain level of expertise in order to get the most out of your garden but the truth is that it’s a lot simpler to make it a pleasant space than you might think. Things, like dealing with weeds, keeping your lawn neat, and knowing when and where to plant things, might seem like they require some kind of specific skills and knowledge but they’re really very simple. It’s just a matter of being willing to actually put the effort in.

Of course, it’s important to remember that you’re DIY abilities are always going to have limits. It’s never a good idea to try and push yourself to try things that you’re not ready for. If you do you could not only make things worse but you could well end up doing yourself some actual harm. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with needing to call in professional sometimes.

Stylish Interiors That Bring Down The Temperature

With temperatures sizzling at the moment, even people from the UK are feeling the burn! Heat makes the home sticky and sweaty and not a very nice place to be. Considering it’s supposed to be the best place to chill and relax, summer can turn your humble abode into a hellhole.

white minimal bedroom interior

The solution is obvious – cool it down, but you don’t want to sacrifice your home décor. Style shouldn’t come over substance; they should be partners. Thankfully, it’s possible to have tasteful interiors that are cool in more ways than one. Carry on reading to find out more.

Opt For Cotton

The boudoir is the place where you feel the heat the most, so it’s the room which needs your full attention. Start with the sheets. If you have standard covers made from polyester, the chances are you will sweat during the night. Why? It’s because they are heavy and trap the hot air. With this in mind, a good option is to switch to cotton, preferably Egyptian, because it’s breathable and lightweight. In bed, you feel every inch of the draft that flows through the room if you switch from polyester to cotton. Plus, King of Cotton says nothing is as stylish as light-coloured sheets that have a beautiful shine.

Go Minimal

Minimalism is a popular home décor trend and one that has more advantages than being stylish. Mainly, it’s a fantastic way to keep the temperature down because they are fewer appliances that create heat. If you adopt this interior style, then you’ve got to think about the few electricals that you do keep in the house. Remember that inefficient ones, such as light bulbs, create lots of heat and only make the house sweatier and stickier. A good tip is to mix minimalism with household items that are eco-friendly and conserve energy; shut out blinds, for example.

Plant Hedges

Technically, they aren’t inside the house but your garden is as every bit as important as the interior of your home. Hedges such as Yew, Thuja and Laurels from Hedgeplants Heijnen are stylish and last all year regardless of the climate. But, they are also great at blocking sunlight and absorbing the sun’s rays. As long as your hedge is thick and tall, it should act as a natural blocker when the burning ball in the sky is at its peak. From a gardening point of view, trimmed hedges are great for adding contrast with a lush lawn and vivid plants and flowers.

Hang A Hammock

A hammock is a perfect partner because it ticks all of the boxes above. It’s light, it’s minimal, and it’s cool. More than that, it’s an excellent focal point in a house because not many homes hang them indoors. If you are a traveller or a bit of a hippy, it will go as far to add your personality to the décor too. So, the next time you can’t sleep because it’s too hot, go and try the hammock instead. 

The thin material and the fact it’s for one person should keep you cool all night long.


Living Luxe: Building Your Dream Bucket List

If there’s one thing that each and every one of us should do, it’s reach for the stars. Aim high, set your sights on what you want and get out there and achieve them. Of course, money and material things aren’t everything, but they really are nice to have and are a fantastic reward of your hard work. Here are some of the things you could put on your dream bucket list to motivate you to do your best in work, gain that promotion, start that business or do whatever you want to do. 

writing a list

A beautiful home

A stunning place to live is something that just about all of us covet, a browse through luxury estate agents like William Pitt will really show you ‘how ‘the other half lives.’ Maybe you want a fancy city apartment with views, a beachside villa or a big house in the country? Figure out a plan, what you’d need to do and from there, any compromises you might need to make so that it can become a possibility for you. 

A new car

Aside from our homes, our cars are some of the most expensive purchases that any of us will buy in our lives and getting the vehicle you want is a real achievement. It’s a luxury purchase that will make you feel good, and proud of what you’ve been able to do. There are great options for car finance deals to make things easier, but do have a think first. Make sure your priorities are in the right place, for example, if you’re still living at home with your parents then driving around in a brand new sports car costing more than a house isn’t the best use of your money. However, once you’ve got your home and can comfortably afford to pay for your vehicle each month then do ahead and get it!

Travel to incredible places

Travel really does make life interesting. It helps to break up the mundane routine of daily work, gives you a break, enables you to have memorable experiences and see more of the world. Create a travel bucket list of the places you’d like to go to, while it can be expensive (especially if you want to stay in luxurious hotels) you can often find good deals or go at less busy times of year. Otherwise you could save up for the trip of your dreams every few years, and consider less expensive travel like camping, backpacking and road trips the rest of the time. 

A stunning wardrobe

Finally, some gorgeous items in your wardrobe are always nice to have. From a designer back to high end shoes, a luxurious jacket and some high end jewellery. Carefully research pieces so that they go with as many outfits as possible. That way you can mix and match high and lower end for a designer look without spending as much.