Your Summer Home Is Just Around The Corner

Well, summer is just around the corner… we know that for sure. As the weather starts to get warmer, we can’t help but dream of those summer months, and all of the time we want to spend relaxing in the sun, being with friends and family, and just generally having fun. But as for your home, that might be a while away before it’s ready for the summer, simply because it’s coming around quicker than we thought. As the weather was warmer this winter, it has as well made it so much warmer for the beginning of this year that we have had already. So since this is being sprung upon us quiet quickly, it might be that you’re going to have to sort your summer home asap. Just a few tweaks here and there, and you could have you home ready in no time. We’ve got a few things that we can suggest, that would turn your home into the perfect summer home that you need. So take a few minutes to have a read of the tips below, and see how much they help you!

Your Summer Home

Making It Fresh & Summery

The first thing that you want to do, is get rid of anything that’s going to bring that summer vibe away. For a lot of you, it will be the colours that your home is using, and the accessories that you have. So let’s think about your bedroom as an example, because there is no worse feeling that getting home on a boiling hot day, to go into a boiling hot room that’s dark and not inviting. So to summer it up, you need to think about changing a few things. You could start simply, and change your duvet and bedding to something that’s light in both colour, and weight. You could then think about changing your furniture colour to white, and lightning up the room by giving the walls some fresh paint. If you have quite a dark room at the minute, say through using the colour grey, the contrast with the white furniture, and perhaps changing your blinds and curtains to white, will help to lift the colour of the room a little bit!

The Perfect Garden

The perfect garden definitely does exist. It has to be one that you’re literally so excited to get into at the end of the day, when the summer air is still warm. But swapping things around in your garden can get expensive, so you might want to check out websites such as Alice’s Garden, to see what garden furniture you can get. The furniture is going to the main relaxation source in your garden, so you want to make sure that’s large, padded, and ready for a great summer. Getting a good BBQ is also essential. Cooking out of the little trays each time is rubbish. If you want that true BBQ flavour and cooking, you’re going to have to invest in a proper outdoor style grill, which will no doubt cook up a storm!

Lighting our home with lights from the Socket Store

Recently the Socket Store spotted that we are renovating our forever home, and offered to supply us with some lighting. I couldn’t wait to start looking at what they had to offer and boy do they have a wide range to choose from.

Master Bedroom

To start with I was looking at ideas for just for the master bedroom, I wanted something a bit different. But that was as far as I had got thinking about lighting for this room. I begin by looking at the big round globe style lights, which I love, but just didn’t think they would quite work, plus they really were quite big. I then looked at the brass ones, the cooper ones, the wooden styles and then the glass. By the time I had been through all of the categories I had filled up my basket with a few different options.

I loved the globe, the dome shaped glass and then the bobbled glass . It was quite difficult for me to choose just one, plus at this stage the room is still having the wall paper stripped. In the end I choose the lovely bobbled glass one, Roisin Glass and polished chrome, I thought it was a bit different and will look amazing in our bedroom.

My daughter’s bedroom


As I was looking through everything the socket store has to offer I quickly found light fittings for my daughter’s bedroom. My 5 year old has asked for a pink bedroom, which honestly wasn’t quite the look I was hoping for. However, she is the one who will have to sleep in there. When I spotted the Gaia polished chrome and glass pendant, I know it was the one for her. It’s an iridescent star shaped light fitting, which I thought would be perfect for my unicorn lovely 5 year old.

My son’s bedroom

My son is almost 10 and we are going for a slightly more teenage room for him, greys, navy and a splash of mustard if I can sneak it in. I found a navy lamp shade and matching desk lamp, both will be look great in his grey bedroom. The Kealan soft matt dark blue pendant, is quite large, but I think it will add an extra feature to his room when in place. The Kealan range also comes a various different colours, I also liked the pale pink desk lamp for the daughters bedroom.

Not only does the Socket Store have a wide range of lighting options, they also have a collection of plug sockets, light switches, bathroom lights and some gorgeous outdoor lights. If I had an outdoor light I would have ordered a couple of those as well.

I cannot wait to show you all how these light fittings look when I have completed the bedrooms and show you all how it all comes together.

Thank you Socket Store for offering to send me lots of gorgeous light fittings for our forever home.

How a living room can command attention

The main room of any home is of course the living room. For a long time the kitchen was called the absolutely epicentre of any home and that’s why so much has been advanced in the way of kitchen design. However the living room is where the family gathers to relax and talk. It’s where you hang out with friends. You’re also going to often fall asleep in the living room after a long hard day. It’s pretty much the workhorse of any home because it’s so versatile. However it doesn’t have to settle for this role, it can be a room of precedence in your home. It can be elevated above the usual kick your shoes off and chill atmosphere. A living room can be made to command respect and be treated with a higher level of respect. This is great for when you have guests over and you want to impress them with your style.

living room can command attention

Sparkle across the room

In any living room, lighting is a complex subject. It’s a living room and not a garage, so you don’t need powerful lighting. However you also don’t want lighting that is too dim either. For those reasons nowadays LED bulbs are incredibly popular. However if you want to impress and be impressed in your living room, combine traditional style with modern technology. An LED chandelier that can sparkle light all across the room in an intricate design is a great choice. You can have the standard small teardrop bulb styles, or bead styles that are dangling from the structure. Drooping pendant LED chandeliers are also a great choice but you will need the ceiling space for it as they hang low.

A bullish burgundy boost

Of all the interior design options you have to inject some well needed power into your living room, a bold sofa is the most effective. For example, look at this leather sofa from Thomas Lloyd. The classic vintage Chesterfield style 3 seater is in a burgundy tone. This particular colour was and is incredibly popular in stately homes where this show of extravagance is the classic standard of interior design style. The arching armrests are one of the most recognisable in the world. The Chesterfield has for a very long time, been the standard bearer for commanding respect and attention to any living or lounge room. The stubby legs keep the leather well clear of the ground and the stretched and tort leather is impeccably lavish.

Less is actually more

The more space you have in your living room the larger the room will look. Many people want to cram their living room with all kinds of things, but this takes away from the room. No one will feel comfortable in a cramped room when they’re having tea or coffee. The more room to move around you have, the more attention to each single piece and item will receive.

Don’t smother your living room with extra things, less is more. However do invest in a prestigious style of sofa, one which has stood the test of time is preferable. Be creative with your lighting and consider a modern chandelier.