Benefits of under cabinet lighting

Looking to update the design of your kitchen, but you have a strict budget you need to adhere to? Then under cabinet lighting could be an excellent solution for your problem.

Here are all the benefits of kitchen under cabinet lighting that might convince you to install it in your home.

large white kitchen with under cabinet lightly

Stylish task lighting

Not only do under cabinets light look extremely stylish, but they’re ideal for giving a great deal of task lighting in an area where lighting is essential when you’re chopping with sharp knives or trying to read a recipe.

Energy efficient

Install LED under cabinet lights and you could save a tonne of energy. LED lights will last for decades as well as saving money on your energy bill too. Plus you’ll be lighting the specific area of the room that you need, which eliminates the need to light the entire space.

Display your style

Your fitted kitchen is definitely a big investment when it comes to decorating your home. So why not install some beautiful lighting that draws attention to it? These types of lights are ideal for highlighting a gorgeous kitchen, particularly the worktops.

Easy to install

The thought of installing lights might make you think you’ve got a hefty bill on your hands for an electrician, but under cabinet lights are a great do it yourself job. Strip lighting or battery-operated options are a great budget choice that require very little skill to install.

Give your kitchen some vibrancy

Adding in another layer of lighting is a great way of giving your room some depth and distinction. This ambient task and accent lighting is perfect for giving a room a stylish flair.

Reduce shadows

Under cabinet lights are really great for reducing the shadows that are created by cabinets and ceiling light fixtures. Use under cabinet lights in the right place in your kitchen to stop shadows on countertops.

How To Create A Modern Home That Harnesses Technology

With the advances in technology over recent years, more and more of it is being integrated into the average family home. Whether this be via the house itself with various upgrades and gadgets, or the contents used by its resident on an extremely regular basis, there are so many luxury features that can be installed both inside and outside of the home. Technology can improve your home life in many ways, and help in saving time and energy by doing tasks on your behalf. With this guide you will be able to harness the wonders of the modern world to benefit your home and bring you into the new electronic age, so read on to discover more.

apple mac, iphone, macbook sat on a desk

The Next Level Of Entertainment

The advances in modern technology have allowed home entertainment to evolve into something truly amazing. The options on the market are seemingly endless, and there really is a gaming console out there for everyone. Not only are there handheld devices, but also ones that can be connected to a screen to be played. To optimise this experience, you can either link them to a HD TV of some kind, or even invest in a wall covering projector for a more somewhat more intense way to play. The ever evolving sound industry is always coming up with a new high-tech way to listen to your favourite songs, so investing in some kind of sound system or speaks is a must for any music lover. Even if you’re a little old fashioned and still want to groove to your vinyl records, there are turntables on the market that do so much more than just play the tracks. Virtual reality is progressing at top speed, and will be surely available in almost every household soon enough.

Enhancing The Quality Of Security

Technology can be harnessed in order to keep your family, home, and its contents safe. Cameras are cheap to install but can work absolute wonders, as they will deter any potential thieves from even approaching your home. If they are silly enough to continue, you will catch them in the act and have video evidence of whatever happens. You can also invest in some kind of security system, that will alert you directly of any intruder entering the property, even if you are out at work. Many different systems are available that can send a notification to your phone and contact the police within an instant of being triggered, so it’s a great thing to consider especially if you live with your family. Doorbells can now act as recording devices and microphones, so you can see and speak to whoever is at your door without having to answer it. You can even use the services remotely, meaning you can give the illusion of being at home to anyone that visits with an ulterior motive. Theres now even the option of accessing your home and garage through a high-tech electronic system rather than using the normal option of a key, as this can provide a whole new level of safety and security and decrease the opportunity for someone to gain unlawful access to your home.

Track & Decrease Your Utility Bills

When you think of modern smart tech, you probably immediately associate these words with a hefty price tag. However, there’s so much on the market that exists in order for you to save money rather than spend it. By searching for a great deal on a broadband and phone package, you can provide the internet required to connect all of your devices without any problems. You can track your usage of all of your various utilities, including gas, electric and water by using an intelligent electronic device, that can then help you by giving you simple hints and tips regarding how to save money and decrease your use. You can now install a device that allows you to view and alter the levels of heat inside your home, which is useful especially when you have that nagging feeling that you may have left the thermostat on high whilst you’re out for the day so you can then avoid spending money to heat an empty home. You can even buy specific plugs that work on a timer, meaning that after a certain time your lamps or other light fittings can switch on and off by themselves to save energy.

Housework Just Got Easier

With the ever evolving technology reaching out into every industry, even the way that we do housework can be positively affected by electronic equipment. There are now small wireless vacuums that spend the day automatically buzzing from corner to corner of your home, sucking up dirt and allergens along the way with no help or assistance at all. The same concept has been developed into several different pieces of equipment for all around the home, from automatic pool cleaners to independent lawn mowers that can be left alone to finish your usual task themselves, in a more concise and logical way. Replacing yourself with a ‘robot’ to carry out your usual odd jobs will save you a great deal of time and effort each day, as all you have to do to replenish their energy levels is plug them into their charger at the wall and leave them for a few hours. Even can openers and corkscrews are now electronic, so even popping a bottle of wine at the end of a hard days work couldn’t be easier.

Hopefully these ideas should spark your interest and show you how beneficial and useful smart technology can be inside your home. Electronic devices have been created to help improve every aspect of day to day life, so don’t be afraid to do some research and see what’s on the market for you to take advantage of. Find the best entertainment packages to keep your family occupied and invest in some kind of smart security system to keep them, yourself, and your new tech as safe and secure as possible.

Coping with a massive home renovation

For some, its renovation season. After all, the weather is improving, and it’s time to get your home ready for the summer. But for others, this is just the latest in a long, seemingly never-ending process of renovating the house from top to bottom. If you are considering making massive renovations, it’s not just about the home, but it’s about making sure your sanity is intact too! It’s a very stressful thing, especially when you’re making massive changes. And what can we do to ensure that we’re coping with these massive changes?

man renovating a room

Do Your Best To Stick To The Plan

Things come up that throw your plans way off course. Maybe there’s a supply problem with some of the material, or the weather has changed yet again. Stick to the plan, but also have contingency plans so you can at least continue to chip away at the whole thing. Sometimes we can feel like we’re in limbo, but rather than sitting there, stressing about the fact that it’s not going according to plan, we can make little changes in the household that don’t necessarily need the builders. This way, we’re being productive.

Learn To Keep Calm

It can send our OCD into overdrive if we see dust and rubble scattered around the place! And if our personal possessions are running the risk of being forever tainted with dirt, we’ve got to learn how to keep calm. It also makes sense to have a personal self storage facility nearby just so your prized possessions aren’t covered in dirt, but also think about the long game. Financially speaking, it’s very stressful, and this can always loom at the back of your mind. But if you don’t have the tactics to cope with it, it’s going to be month after month of feeling in limbo.

It’s Not Going To Be Forever

The thing that keeps a lot of people going during a stressful time like this is the end product. We need to tell ourselves that it’s not going to be forever. If we feel that we’re constantly in the eye of the storm, even if the building works been going on for 6 months, it’s not going to do us any good in the long run. If you really are feeling that it’s all getting on top of you, then get away for a bit. And even if this is not feasible, find small opportunities to give yourself an outlet. Go stay with a friend or a family member, and just get away from the problem. Sometimes this is all we need, and when we think about the fact that a renovation isn’t just about making changes to our home, it’s the culmination of our visions of the perfect home. As such, perfection can get in the way of reality. It’s difficult now, but it’s not going to be forever.

Relationships are tested when a home undergoes a major renovation, not just between you and your partner, but you and the neighbours. And if you are in the middle of a long renovation, you’ve got to learn how to cope better with it.