My SodaStream Review

Recently SodaStream got in touch to see if I would like to review one of their new SodaStream machines, of course I would!

ice blue sodastream I remember as a child my Dad going out and buying us one, we didn’t have many fizzy drinks in our house, so for Dad to get us on of these was a real treat for me and my sister. I remember Dad being as excited as us about it. It was a great boxy looking machine with glass bottles. I’m sure now it would be classed as a retro item, who knows what happened to it.

sodastream canister

Now I can share this excitement with my little ones who are only allowed fizzy drinks on our treat days or if we are eating out.

ice blue sodastream

SodaStream Review

SodaStreams for those who don’t know about them are little magical items that make your tap water into a delicious fizzy drink. You then have the option to add flavour to your carbonated drink.

sodastream bottle

I choose the icy blue, which looks almost minty green on line but is a real icy blue shade that I love. Although maybe I should have gone for the pale pink, which is super cute.

sodastream bottle water line

The SodaStream is very easy to use, your only a couple of simple steps away from your drink. Fill up your SodaStream re-useable bottle with tap water or filtered water to the fill line on the bottle. Ensure your gas bottle is attached correctly, attach the bottle and push the button on top of the machine. Give it a couple of short blasts and you are done!

soda stream

I love that it’s so simple to use, just make sure the bottle is in correctly, it doesn’t sit on the bottom of the machine, there will be a little gap. So don’t think that it’s not in correctly.

The children love it too, I make sure the bottle is in correctly and they can add their bottle and then push the button to generate the bubbles. It’s great because they love to get involved and its also sugar free, as it’s just tap water. The children now have it in their bottles or we will tip it into glasses for them to enjoy. My advise is to keep a bottle of water in your fridge so you can always have a cold fizzy water, for me I like my water to be cold.

I love my SodaStream

I do love fizzy drinks, I know I really shouldn’t drink them as much as I do. However it’s my plan to use our SodaStream Spirit as much as possible to cut down on the amount of diet coke that I drink. I’m able to take a bottle of the fizzy water with me wherever I go, so I don’t feel the need to buy diet coke on the go.

We try to take our own bottles with us places, we normally all have our drinks bottles with us but this will help cut down the amount of tins and plastic bottles we put into the recycling bin each week.

sodastream bottle with bubbles

Not only do SodaStream give you delicious fizzy water, you can buy a selection of flavourings to enhance your experience. Fruit drops, that are only £2.99 each, zero calorie and make 80 servings and they come a range of different fruity flavours. Not only do they sell Fruit Drops but also Soda Press Co retro looking bottles that have a range of retro flavours including cola, lemonade and tonic. I haven’t actually bought any of these yet, but I’m going to order the cola and the tonic. So it will mean I never run out of tonic for my gin………. Yummy!

I really love my SodaStream and I am so grateful to SodaStream for helping me to relive my childhood memories with my little ones.

A series of winter home décor ideas

Winter home décor

Sprinkling a little holiday cheer around your home doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking with a tiny bit of creativity (and help from Pinterest), you may make simple, budget-friendly decor that will fill your house with a festive feeling! Each product you purchase can be utilised in year-round decorating.

winter wreath over fire place

Home decor is extremely important, regardless of what the season is. You may definitely locate the one which blends with your home decor. The easiest means to transition home decor from fall to winter is to remain within the very same colour range.

Winter room décor (bedroom décor, to be specific)

Bedroom decor is particularly important to make you awaken with joy in the morning. Winter living room decor ought to be possible from several perspectives.

If you would like to have a look that won’t date, you can incorporate a decorative backdrop along with soft furnishings with neutral colours. Not just it will bring warm, but it is also going to complement the appearance of the room.

Winter room décor for the kitchen

The kitchen is one location where you should apply several forms of lighting. There is a significant lot of your Christmas decor that may transfer over to winter decor and some is as simple as just dropping the red. Sometimes all that excess decor can feel overwhelming, so one would welcome the chance to clean up.

Country winter décor for the kitchen

French antiques can be used since emphasis is put on a casual and welcoming look. A warm and welcoming feel is just one of the chief elements of a French country kitchen, even though it is a harder one to quantify.

christmas cookies

Kitchen display cabinets

After you have the correct cabinets in place, there are lots of methods in which you are able to decorate it to bring the most out of your kitchen. Glass-front cabinets like these from Harvey Norman are a genuine treat to organise. Display cabinets are fantastic parts of furniture for providing great storage. All the same, decorative flair makes for a big plus.

Cabinets may also be supplied unfinished by request, so you may oil or paint them to your preferred finish. Strong wood cabinets might be safer, but are expensive. When it has to do with kitchen cabinets, many of us crave custom design. If you’re reworking your kitchen cabinets, then you’ll need to learn how to construct a sink base cabinet.

Storage trunks for presents

storage trunks

A huge storage trunk is veritably an awesome tool for decluttering the items which you want to keep. In fact, lidded storage trunks like these from Homes Direct 365 are available in an assortment of colours and materials and would be ideal to store presents in near the tree or to hide from the kids. An upholstered Kilim blanket box is indeed an excellent option if you’re trying to find something with a great deal of room.

Winter table décor

Wedding table center pieces are crucial for creating a coordinated winter wedding theme for a great many wedding table settings.

christmas table decorations

Garlands and wreaths along with wintergreens may also lead to a festive feel and smell, developing a multi sensory winter ambiance for your visitors. A wreath laid in the middle of the table can be the start of an ideal center piece. In addition, in winter table decoration, it is possible to incorporate some ornaments or symbols. There are delicate and long-lasting ornaments on offer. Decorations can help revel in celebrations in the air. You can thus come up with your snowman. It’s time for those accessories! Ribbons and twines may add a finishing touch that’s anything but ordinary.

To decorate the entire area, you are able to use white trees with LED lights rather than flowers on it. After all the Christmas trees are taken down and the holiday lights are put away, it looks like the home is a bit bare. When you’ve chosen the ideal tree, showcase your own personal style with a wide assortment of Christmas tree decor.

Use what are called winter goods like cones or branches of evergreen trees and make your table seem amazing. Keep it rustic for the ideal all-natural feel. Making your own bright and beautiful decorations and winter holiday ornaments is an enjoyable activity wherein you can revel with your children. There are umpteen ideas that you can try.

If you need a mostly neutral room, it’s still possible to add colour and accomplish a neutral feel. The living room with a well-equipped traditional library and a fireplace is the ideal place to enjoy with family members and friends. Next, gather things which you might want to decorate the table with.


*This is a collaborative post.*

10 Signs It’s Time To Relocate

Moving to a new town or city can be scary. It involves letting go of familiarity and embracing the unknown. However, it could be just what you need to improve your quality of life. Here are 10 signs that relocating is the right decision for you.  

moving boxes with dog

You’ve lived in the same town your whole life – and you’re bored of it

Some people live in the same town their whole life and are happy with this. Others start to feel trapped, wishing they could experience life somewhere else.

Relocating can often be the solution when life is become too repetitive and stale. It can allow you to explore new surroundings, meet new people and try new activities. If you’re bored of the same-old-same-old, relocating can force you out of your comfort zone and make life fresh and exciting again.

Some people constantly relocate as a way of continuously shaking things up. If you love change, it could be just what you need.

You’ve got a dream location that’s calling you

You may have a deep yearning to move to a specific place. Perhaps you’ve visited this place before and it’s been calling you ever since. Now could be the time to make your move here and follow your heart’s desires.

Of course, this needs to be a dream location that isn’t completely far-fetched. Most of us would love to live in the Hamptons or Monaco, but we don’t have millions to buy property in these areas. Research into your dream location and make sure that it’s feasible to live there.

You don’t feel safe where you live

A good reason to relocate could be that your current town doesn’t feel safe. Perhaps there’s a high crime rate or perhaps you’ve been hearing too many stories of nasty people in your area. Alternatively, there could be natural disasters where you live such as flooding or sinkholes that you feel are a danger to you or your family.

Relocating could give you the opportunity to get away from these dangers and live life not having to fear for your safety. This is something that everyone deserved to feel. Just make sure that you do your homework and that you pick a location that is definitely going to be safer than your current one. Information such as crime rates and natural disasters can be found online.

Job opportunities in your area are poor

It’s possible that there aren’t a lot of job opportunities in your area and that you’re struggling to find work that is within your interests. It’s for this reason that many people relocate to cities from more rural areas – cities tend to have much available vacancies and a much bigger range of occupations to choose from. For instance, perhaps you have your heart set on finance. Living in a rural town you’re not going to get many finance-related jobs, but in a city like London there are a limitless supply of these jobs.

Be wary that not all jobs may necessarily require you to relocate. There’s a growing trend towards hiring employees virtually, which could allow you to get your dream finance job while working from home. Of course, this doesn’t apply to hands-on job that cannot be done over the web.

Living costs are too high where you currently live

Certain areas of the world are very expensive to live. New York is a prime example of this with its astronomically high rent. Relocating could be a means of lowering your living costs so that you can live more affordably.

You could find that this allows you to get more for your money. For instance, what might get you a bedsit in New York could get you a three bed house in Kansas. You may find that wages are lower to make up for the lower cost of living, however you’ll likely still save money.

You don’t like the local choice of schools

Getting kids into the right school can be a priority for many parents. If you’re not impressed by your local choice of schools, relocating could be worthwhile for accessing better schools.

When choosing the right area, look at local school grades and overall rankings. Also look into homes that are a good proximity to the school – not only could this be important for helping your kids to travel to school each day, but it could be necessary for being accepted into the school if places are competitive.

You can afford the moving process

Relocating can be expensive if you’re moving long-distance. You may need to hire interstate removalists to help handle the move – this could be a lot more costly than hiring regular movers, but could be necessary for making the move smooth. There could also be shipping fees if you’re travelling across water.

If you’ve got the budget for this, it could be a good sign that you’re ready to relocate.

You want to make new friends

The chance to meet new people can be another reason to relocate. Perhaps you feel lonely where you currently live and struggle to find people to talk to. You could even be looking to find a partner and may have had no use back home.

There are lots of ways to make new friends when relocating. A reliable way to make new friends is to join local clubs. You may also be able to take part in local community events

You need to get away from certain negative influences/reminders

There could be people or places that you feel you need to get away from because of bad associations with them. Relocating might be what is needed to finally get away from a bitter ex who you keep bumping into.

There are no commitments holding you back

A perfect sign that you should relocate is that you have nothing holding you back. It’s much harder to move to another town or city when you’ve got a steady job and family. A lack of commitments gives you the freedom to do what you want.