Have you thought about carpet tiles?

Have you thought about carpet tiles for your home or business? I have to say it’s not something I have really thought about for my home, however I have seen them in many places.

carpet tiles in hotel lobby
Image: Carpet Tile Wholesale

Carpet squares are actually a really cheap alternative to having carpets. They come in a large range of colours and patterns. It’s also easy to lay, I think I could do it.

It only takes a few steps to get transform your space with carpet tiles.

  • prepare the floor, make sure it’s clean, smooth and level. It’s got to be dry.
  • Find the centre of your space and mark it out.
  • start laying your first carpet tiles along the line.
  • place your tiles along the line and then adjust where needed before:-
  • starting back in the middle and using spray adhesive to stick them down. Make sure you just spray either the floor or the tile.
  • lay the tiles from the middle out then cut the out tiles if needed to make sure they all fit perfectly.

So you don’t have to be an expert DIY’er to have fabulous carpet tiles.


*This is a collaborative post.*

3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home’s Exterior

It’s what’s inside that counts… At least that’s what people always say. When we’re considering how we decorate our homes we inevitably turn our attention to the interior. After all, we all deserve to come home to a place that makes us feel happy, safe and… well… at home after a long and hard day’s work or a long and hard night’s play. The way we decorate not only helps us to feel relaxed, secure and happy, it also reaffirms and reasserts our personalities, defining ourselves through the colours, textures, shades, fabrics and materials with which we surround ourselves. We wear our memories on the wall and our tastes on our proverbial sleeves. Our home is a physical embodiment of our taste and personality, and this not only helps us relax at home, it also helps our guests get to know us a little better.

pink London town house

That said, in our zeal to create the perfect interiors, we mustn’t neglect the exterior. Giving the outside some TLC too helps to not just increase your home’s kerb appeal but makes the simple act of coming home or walking past your property that little bit more magical…

Rethink your driveway

Most properties’ exteriors are taken up by a sizeable driveway. This draws the eye of passers by and when it’s in a state of disrepair with weeds poking out from between paving slabs it can look like a crooked and blackened tooth in an otherwise flawless smile. 

Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can breathe new life into your driveway and lend it a sense of personality. You can scatter it with stunning rose coloured Kelkay Gravel, use resin bonded stone or perhaps even patterned imprinted concrete. You can decorate with a vast range of colours and textures and even create pictures and patterns in your driveway. There are a wide range of potential solutions which are as unique and beautiful as your home. 

Say it with flowers

Nothing brightens up a space or fills it with more beauty and cheer than flowers. And there are so many ways in which you can use them to brighten up your exterior. You can hang them from baskets on either side of your doorway or stand them in planters. You can bed them down in a window box or simply hang them in a wreath on your front door. With every season comes a new opportunity to revivify your exterior and bring bold new colours and shapes to the outside of your home. 

Of course, if you aren’t that keen on the idea of changing or tending to the flowers, artificial ones can give you the very same effect with none of the need for maintenance. 

The colour of welcome

Finally, never underestimate how eloquently your front door is speaking to passers by. A rudimentary understanding of colour psychology will tell you the kind of impression that your front door maybe making on passers by, guess and even you without your even knowing it. The most welcoming and inviting colours include yellow, turquoise, sky blue, lime greens and rich plummy purples. 

Of course, whichever colour you chose, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards brightening up your home’s exterior.

Benefits of under cabinet lighting

Looking to update the design of your kitchen, but you have a strict budget you need to adhere to? Then under cabinet lighting could be an excellent solution for your problem.

Here are all the benefits of kitchen under cabinet lighting that might convince you to install it in your home.

large white kitchen with under cabinet lightly

Stylish task lighting

Not only do under cabinets light look extremely stylish, but they’re ideal for giving a great deal of task lighting in an area where lighting is essential when you’re chopping with sharp knives or trying to read a recipe.

Energy efficient

Install LED under cabinet lights and you could save a tonne of energy. LED lights will last for decades as well as saving money on your energy bill too. Plus you’ll be lighting the specific area of the room that you need, which eliminates the need to light the entire space.

Display your style

Your fitted kitchen is definitely a big investment when it comes to decorating your home. So why not install some beautiful lighting that draws attention to it? These types of lights are ideal for highlighting a gorgeous kitchen, particularly the worktops.

Easy to install

The thought of installing lights might make you think you’ve got a hefty bill on your hands for an electrician, but under cabinet lights are a great do it yourself job. Strip lighting or battery-operated options are a great budget choice that require very little skill to install.

Give your kitchen some vibrancy

Adding in another layer of lighting is a great way of giving your room some depth and distinction. This ambient task and accent lighting is perfect for giving a room a stylish flair.

Reduce shadows

Under cabinet lights are really great for reducing the shadows that are created by cabinets and ceiling light fixtures. Use under cabinet lights in the right place in your kitchen to stop shadows on countertops.