Throwing a Great Gatsby inspired party?

When I think about movie inspired themes for Weddings or parties, there is nothing more glamorous then a 1920’s Great Gatsby inspired party.

The mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby’s and his lavish life style. Set in the era of jazz music, flapper culture, glitz and glam. The Great Gatsby is associated with the American dream, rising up through the social classes. To lead that dream life. Jay Gatsby became famous for the glamorous parties he held every weekend at his stunning mansion house.

Your Great Gatsby inspired party

Planning the perfect Great Gatsby inspired party is all about riches, glamour and jazz. Your party should be held in a fabulous grand venue. Invitations should mirror those geometric lines and gold accents of the art deco style. Getting those invitations out early us really important because no Great Gatsby party is complete  without stunning outfits.

The decor should be dazzling, gold chandeliers, table centre pieces full of flowers and feathers. Think pearls and crystals hanging from the ceilings, off railings, from the backs of chairs or even trees lining the drive to the venue. Canapés and champagne are a must have. Champagne would have been free flowing at any of Jay Gatsby’s parties.

Ladies should dress to impress with those slip dresses, beading, uneven hemlines, fringes and dropped waists. T-bar shoes for dancings, long pearl necklaces, drop necklaces. Headbands full of sparkles with feathers, a hair comb or a tiara or even a beautiful beaded skull caps all showing off that classic 1920’s glam. The men would wear tuxedos, smart suits, bow ties and brogues. It was as important for the men to stand out and the ladies.

The Cost of your party

Can you imagine how much it would cost today to have that lavish lifestyle of Jay Gatsby? Owning a mansion with the size and grandeur 40 acres of land, private beach, swimming pool in the very popular Long Island would today cost you an impressive £77,298,271. So a far amount out of my budget.

Jay’s iconic yellow Rolls Royce which was as memorable as his personality. In real terms the nearest you would get to owning one of these would be 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost but that would today cost you £144,000 so not for everyones budget.

Not forgetting the cost of his famous fortnightly parties, champagne, food, jazz bands, decorations would today cost you around £255,000 per year and that’s just the basic costs.

I think my dreams to lead that Jay Gatsby lifestyle is well and truly put on hold, however that doesn’t mean I can’t have a one off Great Gatsby inspired party. If you could have a movie themed party what would it be?

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Is my Zodiac sign to blame for my messy desk?

Do you think about your Zodiac sign and what it means for you? I regularly have a quick read of the star sign page in the newspaper to see what the week ahead has in store for me. Sometimes I think ooh that is so true for what is going on in my life at the moment. Yet other times I think what a load of rubbish.

My Zodiac sign is Pisces, I fall on the cusp of Aries and Pisces. I’m not sure that my traits are really that true of a Piscarian. Astrologists say this about us Piscarians.

Selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to het anything back. Pisces is a water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterised by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent.

So I guess thats me, I am kind and always happy to help others out. However I can also be selfish opposed to selfless but no-one is perfect… right?

I recently read that your tidiness is all connected to your Zodic sign, so I though I would see if I could have a reason for the organised chaos for my working space. I read that :

If your are Capricorn or Pisces your kitchen is full of gadgets which minimise the borel effect of organisation. These signs are ahead of the game, yeah their filling systems are organised, but probably because they’ve hired an intern to do it.

Now this is completely not me, I work in a mess. When I worked in an office you couldn’t see my desk because I had various documents all over it. Only I knew where everything was. Even today I work in a untidy way, various note books open at different pages full of ideas for blog posts or notes I have made. Or information from companies that have come in packages, items to use in photo’s. Anything any everything can be found on my desk with just enough space for my macbook to sit in.

I always try to keep my desk tidy, I think that I keep my desk looking neat and photo ready. Yet in reality I don’t, it doesn’t matter how many pretty baskets organisers I buy. I honestly cannot see that improving as much as I try, my desk will always be mess.

Although my desk is generally organised chaos, I am really quite an organised person. I have lists for everything so know who has what christmas present, or if I have got gifts for everyones birthday, shopping lists, holiday lists, generally I love a list. However you wouldn’t think that I was organised if you spent a day working with me in an office.

Over the years I have worked in a couple of different offices, nothing makes me happier than working from home using my vintage bureau it’s perfect for me. What kind of furniture at work do you have?

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Top tips for getting your house summer ready

Well the summer has arrived, yet the Sun doesn’t seem to know if it should be delighting us with it’s beauty or not. So hot one day you almost have to do nothing but eat ice-cream and drink a cold gin and tonic, then the next day you need to get your coat out.

We love the Summer, long light evenings, country walks, picnics, days at the beach, holidays and BBQ’s with friends. With the longer days it give you just that bit longer to do those little jobs that just never seem to get done during the darker days of the Winter.

When we moved to our current home, we had some changes to make the main one being new windows. The children’s bedrooms are in the roof space, so are freezing cold in the Winter and little saunas during the Summer. With no way of securing the windows on vents meaning the windows were even open or closed. With our bedroom downstairs it use to make me worry about the children at night with the windows open, so they would always be closed. New windows were essential. Choosing them very carefully to ensure they could be opened wide, have vents and also lockable. Now meeting the fire regulations and being security safe. So, this year having had the expense of the windows, we are just doing little bits around the house to get it ready for the summer. Although I have big plans for decorating, it will have to wait a while.

Top tips for getting the house summer ready

Getting Your Home Summer Ready

For those hot summer nights, change your duvet down to a lower tog. There are so many different ones available from 15 tog for those extra cosy winter nights down to 2.5 for the hot summer nights. We have summer duvet of 4.5 tog that we change over to at some point during May. I like to have a cover over me at night so this is perfect.

Getting Your Home Summer Ready

Fan’s in the bedrooms, in our house it’s a must. The children’s bedrooms get so hot that even though they only blow warm air around the room, it makes all the difference. I have got my eyes on a Dyson Cool Tower they are amazing, however with a price tag of £349 they are little bit over the budget.

Flies coming into the house is something that drives me crazy, buzzing around and annoying everyone. I do however love candles, so I find that using citronella candles helps to keep them away. A lot of people think to use them in the garden while having a BBQ to keep the wasps away, however they work wonders in the house as well.

Taking down your curtains and washing them, the warm summer days are perfect for this. Getting them all hung out on the line, fresh and cleaned ready to dry on a lovely day. Why not get the cushion and sofa covers washed and hung out as well.

The summer is the perfect time to get a few jobs outside completed. Painting the fences, making sure they are all secure, cleaning out the gutters, painting the garage door or even those beautiful wooden window frames. Lots of smaller things that just don’t get done during the winter.

Give the garden some love, tidy those flower beds, weed and feed the lawn, clean the decking and patio areas. Then enjoy the summer evenings with a BBQ, and cocktails and some friends.

During the summer we tend to leave the windows open we pop out, or we head off on a holiday without making sure we have home insurance that covers everything we need. Chill Insurance have some fantastic levels of home insurance cover, just make sure whatever your summer plans are you have your house insured.


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