Update your home with these 2019 trends

Pinterest is the app of the moment. If you spend any time on the app at all it leaves you lusting over interiors, dreaming about soft furnishings and always wanting to rearrange your home. Instagram is another platform that leaves you envious over other people’s home interiors, but 2019 is your year, this is the year to transform your home into the sanctuary you have always dreamed of.

Update your home with these 2019 trends

Dark tones

2019 is the year of creating drama. Bold, deep colours create a high contrast to fresh white walls and fresh light linen. Why not introduce dark cushions, artwork or curtains to your home to create that perfect ‘monochrome-esque’ effect. Layering neutral tones against dark is all the rage and paired together can really add that extra edge to a space.

I know what you are thinking… dark colours seem a little out there, and you are finding it hard to commit to adding moodier tones throughout your home. Black, navy and forest green are tones people are often reluctant to experiment with, however, after seeing photos of designs, it is evident that these colours create a warm and serene setting.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a classic addition to any home, and a timeless trend, like a gift that just keeps giving. Will these green goodies ever go out of fashion? Greenery adds a pop of colour to your home and is a cheaper way of adding colour. Have you considered artificial plants? They are practically indistinguishable from the real thing, only they require a lot less maintenance with no wilting or cleaning required, perhaps just the occasional dust.


Why not go all out and add a touch of glamour to your home this year? Start with choosing some glitzy wall paint, as a subtle metallic bronze effect can complement any existing colour scheme. Accessories and furniture in rich metallic hues will feature heavily this year.  Antique furnishings teamed with pastel tones or glass and marble will add a lavish touch to your home and by adding decorative art deco furniture, you can really recreate that 1920’s glamour.

Update your home with these 2019 trends

Clashing Patterns

Daring I Know! Incorporating patterns into your decorating scheme can be intimidating. However, with a little extra knowledge you will be able to mix and layer patterns successfully like a pro. Pattern mixes of any kind, whether that be in fabrics, tiles or rugs, experiment by matching them, layering them, pairing them and clashing them. Patterns on patterns is a fresh way to add splashes of colour and personality to your home. English country manor meets a Parisian home, elegant 1920s living meets New York bachelor pad – clashing patterns allow your home to be whatever it wants to be!

Modular Storage

Modular storage isn’t as boring as it sounds. It is a playful, stylish and shape shifting way to add storage to your home whilst still looking pretty. RW Invest property specialists offer furniture packs with all their latest developments which include these nifty designs to maximise space. Perfect for students and young professionals who desire luxurious studio living arrangements.

How to Design the Perfect Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

While everyone wants a bedroom that looks good and is in line with the most current trends, the main goal when designing a bedroom is to make it as conducive to sleep as possible. But many times, people end up making some basic interior decoration mistakes that might end up affecting the quality of their sleep, which affects their quality of life as a result. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can create a more sleep friendly environment through your design choices.

How to Design the Perfect Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

It all Starts with a Good Mattress

Before you think of completely overhauling your bedroom, doing something as simple as replacing your current mattress could have a huge influence on the quality of your sleep. Maybe your mattress happens to be too old, or just doesn’t support your body. In many cases, your mattress may be the biggest reason why you’re not enjoying the quality of sleep you’d want.

There are tons of different types of mattresses on the market, and each one of them has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But before you decide on a particular type, you have to know what constitutes a good mattress in the first place. When looking for the best mattress, you should first consider these factors: support and comfort, as advised by The Mattress Nerd.

The mattress you pick should allow your spine to stay in perfect alignment while you sleep – this is the support element. But you also want a mattress that won’t be putting excessive pressure on your body. That’s why you want to pick a mattress that will be soft enough to relieve pressure, but not to the point that you sink in and throw your spinal alignment off.

Temperature is also something you should be worrying about. Temperature regulation is especially important if you’re living in a hot climate and don’t have the luxury of having air conditioning. A good mattress will allow heat to circulate freely and will not retain too much of it.

At the end of the day, the only thing you can do to really know if a mattress is the right one for you is to test it yourself. And forget about trying it in the store, you have to at least try it for 30 days before you can make your decision. So, if you buy your mattress on or offline, make sure that you’re allowed a testing period to really get acquainted with it.

Make Sure to Minimise Sunlight

Just a little bit of light coming in could throw your circadian rhythms out of whack and affect your sleep. Too much light inside the room in the form of digital clocks or other electronic devices could also affect your sleep. Design your bedroom with this idea in mind. This means removing as many digital displays as you can, and consider opting for light cancelling drapes if possible.

Create a Calming Sonic Landscape

While you want to eliminate sources of light as much as you can, a little bit of noise could actually help you sleep better. One great way that you can introduce soothing sounds into your bedroom is by adding a nice water feature somewhere in the room. Adding a few wind chimes by your window could also be a great way to add sound, as are white noise machines.

Be Careful with Colour Selection

While more and more people are aware of the effects of colours on psychology, some people will still choose style over function when picking colours for their bedroom. Sure, bright orange or burgundy might look good on Pinterest, but you should go with colours that won’t affect your sleep first and foremost.

Did you know that blue is associated with healing and is said to relieve aches and pains and reduce blood pressure? Or that green could relieve anxiety by creating a safer feeling environment? So, if you’re going to pick colors, try to go for more muted ones like pastels, light blues, or greens. And if you absolutely want to add vibrant colors, try to pick them for accent pieces instead.

Choose Soothing Lighting

Choosing the right type of lighting for your room is also essential if you want to enjoy quality sleep. Bright interior lighting, just like sunlight, will send a signal to your brain that tells it that it’s daytime, which will make falling asleep much harder. Try to avoid harsh, incandescent lights and go for warm dimmable lighting instead. And if you don’t have dimmable switches, you can easily install them on your own. Try to avoid harsh overhead lighting as well, and go with nice shaded lamps instead.

By making these few minor arrangements, you could dramatically improve your sleep quality and end up feeling much better in the morning. Don’t underestimate the effect your environment can have on your sleep, and try to implement at least one or all of these ideas into your bedroom design.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Service – A Must for Your Pool

Owning a pool is like giving birth to a baby. There is a lot of joy and excitement that accompanies the new addition. However, with it comes responsibilities that are necessary to maintain that joy and enjoy the full benefits of the new addition.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

One of the most important things you need for your pool is professional cleaning. This is not something you cannot afford to joke with. We will try to look at why very briefly.

Why You Must Clean Your Pool Professionally

When you look at a swimming pool, there are two major things that can be dangerous to anyone that enters it. The first is the risk of infection and the second is the risk of toxic reaction from chemicals.

Risk of Infection

According to CDC, you are more likely to get infected from pathogens in a pool (treated water) than in a natural body of water. They noted that a lot of the infections that occur in pools are caused by an organism known as Cryptosporidium. These bacteria appear to be resistant to the common water treatment. Read about it here.

The above refers to pools that actually receive some basic treatment. If these bacteria can infect treated pools, how much more for those non-treated pools? Pools that are not treated properly may contain even more pathogens that can turn a wonderful-looking pool into a death trap.

Aside from chemical treatment, simple cleaning of the pool is also very important. Have you ever seen a pool wall lined with algae? It is a sure sign of a pool that is not receiving the most basic of cleaning care. All these can cause infection risks to users.

Risk of Toxic Chemicals

In a bid to treat pools, many untrained or half–trained cleaners have turned pools into toxic traps. Professionals understand that they need to ensure a proper balance of the chemicals used in the pool’s treatment so that the pool does not become toxic to users. You can sometimes tell a pool that has a chemical imbalance by its cloudy look.

It is critical to ensure that it perfectly balances the chemicals used in the pool’s treatment water. This is something that professionals will know how to handle.

Choosing a Professional Pool Cleaning Company

When you are ready to choose a company for your swimming pool cleaning, it is important that you are sure you are choosing a company that can really get the job done. Here are a few things to consider.

What Do You Know About the Company?

The reputation of the company you choose is critical. This is one of the very easiest ways of finding out if a company can do a good job or not. Look for reviews from past users or simply ask family members and friends.

How Long have they Been in Business?

How long a company has been in business can show how much experience they have. While this is not a factor to take in isolation, it can help you choose a company with the necessary capacity to handle your pool cleaning excellently.

What Variety of Services do they Offer?

Aside from cleaning, your pool will also require other maintenance services. It is always more convenient to choose a company that can provide a holistic pool cleaning and maintenance service. This ensures you do not have to look for a new company when a maintenance issue other than cleaning arises.

How Qualified are their Workers?

If you can, find out what training and experience the company’s workers possess. Of course, workers with better training and experience are in a better position to offer a more professional service.

Are their Charges Affordable?

This is an important point to consider. The services you get for what you pay should at least be worth it. You do not necessarily want to go for the cheapest company because that may mean a less than professional service. You, however, do not also want to spend unnecessary amounts. It may be best for you to sample quotes from different companies to get an idea of what it costs to get a good job done.


Some folks believe that the pool is a very dangerous place. In this article–https://www.popsci.com/pool-germs–the author speaks about this. While this is true, with proper and professional cleaning, you can make your pool safer for you and yours.