My home, my lighting style

My regular readers will know that we are planning to move home soon, fingers crossed it will be at some point this year. As always I am dreaming about how our forever home will look, what colour themes I want to use in different rooms and the same with lighting. I do have some nice lampshades and light fittings in our current home, however I do not want to take them with us. So I have started to look at the lighting design trends for 2019.

I’m not always into the latest trends and styles in both my fashion sense and my home, I generally look at what I like and how it would fit into my home. So seeing some of this years trends has really made me think more about my interior style. Festive lights have out together their very own lighting design trends for 2019.

lighting style

Living room

I have seen lots of homes this year have dark navy walls, it seems to be popular with lots of interior designers. They then add blush, gold and copper shades along with dark wood furniture, and it looks fabulous all together. I really love this look and would love to have it in the living room, long with some tinted glass ceiling lights and geometric shaped table lamps in the gold and copper shades. I may even add an Edison bulb to give that extra bit of warmth to the room.


It’s a difficult one for me, as I have no idea how I want the kitchen to look. The only thing I do know is that I would love to have a country feel and have a large dining table or island that seat 8-10 people. Then have three lights hanging down over the table with an industrial look. It would appear the industrial light style is really popular this year.

The bathroom

The bathroom is one room I have spent a lot of time thinking about, since we stayed in at the beautiful Eynsham Hall last year. The en-suit bathroom in the hotel I have been thinking about since, pale green shades, with traditional white bathroom suit, roll top bath and a splash of industrial lighting. I loved it. I would love to have this style in our new bathroom. At the very least we would like a patterned tiled floor, with some industrial lighting.

Our daughter bedroom

Our daughter has just turned 5, as like almost all little girls she has a love of unicorns and mermaids, so she is wanting something that has space for her collection. I was thinking pale green, baby pink and then adding flashes of unicorns throughout. I have found most lovely unicorn night lights and even some LED string lights that we can add to her room. She will be in love.

Our son’s bedroom

Our son is almost 10, how that happened I have no idea. For his new bedroom I would love him to have something that will grow with him into the teenage years. So I am thinking grey, white and navy with star theme. Not little boy room starts but big bold stars, on the walls and then using the current trend of astronomy designs for the lighting. I want to design him a room that he will love and so will his friends.

Our bedroom

For our bedroom, I am hoping for a luxurious feel, with pale grey walls, crisp white bedding and then blush velvet lampshades and a chair sat in the corner. I love vintage furniture so I am hoping to source a dressing table and mirror set to finish the room off. My friends daughter is very talented at watercolour and she painted me a water bouquet that is full of colour that I want to hang in the bedroom and it will give us a base to work with.

I’m sure that when we find our forever home my ideas will change numerous times, but for now this will give you an insight into what styles I am thinking about.


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Double glazed sash windows can really improve a period property

Normally when we think of single glazed sliding sash windows, we will think of elegance, character, and a beautiful window befitting a period property. It would probably really surprise you to learn that double glazed sash windows can now be made like for like to match the very original sash from over a hundred years ago. More surprising still is the very same joinery techniques are implemented, just a far higher technology grade making the process somewhat less labour intensive, and a little more accurate, normally to a tolerance of within half a millimetre. In this article we will look at the benefits of double glazed sash windows in a period property.

Double glazed sash windows can really improve a period property

Double glazed sash windows made like for like that look almost single glazed.

Double glazed sash windows can be replicated like for like, even using the same materials as a hundred years ago, although it’s far more common to use a hardwood timber such as Sapele. These sash window replicas are so accurate that they can even be fitted into the original box frame to avoid the added expense of replacing entirely. If you didn’t know, sash windows, double glazed, in hardwood will set you back a minimum of £2000 per sash window if entirely replaced. This assumes the use of a well priced reputable sash window firm such as the one listed. You could pay nearly double for a major high street name to make the very same sash windows and install.

These double glazed sash windows come with a factory spray finish which is similar to that of a car, and therefore very durable. The guarantee is typically five years on an install into the original frame. A complete replacement comes with a ten year insurance backed guarantee so there’s no worries of short or medium term repairs and maintenance with these high quality windows.

Double glazed sash windows can transform a living space

If you like on a busy road then traffic noise will certainly be a problem should you still have your original single glazed sash windows. There’s only two real solution, firstly you could have hideous secondary glazing installed onto the the inside of the original frame, or secondly its double glazing the existing sash windows and taking advantage of the original frame. The secondary glazing is slightly better in terms of acoustics as the air gap is larger than that of a double glazed unit. Still, you need to weigh up the differences in aesthetics lost vs the comfort and noise level in your property. Almost all homeowners go with double glazed sash windows as it looks considerably better and cuts a very considerable amount of noise out, striking the perfect balance of looks and functionality.

The heat savings are really significant. High quality Pilkington low-E units that come Argon filled, and normally toughened are super high performance and genuinely cut a significant amount of heat loss. Not only that, the low-E glazing acts as a heat trap, allowing heat waves from the sun to pass into the property, and then trap them with a special layer on the glass inside. This is actually why it’s really important for sash window installers to put the glass in the right way round.

I live in a conservation area, do I need planning permission for double glazed sash windows?

The best thing about double glazing the existing sash windows is no planning permission, even in a conservation area. If you’re a freeholder and you intend to replicate your sashes exactly like for like then you will not require any planning permission at all. Please be advised that the permissions are only valid IF you manufacture sash windows like for like. If you were to install a different material such as uPVC then you would strictly need planning permission which is not usually granted to period properties in a conservation area without a struggle.

If you live in a flat and do not own or share the freehold then you must obtain the necessary permission from the freeholder and council. This rule is in place to stop unlawful installs and subsequent damage to the property prices of your neighbours. Unsurprisingly, installing low quality plastic your period property rather than timber hardwood sash can literally knock tens of thousands of pounds off the value of your property whilst detracting from the look of your neighbours as well.

In short, double glazed sash windows are now a must have if you can stomach the price tag. The difference it makes to the ambience of a property is considerable.


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Beautiful floors using engineered wood

I really feel like 2019 is going to be our year. We just about in the right position to buy our forever home. It’s something I have spoken about a lot, I have big plans for our forever home. My head and my Pinterest is packed full of ideas, some clearly would be out of our budget and other are something I would like to work towards.

Forever home dreaming……

I am one of those crazy people who looks at kitchens, bathrooms and flooring without even having somewhere for it to go. Just dreaming about how it will all work together. My Hubby thinks I’m crazy but loves me for it!

Beautiful floors using engineered wood

In our first home, we had wooden style flooring put in throughout the living room and hall way, it also went down in our bedroom and we loved it. However, in the house we currently live in there is a cheap vinyl throughout the hall way, kitchen and family room, which we hate but haven’t bothered to get changed knowing that we won’t be there for too long. There is carpet throughout the rest of the house, and I love carpet but it has to be a high quality one.

In our forever home we would like to have wood flooring put in, throughout the downstairs, although maybe not the kitchen, but never say never. Not only do we have children but there is also two very naughty cocker spaniels living in our house.  With muddy children and wet dogs, solid real wood flooring wouldn’t be the best option and it does not fair too well with excess moisture.

It has got me thinking about engineered flooring, which looks just like real wood flooring, yet is designed to withstand moisture prone areas of the home. Engineered flooring is made with a plywood core, making each plank stable and yet gives flexibility too.

From personal experience with engineered flooring, it does not mark or dent as easily as solid wood flooring. I was always worried about wearing heals in my parents’ home with their solid wood floors because each step would mark the floor, I never had that issue with on my engineered floors. Thank goodness, every girl loves a pair of heels.

Engineered Oak Floors

I actually love the engineered oak floors, I love the traditional feel of oak flooring, it also has a grain to the surface so it feels and looks real. I think it would work perfectly well with the many ideas I have for our forever home. Reading about engineered flooring, if we did choose the engineered oak floor we could save at least 20% of the cost of solid flooring. It would also save a lot of worry from the children or the dogs damaging it.

One thing I also love about engineered flooring is you can find so many different shades, textures and finishes, so whatever you are looking for you will be able to find the perfect flooring for you. Parador Engineered wooden flooring, have various different styles, maple wood, beech wood, cherry wood, walnut not forgetting that you can get various different sized planks, brushed finished. It’s amazing what you can get by choosing the engineered flooring.

Oak Engineered oak wood flooring is a popular option for its traditional, timeless appeal. The signature close grain structure of oak breathes a life of its own making it a classic choice. Engineered oak floors are 20% cheaper than solid oak. Once your engineered wood floor is installed, you won’t be able to tell it apart from solid wood.

Do you think you would have engineered wooden floors in your home? I cannot wait to find our forever home and get started on the interior.


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