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Stylish skirting boards

I have recently been thinking more and more about what I want from our forever home. I know that when we find our forever home it will be something that will need renovating. With renovating a property comes time, money and a lot of patience. It doesn’t stop me dreaming about how I would like things to be. The kitchen, bathroom, garden, living room, children’s bedrooms, paint colours.

The more I see beautiful interior styles on various website, good home magazine (yes I subscribe) and in the large department stores, the more I start to think about the details. I know we don’t have our forever home yet, I don’t even know what the layout will be like. All I do know is that it will be in village location, miles away from the nearest town, just perfect.


Stylish skirting boards

During one of my many forever home planning’s, I started to look at skirting boards. I think I had been to a friend’s old Edwardian house, which has skirting boards that must be almost a foot high. I then started to see different styles of skirting board everywhere.

Honestly, I had no idea that there are so many styles available. Skirting World specialise in skirting boards, architrave, window board they have a few different styles to choose from, plus they deliver all over the UK.

I really like the modern styles, they are like nothing I have seen before. Although very modern isn’t quite what I will be going for, they would look fabulous in the right places.

I think my favourite would be the heritage skirting board it really has that traditional feel that I love. My home will be quite traditional in style, I like older more vintage items of furniture. My dark wood dress and bureaux are among my favourite items. So opting for something that has that more traditional feel would suit what I have pictured for our home more.

The only thing for me about pretty skirting boards is that they take that bit more cleaning. I’m not the best cleaner in the world, but I think that using the right vacuum cleaning tools, I will be able to keep my skirting boards looking pristine all of the time.

What do you look for when choosing items for your home? Do you like something modern or do you prefer something more modern?


*this is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Bohemian Rhapsody the film and VQ

I love the band Queen and all of their amazing music. Which is making me very excited for Bohemian Rhapsody the film all about the band that is due out in the cinemas on the 24th of October. I cannot wait to go along to watch it, while singing my heart. I have told my Hubby he is coming along, he does love to listen to me sing…. haha!

Bohemia Rhapsody the film

Bohemian Rhapsody is set to be one of the most popular films of the year. Just like the amazing Freddie Mercury its going to be as extraordinary as he was. Freddie and the band defied stereotypes in a time that was fill of convention and closed minds.

The film will show the world the suffering Freddie goes through during his time away from the band before reuniting with them after his AIDS diagnosis for Live Aid. Queen are still an inspiration to people all over the world, those who feel out of place, those who dream and listen to their music everyday. Today our world has change a lot from Queens hay day, but still not enough to completely accept everyone for who they are, Freddie’s dream of a united world remains a dream. Freddie would be proud to see how far we have come, maybe in another few years there will be even less prejudice in the world…… the dream continues.

Bohemia Rhapsody and VQ


VQ radios have teamed up with 20th Century Fox the makers of the film to offer you the chance to win some amazing prizes. All you have to do to enter is to purchase a VQ radio between now and 12th of November pop over to and enter some the details which will include the serial number of your radio. Winners will be announced early January, why not buy someone a VQ radio for Christmas and they also have the chance to win a amazing prize. There are some T’s & C’s so make sure you check those before entering.

Good luck everyone!!!


*Thank you VQ for sharing these fabulous items with me.*



Perfect patterns and pristine prints for your home this Summer

Now that summer is well and truly in full swing, it seems a good idea to refresh some of the prints and patterns in your home. After a big spring clean there is nothing better than changing up some of the demure decor in your beautiful home. Your personal style seems to change constantly depending on the latest trends, your mood and even the season. Now would be the ideal time to change everything up a little bit and spruce up your styles for summer. From fabulous floral prints to marvellous metallic touches, make your home the glamorous pad it deserves to be with a handful of these innovative and inspirational ideas.

Fine Florals

Patterns and Pristine Prints For Your Home

The truth is that floral patterns will never go out of style, homes that are bursting with floral delights are just so elegant and timeless. If you like making a bold statement with your styles then don’t shy away from floral patterns for big features in your home. A floral armchair would make a beautiful addition to your living room and roller blinds with floral pattern will act as a unique aspect of any room in your home. When it comes to florals the bolder and brighter the better, so choose your favourite accessory and make a statement.

Sassy Stripes

Nautical themes and striking stripes are always an ageless design that will always be welcome in your home. From striped bed sheets to statement cushions, you could really go to town with this kind of pattern. Choose eye catching and complementary colours when choosing your striped accessories for example, blue and white are a perfect combination as well as pastels such as pink, green and blue. Make sure everything makes sense and ties in well with your overall home décor theme.

Mighty and Metallic

You might not have seen the huge rush for metallic designs at the moment, but they are certainly taking the catwalk by storm, as well as the interior design magazines. A metallic silver or gold accessory in your home will always make the perfect bold statement, whether it’s a striking vase or even a small side table. You can incorporate this new trend into your home using a number of clever and innovative techniques.

Marvellous Mutes

Normally you run by the notion of ‘bold is better,’ but you might want to rethink this idea over summer. Muted tones and neutral colours are making a huge comeback into the world of interior design, so it’s time to adopt the less is more attitude. By all means, you can use florals and stripes as statement features, but it is important to offset these with minimal designs and neutral colours such as greys, creams and beiges. Choose your striking element and partner it up with something a little plainer to make it stand out even more.

So spice up your patterns and prints this summer and make a bold statement with floral blinds or marvellous muted wallpaper; use your creativity to make a huge impact on your home for a fabulously spruced abode.