Finding your interior style

Are you just starting to discover your own interior style? Maybe you have just bought your first home, or you have moved into a new house and you are looking for some interior style inspiration.

I love the vintage, shabby chic and rustic styles, with a splash of modern, but there are so many different interior styles that you can choose from.

Interior Styles

As my style of vintage, shabby chic, country house, rustic are often mistaken as the same thing, as they are all very similar. I thought I would share with you some other popular interior styles. Although they wouldn’t be found within my home they are all equally fabulous in there own way.


The industrial style come round the time when warehouses and factories were being converted in flats and apartments in cities across the globe.

Having the brick work exposed, or I have seen brick style wall paper and even people tiling their walls with brick style tiles. Keep the floors to wooden, maybe pop a big rug down but make sure there are no carpets. Keeping to metal light fittings and items in the kitchen, steal looking chairs and tables, you could even have a wooden table top with metal legs. Keep the colour scheme to greys and rusty tones. For soft furnishings add in leather sofas and then add in some colour with cushions.

Hollywood Glam

If you want your home to stand out to your guests then Hollywood Glam is a great place to start. Think the Great Gatsby the era of parties, glitz and glam. Go big and bold with rich colour schemes, lots of crystal chandeliers, mirrors, luxurious looking items of furniture. Show the world you have have style and the money to go with it.

Try amazing wallpapers, shades of gold, silvers and even blacks that all mix together to produce a stunning splash of hollywood within you home.


Having that coastal style in your home, is just what you would imagine life as living by the sea. Light and breezy is the way to go. You don’t have to fill your home with shells and boats to have a coastal feel. Keeping the walls nice and light, very pale washed colours and even white. White washed wooden floors throughout and then add in some lighter pastel shades to add some colour into your home. I imagine light airy spaces with roman blinds or even wooden horizontal blinds to keep everything light and breezy.

When I think coastal I think natural textures, stripes, with hints of pale blue, white and even natural linen shades throughout. Keep your furniture light, stay away from the dark wooden items as they instantly reduce that light airy feeling.

So, that gives you a few different interior styles for you home, Rattan Direct have put together the ultimate guide for finding your interior style, with so many different styles and ones you would not have thought about.

What’s your interior style? I would love to hear what style you have for your home.

*This post was made in collaboration with Rattan Direct. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Dreaming about my new kitchen……..

Last weekend, we went for lunch at my hubby’s Aunty’s house, now she is the most amazing cook and whenever we visit, I do the washing up. This time I was washing up in her beautiful new kitchen and I found myself day dreaming about what I would like for the kitchen in our forever home…. whenever we find it.

I really want a light airy welcoming kitchen, solid wooden work tops, maybe cream or sage green cupboards, large range cooker maybe an island oh and a wine cooler fridge. Most importantly I want it to be a lovely usable space for the whole family, as place for gatherings with family and friends.

In our house at the moment we are lucky enough to have a good size kitchen/dinning room which opens into a family area with sofas and a TV so it seems quite big. It is also full of light, we have a large set of french doors and a window off the family area, then a stained glass window behind the sink and the extra light we have from two roof windows high up above the kitchen.

I have found that during my day dreaming about our new kitchen, if possible we would added in Velux windows to help with that light and airy feel. They are also fabulous for letting the heat out and also any extra smells from the cooking, especially when the Hubby has ‘cooked up a storm’ which often isn’t quite so amazing as he thinks…. but I don’t complain as it saves me a job and so far I haven’t got ill eating it.

The kitchen would have a large farmers style table that seats at least 8 people with ease that possibly extends to 10. I love having family and friends round to eat, however at the moment we seat the children around the table and the adults sit on the sofas. I also really fancy having a nice arm chair in a corner somewhere to be able to just sit and read a book when I get 5 minutes. Although in reality I should think it will end up with the children’s toys and clothes on it.

What would your musts be for your dream kitchen?


*This post was made in collaboration with Velux. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Stop your green fingers turning blue this winter

Gardening season is over now that the summer is long gone. Still, the urge to go out into the Great Outdoors and prune flowers burns strong. For an average homeowner, severe weather is enough to keep them inside most of the year. However, some homeowners are red-blooded eco-warriors who need their fix. If you’re in the latter category, winter is the most depressing time of year. Or is it? Thankfully, there are ways to stop your green fingers turning blue.

Shelter is your friend

The obvious answer is to shelter the garden from the elements. Sadly, the way global warming is going, a couple of sheets of tarp won’t suffice. What you need is a home where you can continue to grow plants and flowers away from the harshness of hurricane season. Step forward a greenhouse, the ultimate shelter for all of your gardening needs. From South West greenhouses to Halls and Elite, there are lots of manufacturers. However, you need to focus on the size. Simply put, a greenhouse should be big enough to fit in the garden and house the plants and flowers.

Plants are eternal

Well, that isn’t entirely true because plants won’t last forever. Still, some seeds bloom into evergreens which tend to survive from summer to spring and back again. It’s worth noting they aren’t as vivid or as pleasing to the eye as their cousins. However, they won’t die and need looking after during the harsh winter months. Anyway, autumn and wintertime aren’t months which are synonymous with deep reds and purples. No, they are seasons which utilise browns, greens and yellows. All you have to do is plant them so that they flower in time. If you don’t know which ones are evergreens, you should search on Google.

Stone over grass

Rain and wind destroy grass and flowers in a matter of minutes. They aren’t as effective at damaging stone, though. Thanks to its durability, stone and brick can take a battering and still look the part. Okay, it may appear a bit battered from time to time, but it is fixable. Landscaping is a big job, yet it’s one which will keep you active during the winter. By replacing the less robust elements with sturdier alternatives, there is no reason to worry about the garden surviving. With a greenhouse and a few evergreens, it will thrive all the way to April.

Cut down

Don’t take this literally because it has nothing to do with pruning. Instead, it means you should cut down how much time you spend in your garden. During the spring and summer, you can spend all day and night planting and weeding. Now, it’s much harder to get a couple of hours outside thanks to the weather and dwindling sunlight. There is no need to stop, but you have to be realistic. Make a list of the things which need doing and prioritise the most important features. Then, do them over the course of a week rather than a day.

See, you can still be a keen gardener in the wintertime.