Christmas all wrapped up with Melody Maison

When it comes to finding Christmas gifts and accessories for the home it sometimes can be a minefield of beautiful online shops. Melody Maison is the perfect place to get Christmas all wrapped up. They offer a lovely online shopping experience for any occasion and Christmas with Melody Maison is your one stop for this Christmas.

Melody Maison

Melody Maison offer the shabby chic, French style that is very popular in homes across the country. It’s very me, I love having that vintage feel to in my home, so when it came to me shopping online, I soon filled up my basket with items. Have a look at my top picks of their Winter items.

Christmas Decorations

This year I am having a bit of a change in the decorations we have in the house. These are my top picks for Christmas Decorations that you can get your hands on at Melody Maison.

The star candle holder has to be one of my favourite items I have seen this year. I cannot wait to place it on the fire place with a pillar candle on it. Each year I look for a table centre piece but I have always used a candelabra that I was given at my best friends wedding. However when I spotted this lovely gold antler wreath that will look perfect on the table for Christmas, I knew it was a must a have. I always have candles burning in our house, I love them in so these little tea light lanterns are great for dotting around the house and having on the mantlepiece. I really love flickering candles on a cosy winter night in front of the log burner.

At Christmas I often go out into the garden a cut some fresh holly to place on mantlepiece or on top of the picture. However I normally end up hurting my fingers picking it, then again when trying to get them in place. So when I saw this lovely garland I thought I would save my fingers and also it will last all of the festive season, plus I can add extra items to it depending on the theme I am going with each year.


My wish list gifts

I always ask for chocolates, champagne, socks but this year I thought I would ask for some bits for my dressing table. I rarely sit at it to do my make up, it is normally full of my daughters toys. So I thought I would pick some nice items to make me use it more.

My top picks are this beautiful floral style gold frame, I plan to put a picture of my Mum into it. A lovely set wooden drawers so I can store some of my jewellery inside then on top pop my perfume bottles. A stunning french style boudoir tray, perfect for popping my watch and jewellery at the end of the day, so it is all kept safe and sound. Then of course no dressing table is complete without a beautiful mirror, so when I found this gorgeous one it went straight onto my list.

Melody Maison

Melody Maison offer so much more than just gift and Christmas decorations. I can’t wait for us to move house so I can add items of beautiful furniture and fill my home with fabulous shabby chic items that I love so much.

What do you think to my top Christmas picks from Melody Maison? What would you put on your Christmas wish list?


*This post was made in collaboration with Melody Maison. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

3 tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy cooking space

When it comes to finding interior design inspiration for your kitchen, Pinterest is a pretty handy tool. It allows you to pursue and pin some of the most picture perfect images to your own virtual pinboard – but why stop there? There’s no reason why you can’t create a Pinterest-worthy cooking space of your own. In this blog, you’ll find three key tips on how to perfect a totally dreamy kitchen space.

 Cooking Space

1. The wonders of solid wood

Type ‘kitchens’ into the Pinterest search bar and you’ll be shown a whole host of gorgeous cooking spaces featuring an array of different materials. From intricately detailed marble countertops to super sleek, high-gloss cabinets, it’s clear to see what’s hot right now. However, if a winner was to be picked, it’d have to be solid wood.

As it’s pointed out on kitchen specialist website, you can’t quite beat the homely warmth offered by natural wood. What’s more, it’s a great choice if you want to achieve a certain decor theme. For example, if you’re going for the farmhouse style in your cooking space, wooden cupboard frontals and worktops can really help you nail your look.

2.  Perfectly placed accessories

For the ultimate Pinterest vibes, it’s all about the accessories. To start with, you could invest in some aesthetically-pleasing appliances. If you’re aiming for a super cute retro look, why not go for a vintage-esque kettle, toaster and microwave combination in creamy vanilla or soft mint? Or if you’d prefer something more modern, stick with cool, contemporary shades such as gun metal grey and matte black.

There are also a wide variety of bits and bobs you can strategically place around the room to complete your cooking space. For example, you could organise a collection of cute Mason jars on your window ledge or display your favourite mugs, plates and bowls on an open shelf for everyone to see.

3. Plants, plants and more plants

Having plants in the kitchen isn’t anything new, but it isn’t falling out of favour either. This trend is still seen throughout many homeowners’ cooking spaces – especially on the popular photo sharing platform. Introducing some greenery into your space is a great way to add a pop of colour, and it can work particularly well if the room has a neutral colour palette.

Whether you place a large and leafy indoor tree by your back door, position a vase of beautiful blooms on your kitchen table or line the window ledge with petite, potted succulents, plants are the perfect way to liven up any cooking space.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to create a kitchen so dreamy it deserves its own Pinterest board.

My Copper and Blush Christmas with Cox & Cox

Before we had even bought our first house over 10 years ago, I remember starting to buy Christmas decorations, for the tree we did not have. Much to my now Hubby’s dislike, he just couldn’t understand why I was starting to buy decorations, but I couldn’t not as the following year I might not have been able to find the same ones. We, well I decided on a plum and silver theme for our tree and over the years I have collected a range of decorations. Yet in the last couple of years I have been thinking about changing my theme for something else, and this year I am doing just that.

I love having the Christmas tree up, since having the children I try and put get it up as near to the start of December as possible and this year will be no different. I like to have the tree up for as long as possible so we can enjoy it.

Copper and Blush Christmas Tree

blush-copper-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-baublesMy purple and silver theme needs an update, it has become less purple over the years and more mixed, this year I shall be introducing the beautiful copper and blush colours. Cox and Cox have so far produced some of my favourite blush items, which seem to be more difficult to find, I bet next year they will be in every shop. Cooper tones and rustic looking tree decorations seem to be the trend for this year, which is great as I love them plus they will work well with my style and sit nicely with a lot of the decorations that we already have.

I just love the luxury feel to the blush and copper tones, I cannot wait to get my tree up and start to decorate it will so many beautiful nice baubles.

Gift wrap

A beautiful Christmas tree isn’t complete without beautifully wrapped presents beneath it. Cox and Cox also do a stylish range of Christmas wapping paper, labels and bows. I do love presents to be wrapped with care and to all be finished off with pretty bows, ribbon or twine.

I however, do not do this to all the presents under the tree, my children just rip through the wrapping paper without a seconds thought about the hours it has taken me to lovingly wrap them all up. So for their gifts I now buy enough of one patterned paper for each child to save me even having to put labels on them all, plus it means I don’t have to worry about them opening the wrong persons gift. Also this year for the first time I have a baby niece to buy for, she also has her own wrapping paper, not to sure why as she is only going to 4 months old at Christmas but I shall start with the traditions and continue them on.

So what do you think to my choice of Christmas tree style this year? Is it something you would love for your own tree, or do you have another theme that you love?


*Thank you Cox and Cox for sending me out some beautiful Christmas tree decorations. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*