6 Clever Gardening Tips That Save Time

Anyone with a well-maintained garden knows how easily endless hours can be eaten up by chores. What’s worse, there isn’t a finish line in sight, as cultivated land comes with a year-long schedule of planting, mulching, weeding, and cutting back, with many more tasks on top if you grow your plants from cuttings or seed. Gardening can quickly become a full-time job, but there are ways to lighten the load. With that in mind, here are six clever gardening tips that save time. 


  1. Organise The Tool Shed

You must make sure that you get any compost, tools, feed, or pots that you need before you even need them. Forgetting to do so will mean spending hours of a beautiful day inside a garden centre, rather than outside in the sun. Once you have all of these things, you should put them away tidily in your shed. Don’t allow the space to get cluttered or you’ll struggle to find anything.

  1. Keep Those Tools Sharp

Dull gardening tools will waste more time than you could ever imagine. They will also make gardening much harder, turning it from a relaxing hobby to a dreaded chore. There are ways to keep your tools sharp, but you must know when to replace them. Whenever possible, you should keep these tools close to your gardening, so you don’t waste time going back and forth. 

  1. Pick The Right Plants

Growing the right kind of plant in your garden can definitely save you time. Varieties that are resistant to disease and don’t require regular pruning or watering are best. You should also grow plants that have very similar needs. When you grow too many different types of plant, you make life much harder for yourself and put all of your hard work at risk. 

  1. Bring In A Professional

There is no reason why you should have to take care of your garden all by yourself. If you’re short on time and don’t have anyone else to help you, then consider bringing in a professional. They can assist in many different ways, from weeding the lawn and garden planters to strimming the hedges and clearing up leaves. However they help, it will make gardening less of a chore.

garden, trees, wheelbarrow

  1. Plant Close To Water

All plants need watering, regardless of the varieties that you choose. Keeping that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to plant as close to the water as possible. This means that you won’t have to haul hose pipes and watering cans back and forth for ages. If you don’t have easy access to a water source, then build one close to the planting beds.

  1. Make Your Own Scarecrow

You don’t have to spend your days sitting in the garden chasing critters and birds away. With a scarecrow, you can keep your garden intact, even when you’re not around. Although you could purchase a scarecrow, making one of your own isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, if you have a free day, it could be a fun way to kill a few hours. 


Gardening can easily become a full-time job, but, with the tips above, it is possible to save time.


Outdoor Living: Make Your Garden A Summer Paradise

It’s the season to be outdoors as much as possible, and when the sun comes out, the flowers follow suit. It’s the perfect time of year for cookouts and socials, parties and late night evenings listening to the crickets on the patio. You can spend a couple of weeks traveling to exotic locations and spending time in as much nature as possible, but you can also make your backyard the best summer paradise this year. Your garden needs an update this year, and we’ve got some fantastic suggestions to make your outdoor space the place to be.

pretty flowers in garden

Update Your Decking

Over the winter and the colder Spring months, your decking has taken a battering from Mother Nature. Wooden patio and decking can become warped in the cold weather, and the constant swelling and releasing of the wood can damage it over time. So, replace any missing or broken slats and sand, stain and seal the deck over again when it’s structurally okay to use. An appealing and safe deck to sit on is far more preferable to sitting on concrete slabs on the floor.

Flowers & Grass

You can’t plant flower seeds now and expect a summer bloom, but you can replant potted flowers into your borders to make the garden look pretty. For a low maintenance solution to your garden greenery, think about installing artificial grass as somewhere to relax. It’s so much easier to take care of, and it won’t brown in the sunshine so you can guarantee a greener look all summer long. With the bordering flowers, you can have a beautiful colorful garden without much effort.

New Furniture

Speaking of somewhere to sit, think about buying some new furniture to go on the deck. Rattan is very much in, and you need somewhere nice to sit to mingle with your friends and family and relax. Weatherproof furniture is essential; just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you’ll not have any rain. Weatherproof furniture is going to keep your furniture from rotting or warping in the heat or rain, so be mindful about what you have. Make sure it’s comfortable, too, so that you can actually enjoy yourself while you’re outdoors.

Add A Color Splash

Along with the flowers, you should consider what colourful cushions will do for your garden. Buying the brightly coloured pillows and cushions is a good start, but think about how you can add bright fairy lights through the fences in the yard for a little twinkle of colour here and there. Patterned doormats and cushions on the furniture will encourage people to go outside and sit down – which is precisely what you want this summer!

It’s the time now to get outside and soak up that sunshine before Fall rolls right round, and it’s not going to be too long until that time – it goes quickly! Make sure your garden looks great now, and it’ll last you the entire season.


Beautiful wooden blinds from Make My Blinds

Finding curtains and blinds for our new house hasn’t been easy. Partly because I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted and partly because I’m so indecisive about things I just couldn’t choose something. I knew that I wanted wooden blinds for our bedroom and possibly for the bathroom. When Make My Blinds got in touch to ask me if they could send me out some for the new house, I was over the moon.

Did you know what wooden blinds come a whole range of colours, with tapes, without tapes, different coloured tapes, wooden, faux wood not forgetting the different widths they come in. There really is a lot to think about. Make My Blinds have fully customisable blinds up to 260cm wide for the faux wood and 240cm for the real wood, perfect for almost all windows.

Make My Blinds offer a free sample service, which for someone like me is perfect. I was about to select a range of different colours, tapes and both the wooden and faux wood. I ordered a collection of different samples and they arrived within a couple of days, it’s amazing how many different shades of white there is. I read that the faux wood is better for bathrooms, because they are 100% waterproof so they are perfect for all the water and moisture in the bathrooms.

Choosing my blinds from Make My Blinds

After a lot of wondering which would be better in our bedroom and which in the bathroom, I decided on Editions Angel White with Lilly Tape for the bedroom and Editions Brilliant White with Lilly Tapes for the bathroom.

After I placed the order it took about 10 days for them to be made and delivered, then took us about another month to have the bedroom ready to put the blinds up. In fact, the bedroom is still not finished, I was really hoping that I would now have wardrobes build in and no boxes all over the house. However, it’s very difficult to get hold of a joiner to come round to give quotes. I just hope it’s all in place before Christmas, which sounds so far away but it’s already July.

make my blinds in packaging

Installing the blinds was easy for my Hubby who was tasked with the job, the instructions were simple to follow for him. Not sure I could have got them up, but he did an fabulous job. And you know what they look fabulous, I love them in our bedroom they look just as I had imagined them to. I cannot wait to see what they look like in the bathroom.

I have started to leave them down, but turned to open and from the outside of the house they look really eye catching, I like looking up to see the wooden slats. You can choose which way your slats are angled, up or down, then open closed or completely up. 

My only criticism is that they are by no means a black out blind, sounds obvious I know, but when the sun comes up in the morning it really does shine though, not completely but the room becomes very light, great on school day, not so wonderful on the weekend. However, we have had the bedroom blind up about a month now and we are starting to get used to how light the bedroom is each morning.

I know a lot of people choose to place curtains in front of their wooden blinds. I have chosen not too, I actually like the look of my blinds sitting within the window frame. We have actually sat them towards the from of the window recess so I can pop some items behind the blinds without catching them when they are put up and down. 

Although we have also got bathroom blinds, we have not got them up yet. Very annoyingly we have not only had issues getting the bathroom fitted, but once it was fitted and painted then all of the painted started peel from the walls. Even though we prepped all of the walls correctly and used bathroom paint, I have no idea why but now we have got to remove it all and start the painting again.

I’m so pleased with my blinds, they look fabulous, they are easy to put up and down. They are also reasonably prices, not cheap which as we all know isn’t the best thing but they are also not the most expensive. The finish on these are really high quality, even my Hubby mentioned how well made they are and he is very picky about these things. He really likes how they are finished across the top with an extra slat, it really sets the tone for the quality of them.

Pop over to the lovely Rachel Bustin’s blog, she has spoken about interior ideas for a small home, a great little read if you are looking for ideas.

*Thank you so much Make My Blinds for sending me these gorgeous blinds for our forever home, I love them.*