The perfect flight bag with Cabin Zero cabin bags

Over the past few years I have jetted off on flights all over the world. I have been lucky enough to visit Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore pre Husband and children. In more recent times around Europe with the latest trip to Crete earlier this year.

Our first trip of the year to Crete was visiting my Mother-In-Laws new Villa, so we opted for cabin bags only. Which was a silly idea really, because I started to panic about sizes of cabin bags that would be suitable for the airline. Did you know that each one has different restrictions on the size and weight of your hand luggage?

When I have previously travelled with a full luggage allowance I have always just taken a handbag on board with me to keep the essentials in. Passports, tickets, money, lipstick, blusher, sweeties. So I have not had to take much notice of hand luggage allowance before.

I did borrow a cabin bag from my sister, which was within the sizes of the luggage allowance for the air line. It wasn’t the prettiest of bags, and I am all about something that looks lovely. It was fine it did the job but wasn’t my first choice of ascetically pleasing luggage.

Cabin Zero Cabin Bags

I had seen Cabin Zero bags over on their Instagram page and really liked the styles. When Cabin Zero got in touch to ask me to review one of their bags, I was more than happy to do so. It will be perfect for our trip to Finland towards the end of the year.

I chose the Lipe Blue ultra light weight cabin bag in the 36litre capacity. I was drawn to the lovely feminine colour, not to much pink but just enough.

Cabin Zero bags all come with a 10 year warranty, but if you ‘like’ their Facebook page it is extended to 25 years, brilliant! They are all airline hand luggage size approved, which is great for any traveller who is going to be flying with various different air lines across the world.

The 36 litre bag is slightly smaller than the classic 44 litre bag. It has lots of fabulous features, it has adjustable straps, both top and side handles so you can just carry it if needed rather than on your back. There is a zip pocket on the front and 2 on the inside, one with a mesh panel which is great for seeing your documents sorted inside.

My 36 litre Cabin Zero bag weighs 700 grams, so it is super light weight so you can fit so much more inside it for your trip. It measures 44x30x20cm perfect for those airline hand luggage restrictions.

I think my favourite feature of this bag is the Okoban built in global tracking system. It gives lifetime tracking for your bag, you just go on line an register and then if your bag is lost or found it can be tracked back to you through Okoban.

I can not wait to head off on our trip towards the end of the year, to take my fabulous Cabin Zero bag with me. As the summer holidays are heading our way quickly I’m sure this bag will get some extra use for everyday things with the children.

Cabin Zero have kindly given me a discount code to share with my lovely readers, it is only valid for 30 days from now and gives you a 10% discount on any order you place with them. The discount code is CZCHAMPAGNEANDPETALS, let me know which of their gorgeous cabin bags you order.

*Thank you Cabin Zero for sending me out this lovely bag. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

The Origin of Leather

I love a great looking leather handbag,  I’m drawn to the beautiful styles and colours of the leather. Yet, I never stop and think about why leather is used and where it originates from. And I don’t just mean from large animals.

The Origin of Leather

Leather tanning goes back in history for thousands of years, it is believed to be one of the oldest human activities along with hunting. Our Ancestors found that the animals they hunted for food also had skins that could be used. They realised that these skins were durable and they begin making clothing, shoes and tents with them.

In the colder months the items became stiff and unusable, yet in the summer they started to rot with the heat. So they started to look at ways to make the animal hide more flexible and stronger by rubbing animal fats into the skins. It was soon discovered that drying the skins in the sun or by using salt to dehydrate, stopped the rotting process.

As the centuries passed methods to preserve and maintain have become more refined yet the basic processes are still being used today.

Uses of leather through the ages

The Egyptians tombs shows that in around 5000BC leather was used for sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, elaborate jewellery items and even for sending off after death. It is believed that they preserved leather by using tree bark and leaves that they soaked in water to coat the hides.

The Romans used leather for footwear, clothes, military equipment, including shields, saddles and harnesses for their horses.

As the centuries passed leather became more and more popular and by the medieval times most villages had tanneries. They were located by the rivers so there was a constant source of water.

When the Tudor Boat the Mary Rose was recovered it showed that they had started to use leather for not only clothes, bags and footwear but also used for furniture. Chairs, leather cases, wall coverings and also elaborate carriages.

During the 18th and 19th century there was more demand for different leathers, lighter weight items. So new machine processes were being used to make the leather thinner, lighter weight more readily available and more durable.

Leather today

Today leather continues to be a popular choice of material, it is used for so many everything items. Bags, shoes, furniture, phone cases, passport covers, wash bags, today leather can be made into just about anything. All produced in a variety of beautiful colours. It is not just used around our homes but also within the automotive, aviation and marine industries as well.

What is your favourite leather product? Mine is my beautiful tan leather handbag, that cost more than I am happy to admit to my Hubby.


The perfect designer bags by Philini

Finding the prefect light wight summer bag is not always easy. Something that looks fabulous with the everyday casual jeans and a t-shirt or a cute summer dress, but is also practical and spacious. Designer bags by Philini offer just this, with their range of cotton cross the body bags that have been designed for Spring/Summer 2017.

Designer Bags By Philini

Who are Philini?

Philini is a German based designer brand owned by Nataly Brunner. Nataly started to create items of clothings at the age of just 13 using her mothers old clothes. By the age of 20 Nataly had opened her own fashion house in her home country of Moldova. Later moving to Germany to working hard to make her designing dreams come true. Nataly now runs a very successful designer brand making luxury leather based items.

Designer Bags By Philini

Philini specialise in making very limited numbers in each style and colour of bags, so seeing someone else with your stunning bag is very unlikely. With a designer bag, the last thing you want to be walking about Covent Garden to see other people with the same one.

My ‘Flora Black’ across the body bag

The ‘Flora Black’ is a very light weight bag, perfect for those summer days. The bright floral cotton fabric, making it the prefect statement bag, that would complement any outfit this summer. Great for simple dresses or just that casual jeans and t-shirt look. It’s a spacious bag with two zipped pockets on the inside, to keep your valuables safe. Then has a magnetic button style closure at the top. The straps and edges is made of black calfs leather, the strap is adjustable. So if you wanted it slightly longer or shorter it can be adjusted to suit your outfit, or to change from a shoulder bag to across the body.

The size of this bag is great, not to small not to big. Measuring 30 x 30cm square and just 2 cm wide but that expands depending on what you fill it with.

My ‘Flora Black’ bag cost €159 so is a investment bag for the summer months. Think weekends away with the girls. A flight bag with enough space for tickets, passport and money. Heading off to a festival or even if you are just popping to the shops this bag is versatile for so many occasions. I love it.

*Thank you so much Philini for gifting me this beautiful bag, looking forward to using it over the summer months. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*