The Top 5 Precious Gemstones Used in Jewellery Today

There are, of course, many gemstones that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, and some are more popular in jewellery than others. Over the centuries, jewellery tastes have evolved, and so has the lists of precious stones they used, and with that in mind, here are the top 5 precious stones that are used to create jewellery, in order to popularity, of course.

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Alexandrite – This extremely rare stone has a unique ability to change colour in different light conditions, giving it a kind of exclusivity from the other forms of precious stone. If you would like to view some stunning alexandrites, there is an online jeweller based in London who has access to some of the best alexandrites available. These rare stones have been found in a handful of countries, such as Russia, Brazil, Tanzania and Mozambique, and will change from red to green as the day progresses.

Diamonds – Just pipped by alexandrites, diamonds come in all colours, and as far as quantity of jewellery goes, diamonds win hands down. Thanks to aggressive marketing in the 1930s by diamond broker De Beers, diamonds are now a girl’s best friend, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Diamonds come in many colours, with pink diamonds particularly in demand, and there are colourless diamonds, which are quite rare. Engagement and wedding rings have long been decorated with diamond clusters, and the really big stones usually end up on the finger of a celebrity or member of a royal family.

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Sapphires – Blue is the colour for this attractive gemstone, although they can be yellowish green, and this is the birthstone for September. Sapphires can be found in all forms of jewellery, and can be found naturally in parts of South East Asia and Eastern Australia, and there are online jewellers with a wide selection of stunning sapphire jewellery.

Rubies – A ruby is from pink to blood red in colour and is related to the sapphire, as it has similar chemical makeup, and the name stems from ruber, the Latin word for red. It is the element of chromium that causes the stunning redness, and generally, the deeper the red, the more expensive the stone. Ruby is the birthstone for July, and is very popular in all forms of jewellery, and you can find a great selection of ruby jewellery at the online jeweller, who would probably be a little cheaper than a traditional High St retail outlet.

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Emeralds – Green is the primary colour associated with emeralds, and with green tint is the result of minute traces of chromium, which gives the stone its attraction. Graded using the same 4Cs that are used to grade diamonds, emeralds are very popular stones when it comes to jewellery making.

Of course, there are other gemstones that are commonly used in jewellery making, but the above 5 are at the top, and that hasn’t changed for many centuries. Whatever your personal preference, when buying precious stones, either separately or in jewellery, it is important to verify that the stones are of good quality, and the best way to ensure this, is to buy from a reputable online jeweller.

Are Bridal tights for you?

So, you have ‘said yes’ to the dress for many brides the most exciting part of wedding planning. It’s perfect, everything you have dreamed about but it doesn’t stop there. Now you are searching for the perfect veil, lingerie and hosiery to go with your dress.


Choosing your wedding dress

When I got married, I wore a strapless bra and lace pants, along with stockings and a suspender belt. All very ivory and pretty, I think that having something pretty under your wedding dress really helps you to feel confident and sexy on your wedding day.

Of course it is all dependant on what you are wearing. It could be you have a short dress, a long silky dress, backless, A-line, princess style. There is such a wide variety of wedding dresses and each one would need something different underneath. Some brides are wanting to wear stockings, or tights and some do not feel the need for either.

Choosing your bridal tights

Of course not only does your choice of dress effect this, it also depends on your shoes. For me open toes and tights is no, however I know that many people are happy with this. But footless tights could be just thing answer to this, if you are really wanting to wear tights and open toed shoes. Also if you are going to have a rather high heel, then you might need to think about the possibility of these needing to come off as the day goes on.

Would you be wearing flip flops, shoe-less or changing to a comfy flat pair. I know that I’m a shoes off kind of girl when it comes to my feet hurting, but I’m also more than aware that it often leads to holes in your bridal tights and stockings, which might not be want you want. So popping a pair of flat shoes under the table might be a good idea. It’s awful when your feet start to hurt.

One of the other things to think about when choosing your wedding underwear is, are you having a garter? Or are you wearing a garter but not having it removed by your new hubby during the evening reception? I think this will play a part in deciding if you are wearing hosiery.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning your big day, and I think you often forget the small little elements when you first start to plan.


*This is a collaborative post.*

Must-Haves for the Ultimate Beach Getaway

When heading out to the white sandy beaches and transparent turquoise waters, there’s things you are going to get really annoyed about if you forgot. We put together this ultimate list of beach must-haves so you never have to be in that position again.

Must-Haves for the Ultimate Beach Getaway
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Read this just before you start packing for your holiday and you’ll remember everything you ever need to have a successful beach holiday. If you haven’t guessed already, it all starts with the staple swimsuit. Having gorgeous swimwear on your side will mean you’re always ready to dive in and look stylish whilst doing so.

If you need some luxury resort wear, Mariana London is full of luxurious must-haves that will have you wanting to stay on the beach for days. Ensuring you get some versatile numbers is also essential. That way you can mix and match when you want to and flair things up so you don’t have the same look throughout your holiday. Take it from us; you’ll be glad you did!

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Beach Holiday staples for the suitcase 

  • White Tees

Pretty white tees will never let you down; especially not at the beach. These essential numbers will get you from A to B no matter how you want to turn up. Dress up or dress down, this is a beach must-have. You can bring your more delicate lace white tees or go for something plain and simple. Either way, you will thank us for packing this versatile staple.

  • A Choice of Shades

Getting some essential summer shades for the beach is an absolutely must. Not only will it protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the suns glare, but it will make you look super glamorous wherever you go.

  • Jumpsuits

This is a summer must-have and should definitely be prioritised. If you want something that will let enough breeze through to keep you cool plus still keep you looking on trend, then its jumpsuits. You just have to throw them on and you can be looking elegant in an instant. Mix and match with your favourite swimsuit on top or nice top to go between the day time and night time look effortlessly.

Image:- Pixabay
  • Handbags

Structured handbags are best for the beach. They allow you to pack multiple things and keep things organized. Whenever packing travelling accessories, a classic handbag is all you need. It’s a staple whether you are on the beach or not and will keep you prepared no matter what the hour.

  • Sandals

Packing the right shoes is a beach must. Sandals are all-round brilliant for the beach. Being highly practically, it lets sand in and out whilst allowing your feet to dry if you accidentally step in the waves. Perfect for the airplane journey, going out or just taking a casual stroll; make sure you pack these bad boys.

Now you have a list of must-have staples for your beach bag, you can get ready to be fully prepared for your holiday.