Taking Care of Your Body After Birth: Here are 4 Post-pregnancy Changes to Look Out For

The body takes a new form during pregnancy and even more changes after birth. Some of these changes can disappear after birth. However, some might require you to consult your doctor and change your lifestyle. Additionally, you need to know when to start exercising to keep your body in shape and avoid other health complications such as obesity and diabetes. This article will explore post-pregnancy changes that you need to look for to take care of your body.

Taking Care of Your Body After Birth

Skin Changes

Pregnancy often comes with hyper-pigmentation or the development of dark spots on the face. This Pregnancy Mask or Melasma produces patches that are irregular and blotchy. This happens due to an increase in estrogen hormones and progesterone, therefore, triggering the appearance of dark spots. If left untreated sometimes the dark spots can remain hence it is best to find a treatment that works for your skin. Melasma also gets worse when you are exposed to the sun.

As you continue to gain weight during pregnancy, your skin may get varicose veins or stretch marks. This is sometimes evident with people whose family history shows that women tend to get this change. Furthermore, genetics plays a bigger role too, since you may or may not get stretch marks despite the weight changes. The good news here is that stretch marks can fade with time while varicose veins disappear between six and twelve months post-pregnancy. Just ensure you keep your skin moisturised throughout pregnancy and post-pregnancy since not all products have supporting evidence of clearing stretch marks.

Vaginal Changes

When giving birth, there are many virginal changes that you can experience. The labia might enlarge during childbirth which can be very embarrassing when having intercourse or might make you feel uncomfortable. The good thing is this can be reversed if you consider Labiaplasty by Rejuvenate NJ. This will help improve the look of your external virginal structures, ensuring you are comfortable. It’s essential to look for a qualified and experienced doctor to conduct the treatment to avoid other complications. It’s important to note that many factors contribute to virginal changes, including genetic factors, the baby’s size, the type of delivery, and your weight.

Having WEE Problem

Giving birth can be challenging and can lead to significant body complications. Some major effects women get are loss of bladder control or risk of incontinence. The virginal delivery often weakens the muscles needed for bladder control. You can also experience damage in the bladder nerves and supportive tissue, often leading to a dropped pelvic floor. Additionally, when undergoing a c-section, you can lead to an increased risk of incontinence. If you are experiencing incontinence, you can practice Kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Growing and Shrinking Breasts

There are a lot of changes that you experience during and after birth. One of the body organs that get affected is the breast. They will become more prominent at first because the dormant fat tissue is replaced by functional tissue in preparation for breastfeeding. After you stop breastfeeding, the functional tissue atrophies because it’s not being used anymore. However, the fat will not rebuild immediately. When a woman gets pregnant, the process will repeat itself, and she will gain a lot of weight after pregnancy.

Bottom Line!

After pregnancy, you must take care of your body by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Look for exercise that helps you maintain your weight and strengthen your muscles. Additionally, before doing anything, consult your doctor to know the best option.

3 Health Habits To Work Into Your Life

Bad habits can be hard to break, but it’s far from impossible. One of the trickiest parts of this is knowing what to replace them with. With how important your health is, it’s worth focusing on a few that focus on this. You’ll need to know which health habits to work into your life when you’re doing this.

You don’t need to drastically change your diet or start living in the gym to do this. Instead, some health habits can be much easier to do regularly, despite having a significant impact on your health.

Health Habits To Work Into Your Life
Health Habits To Work Into Your Life

Three of them are easier to do than you’d think.

Health Habits To Work Into Your Life: 3 Top Options

1. Supplement Your Diet

No matter what you eat every day, you might need to improve your diet. Even if you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables, you may want to add a little more nutrition to your day. More than a few supplements can help with this, and it might be worth considering Delta 9 THC products to help.

You’ll optimise your diet with these, which helps you get and feel healthier in the long-term, but you should start seeing the results relatively quickly.

2. Take A Short Walk

You’d already know you’ll need to be physically active to stay healthy, but you don’t need to be at the gym constantly for this. One of the easier health habits to work into your life is to go for a short walk regularly. Even once every day or so can be recommended and will have an impact on your health.

Working this into your daily life doesn’t need to be complicated. It could be as simple as parking further away from work than you normally do and walking the rest of the way. If there’s a park or forest nearby, you could even consider doing a short walk through them.

3. Drink An Extra Glass Of Water

The fact that water is good for you is pretty obvious at this point. It helps with your joints, skin, organs, and multiple other areas. It takes up between 50% and 75% of your body weight, so it’s vital to drink it. That hasn’t meant everyone drinks enough of it. You could need to have more of it during the day.

You don’t have to start by drinking gallons of this every day, however. Start by drinking an extra glass of water everyday. Once that becomes a habit, add another glass, then another, until you get at least two litres of water daily. You’ll be – and feel – much healthier because of it.

Health Habits To Work Into Your Life: Wrapping Up

Figuring out which health habits to work into your life might seem complicated, or that you’ll have to put a significant amount of effort into. That doesn’t have to be the case. Some health habits are much more practical than you’d think, but will have a significant impact on your overall health.

Drinking an extra glass of water every day, supplementing your diet, and taking a short daily walk could be more than enough to start looking after your health.

Here’s How To Use The Outdoors To Beat The Winter Blues

Data indicates that Seasonal Affective Disorder affects two million people in the United Kingdom. And it is more common in the winter because of reduced sunlight exposure. It is believed to affect the body’s internal clock, which triggers a series of depressive episodes. Fortunately, you can beat the winter blues by embracing the outdoors. It all depends on what you decide to do. Below are some ideas worth considering

Use The Outdoors To Beat The Winter Blues

Be deliberate about being active

Increased activity in winter is believed to elevate serotonin levels. Apart from its several functions in the body, it is known to help regulate moods and sleep cycles. If you plan on beating the winter blues this year, this can be an excellent goal to set. A thirty-minute walk outside can lift your mood. Indeed, extreme activity in winter can be a little laborious on your breathing. This happens because your body is working twice as hard to keep warm.

However, you can counteract that by gearing up for the cold. It is also advisable to move at your pace and not to see it as a competitive walk. This way, your body will adjust to the outdoor temperature, get your blood flowing, and reduce the risks of dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you have one, walking outside with your furry companion will be an excellent idea.

Do not avoid the sun in winter

According to findings on UK weather, there is not much sun, especially in December. The website reported an average of 47 hours is how much sun the region receives during that month. Being the first month of the winter season, this is expected. However, how can you maximise the sun’s appearance on those days? Sitting out in the garden is a great start.

If your house has an attached conservatory, that’s even better. Modern conservatories are built with special glass that blocks and disperses UV rays. That way, you can enjoy safe and natural warmth without worrying about the effects on your skin. All you need are a few minutes of being outdoors in the sun to soak up some Vitamin D. 

Create an outdoor space, if you can

All you may want to do is curl up under heaps of warm blankets indoors when it’s cold outside. However, you don’t have to live like a mole all winter. Going outside is good and healthy for your state of mind. Nobody is pushing you to go winter camping to see the great outdoors. On the contrary, an area as simple and familiar as your backyard would do. And there’s a lot you can do to create a lively space. 

You can invest in a double hammock because of its extra fabric layer that prevents heat loss. You can also create a simple winter enclosure in your backyard to enjoy the season better. Remember to stock up on cosy blankets and throw pillows when you do. They will come in handy when you’re curled up with a cup of hot chocolate or tea.