How to relax like a superstar

The superstars of the world have everything laid at their feet. They can go to the best parties, eat the best food, and enjoy the world’s best experiences. An average person, unfortunately, cannot live the life of a superstar, but they can relax like one. Taking care of yourself is key to living your best life, no matter who you are or what you do. The better you take care of yourself and relax, the better you can face the challenges of each day and have energy to put into your passions. That is why everyone should relax like a superstar, and everyone should adopt these top four relaxation techniques today.


1.Indulge in Sensation-Led Activities

Our senses are our main gateways to how we think and interact with the world, which is why leading a sensation-filled life is so important. Yes, technically you cannot go out into the world without your senses picking up a variety of different stimulants. So long as you are physically able you will always see, hear, taste, and touch throughout the day. Introducing new sensations, however, is how you can stimulate your brain and take a break from your routine, especially if that routine is causing you stress. To do this, focus first on your regular habits. Bettering your meals and even your smoking habit will do wonders, and all you need to do is put more effort into the taste and smell.

For meals, try making food at home a week in advance to bring with you to work. For your breaks, try an alternative to smoking in the form of vaping. You can customize your vape and try out different flavors offered by Redjuice, and at the same time stimulate your brain from the differing sensations all in one go. Do this, and you can better your break by giving your brain something new and exciting to focus on. 

2. Opt for All-Inclusive Resort Getaways

The best way to vacation like a superstar is to choose all-inclusive resort getaways. That way you can eat, drink, and spend your days soaking in the sun to your heart’s content. It is important, however, that you read the fine print. Not every “all-inclusive getaways” are all-inclusive. Some might mean you have access to your hotel room and the hotel’s facilities, but will need to buy a food and drink package on top of it. Point is, always make sure that your all-inclusive package entails before you go, so that you aren’t met with any terrible surprises at checkout.

3.How to Get VIP Treatment on Night’s Out

As for partying, there are ways you can get the VIP treatment without being a celebrity. Knowing one of the promoters can help you get into the VIP section without any down-payment on your part. Of course, if there are a lot of you going out for a special occasion, booking a VIP table at a great club can actually be affordable. You just need to know what it requires in advance. Some places will require you to spend a certain amount of money, others will require upfront payment.

Relaxing like a superstar simply means preparing and knowing how to enjoy yourself to your fullest. Relaxing is less about massages and sitting still and more about having fun. If you are enjoying yourself and not stressing out about work or your responsibilities, you are relaxing. Just remember to be responsible and plan ahead so that you can enjoy yourself without worry.

Looking for competitive swimwear? Simply Swim has it all…

For the last few years, I have been hitting them gym 3-4 times a week or not going for months. At the moment I’m in a ‘I’ve forgotten where the gym is’ phase. But the summer is coming and I am going to get myself back down to gym. While at the gym I love to swim, but I generally wear a standard black swimsuit.

I have a couple of friends who swim competitively, they head out to competitions most weekends. They have always swam but in the last few years taken it up more seriously. Mia, my friends daughter has just turned 13 and is now swimming for the county and hitting some top times in her races.

competitive swimwear

Like I said whenever I head to the pool at the gym, I am just wearing the standard black swimsuit. So I have been speaking with them about what they like to wear while competing. I never knew that there was so many things to think about. Nose clips, hats, googles, style of swimsuit to wear. Then depending on the training they are doing, hand paddles to help with muscle strengthening, a pull kick board to help with your leg strengthening and movement through the water. Then a finger paddle to help with gliding through the water. I will be honest, I never realised they think about all of these things when taking up swimming.

What’s in a competitive swimmers kit?

I asked Mia to tell be about the items within her swim bags and show me her top picks from Simply Swim. Mia heads training 4-6 times a week depending on if she is competing at the weekend. Often heading to the pool before and after school, so snacks are always found in her bag. Mia knows that she has to put in the hours in the pool to reach her goals of heading the the Olympics in a few years.

Along with the food supplies, water bottle and towel, Mia has told me she also has 3 kneeskin’s, which is an all in one swim suit that goes up from the thighs, googles, hat and nose peg.

Top competitive swimwear from Simply Swim

Mia has put together her top picks from Simply Swim.

Mia loved this ‘Arena Powerskin Carbon air full body‘ in the plum colour. The colour is fabulous so she can be seen better through the water. The length of the shorts are just what Mia looks for when choosing her swimwear. This offers compression areas without altering the comfort of the suit, perfect for competing. Mia really likes the Arena swimwear range.

Having a great pair of goggles is really important to Mia, they allow her to race though the water with ease. Mia said that the goggles have to fit perfectly over her swim cap. These pink ‘speedo virtue mirror goggles‘ caught Mia’s eyes.

To finish off Mia’s top picks, she went for this Speedo ‘printed long hair cap‘ to keep her long hair all neatly tucked away. The caps help to make the swimmer to reduce the drag of the water. I never knew that caps came designed for long hair or short hair. It would appear that there is a lot I didn’t know about competitive swimming.

As a teenager it is also important to her that she looks great in the pool, as well as having the best equipment to help produce the best results. Although Mia is able to wear a lot of the junior swimwear ranges, she is now beginning to go into the adult range. The wonderful thing about Simply Swim is they offer both junior and adult options in the same styles. Simply Swim cater for the whole family from babies to adults, so whatever you are looking for you will be able to find.

Do you swim competitively? What’s in you kit?

I wish Mia lots of luck in her next big race weekend. Keep it up sweetheart and we shall see you at the Olympics in a few years.


*This post was made in collaboration with SImply Swim. As always thoughts and opinions are my own, however Mia helped me out with this post.*

Staying healthy as the weather warms up

As spring kicks in and the weather starts to (slowly..) pick up, there is often a range of common problems and issues that some people will have to deal with.

Whether it’s dealing with a severe allergy that wasn’t a worry during the winter season, or simply looking for ways to better handle the increased sunlight and rise in temperatures, there’s a lot to deal with, but also a range of ways you can make it easier for yourself.


Preventative measures such as effective allergy medication can be great, but there are plenty of ways you can take care of yourself during the spring. This post provides some advice on ways you can stay healthy while the weather starts to pick up.

What to be aware of

There are a few key issues that can start to crop up during spring. It’s important to know what you might have to deal with, so that you can prepare yourself and reduce the impact certain issues might have on you.

For example, as spring rolls in, pollen counts will start to rise. This can mean that you’re more prone to bouts of hay fever and other allergies. Better weather might also mean that people are more inclined to take pets with them on trips out, which can mean allergies to pet dander start to flare up

Occasionally, temperatures in spring can also vary quite drastically, sometimes leading to surprisingly warm temperatures. While it might not be the first thing you think about during the early stages of spring, you should keep in mind the possibility of sun burn while out on a warm day.

Dealing with and helping to prevent issues

Hay fever and allergies can really disrupt people’s schedules and lead to a great deal of discomfort. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways that you can help make them easier to deal with, allowing you to keep active throughout tougher periods.

For example, make sure to keep a close eye on weather forecasts for each week. Knowledge of the projected pollen counts for each day can help you prepare yourself so allergies won’t affect you as much. Start taking antihistamine allergy medication a few days before a high pollen count. Having the medicine in your system in advance will help drastically reduce the effect an allergy can have on you.

Washing your clothes and bedding more frequently than usually can also be really helpful. Pollen and other allergens can cling to clothes, which means you could be ill and affected for far longer than you need to be.

Frequent washing will help keep your clothes, and your house, free from allergens. Keeping allergens out of the bedroom is also especially helpful when it comes to getting a full good night’s sleep.

Even something as simple as making sure you’re well-rested can be a great way to stay healthy and feeling good as the season rolls in. Good nutrition, staying hydrated and resting properly can all work together to help keep your immune system working great and keep you healthy.

Ensuring you’re aware of the common seasonal ailments and what steps you can take to deal with them can be fantastic for ensuring that you’re able to enjoy yourself more, instead of being stuck in bed ill, or out and about while suffering from a bad allergy attack.


*This post was made in collaboration with Chemists 4 U.*