Staying healthy as the weather warms up

As spring kicks in and the weather starts to (slowly..) pick up, there is often a range of common problems and issues that some people will have to deal with.

Whether it’s dealing with a severe allergy that wasn’t a worry during the winter season, or simply looking for ways to better handle the increased sunlight and rise in temperatures, there’s a lot to deal with, but also a range of ways you can make it easier for yourself.


Preventative measures such as effective allergy medication can be great, but there are plenty of ways you can take care of yourself during the spring. This post provides some advice on ways you can stay healthy while the weather starts to pick up.

What to be aware of

There are a few key issues that can start to crop up during spring. It’s important to know what you might have to deal with, so that you can prepare yourself and reduce the impact certain issues might have on you.

For example, as spring rolls in, pollen counts will start to rise. This can mean that you’re more prone to bouts of hay fever and other allergies. Better weather might also mean that people are more inclined to take pets with them on trips out, which can mean allergies to pet dander start to flare up

Occasionally, temperatures in spring can also vary quite drastically, sometimes leading to surprisingly warm temperatures. While it might not be the first thing you think about during the early stages of spring, you should keep in mind the possibility of sun burn while out on a warm day.

Dealing with and helping to prevent issues

Hay fever and allergies can really disrupt people’s schedules and lead to a great deal of discomfort. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways that you can help make them easier to deal with, allowing you to keep active throughout tougher periods.

For example, make sure to keep a close eye on weather forecasts for each week. Knowledge of the projected pollen counts for each day can help you prepare yourself so allergies won’t affect you as much. Start taking antihistamine allergy medication a few days before a high pollen count. Having the medicine in your system in advance will help drastically reduce the effect an allergy can have on you.

Washing your clothes and bedding more frequently than usually can also be really helpful. Pollen and other allergens can cling to clothes, which means you could be ill and affected for far longer than you need to be.

Frequent washing will help keep your clothes, and your house, free from allergens. Keeping allergens out of the bedroom is also especially helpful when it comes to getting a full good night’s sleep.

Even something as simple as making sure you’re well-rested can be a great way to stay healthy and feeling good as the season rolls in. Good nutrition, staying hydrated and resting properly can all work together to help keep your immune system working great and keep you healthy.

Ensuring you’re aware of the common seasonal ailments and what steps you can take to deal with them can be fantastic for ensuring that you’re able to enjoy yourself more, instead of being stuck in bed ill, or out and about while suffering from a bad allergy attack.


*This post was made in collaboration with Chemists 4 U.*

Finding A Home In The Modern Era

There’s a lot of different housing needs out there, and everyone on the planet needs a safe and secure place to live. However, prices are up and down all over the market and trying to afford a flat near a job in a big city is something not a lot of us will see in our lifetimes!  And yet, moving doesn’t always have to be so difficult to get on with. If you know you’re going to have to find a place of your own in the future, and the idea itself is completely scary, this is the post for you. Keep these considerations in mind, and always remember you’re going to land on your feet.

Deciding on a location

House prices fluctuate wildly the nearer you go to a major city. Whilst you might be able to comfortably afford a place in a southern town for the time being, the location itself isn’t usually sought after. Access to medical centres, soothing your shopping needs, crime rates, and the ability to call people out for something breaking down can very easily make the area stale and frustrating.

It’s then we turn to finding roommates to afford a better place, or taking on more hours at work so you can achieve a higher rental price securely. However, even when you’re not in an inner city circle, finding yourself an urban area isn’t going to come at too steep a cost. Maybe an extra ten or twenty pound a month is going to grace your bills, but that’s fair when you consider the amount of needs satisfied by being near the local corner shop.

Moving with family in mind

Our generation is one that has to cope with a lot. A crashing economy, the introduction of new and exciting technology that makes us nostalgic of simpler times, and having to stay at home a lot longer due to financial, medical, and family concerns.

Even if you do need to move whilst considering how your family will cope, there’s a lot you can look into to help you out. Maybe you have ageing parents and you’re worried about where they could go; thankfully, homes like that of Cayon Care Services can take the pressure off. Using a service like this means you can live your life to the fullest whilst still keeping your parents in mind!

Go with your gut!

You know what you want, and more importantly you know what you need, so make sure you’re always following your instinct when it comes to finding a place to live. Never ignore your own intuition in the face of expert opinions and a good location; if you’re not comfortable now, you never will be.

Finding a good place to live that has all of your considerations in mind is going to be tricky, but it’s not impossible! Never forget the amount of options you have, and never let yourself feel hopeless in the face of this current real estate market. It’s your oyster!

Valentines Day in Numbers

It’s very nearly valentines day, the time of year you show your loved ones just how much you love them. Often buying a nice gift, flowers and a card and sharing some special ‘couple time’.

Did you know that in March the number of home pregnancy tests that are bought is higher than any other month of the year? Believed to be resulting in the passion that come rounds around Valentines day……….

Although it’s important to be aware of your sexual health all year round, The Independent Pharmacy are encouraging people to me more ‘Sex Wise’ at this time of the year. Sales of condoms increase by around 20-30% at this time of year, which is great but it isn’t just safe sex that is important.

Valentines day is a collection of numbers, the amount of red roses produced, boxes of chocolates, engagements but for some people it can be unwanted pregnancies, STI’s, erectile dysfunction. The Independent Pharmacy has put together a Valentines day in numbers guide, it just goes to show how important Valentines day has become to us as a Nation.

Valentines day in numbers

Sex, health, and romance on Valentine's Day.

Whatever you are doing for Valentines this year, have fun but stay safe.


*This post was made in collaboration with The Independent Pharmacy.*