Christmas food and drink lover…..

I love Christmas and everything that comes along with the joys of it all. Putting up the tree and all of the decorations up, heading to local Christmas markets, the town lights switch on. Buying gifts and wrapping them, seeing the tree with beautifully wrapped gifts under it. Not forgetting the food. For the last few years I have cooked Christmas dinner at home, with my Dad and sister coming along. This year I will be cooking for 5 adults and 3 children, and I love it.


On Christmas Eve I prep all of the vegetables for the following day, I set the table, place little gifts on everyone’s charger plates. In the evening we will often have a cheese board along with a glass or two of wine. We always make fancy hot chocolates and watch a Christmas film with the children after their bath. I add marshmallows, sprinkles, cream and a candy cane. Once the very excited children have gone to sleep, Santa arrives and we enjoy a bottle of champagne and a nice box of chocolates.

Christmas day in our house is always full of fun and very focused around the food and drink. I put the turkey in about 7, when the children wake up to open their stockings. My Hubby and I start off with bucks fizz at about 9 in the morning and then continue to drink slowly throughout the day. As I prep all of the vegetables on Christmas Eve I then just have to cook it all on the big day. Ready for us to eat once it is all ready. I always aim for 1pm to eat but it’s often nearer 2pm, timings are just not my strong point. We then eat, along with more wine or fizz, before watching the queen’s speech and opening presents.

Christmas food guide

As food and drink plays such large part of Christmas in our house I thought I would share with you some lovely indulgent food and drink item to have over the festive period. Whether you are entertaining friends, looking for a foodie gift or just wanting something for yourself.

I love a hamper at Christmas, this fabulous sweet treat hamper is the perfect little gift for someone for Christmas. Or to buy for yourself to enjoy over the Christmas period. This little hamper bag is from Fine Me A Gift, they have lots of other yummy gifts to choose from.

Christmas biscuits are a must in our house for Christmas Eve, we all sit down with a hot chocolate and a Christmas film and eat a few to many. Plus Father Christmas loves a biscuit and a mince pie. Konditor and Cook have a lovely range of luxury treats that you can enjoy during the Christmas festivities.

At Christmas we always buy in so many items that we just don’t throughout the rest of the year. Pickled Walnuts, Stem ginger and alcohol socked apricots, all yummy and will be make perfect additions to all of the baking and cooking that I do over Christmas. Opies have a whole range of yummy fruit products that are perfect for baking with. I cannot wait to find recipes that I use these items in.

In our house ice-creams and cheesecake are a must have over Christmas, we regularly have people round so these mini cheesecakes from Oppo are perfect to keep in the fridge for when people turn up, plus at only 159 calories its perfect for a treat even after having indulged over Christmas. Oppo’s ice-cream is also low calorie and taste amazing. The chocolate hazelnut one is delicious, I have loved having Oppo ice cream in the freezer to enjoy.

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas cake right? Now I’m not the biggest fan of fruit cakes, although my Hubby loves them. So this cute little post box cake from bakerdays, it tastes yummy and they have a large selection of different filling and also styles you can choose from. Baker Days also offer personalised cakes and not just for Christmas.

Christmas Drink Guide

The Crane Twins are currently rocking the world with their amazing cranberry delights, this Cranberry and Blood Orange liqueur is the perfect addition to the Christmas drink collection. It has the taste of Christmas and added to prosecco it is a my new must have Christmas drink. If you pop over to their wed site they have a collection of cocktail recipes you can use, why not host a Christmas drinks party, or save it all for you.

Celia is an organic Czech larger, it’s also gluten free and vegan friendly, which makes it perfect for our house when then our vegan friends come round. It also tastes amazing and it’s lovely to have in the fridge not just for Christmas but all year round.

I love prosecco, it’s a staple part of my weekly food shop. I don’t often open a bottle just for me, but I enjoy a couple of glasses with friends on a weekend. This Sensi Vini Prosecco is going to be of the table on Christmas day, the gold bottle is a show stopper. I shall be enjoying with our Christmas dinner and then during the Queens speech.

When I was pregnant, I found it very difficult to find a drink that was an alcohol free wine. I really wanted a to have the celebratory feeling without the alcohol well Botonique is just that. It is an alcohol free and is lovely to drink, a low calorie Champagne that you can enjoy over Christmas even if you are driving.

My Hubby loves a rum and this Duppy Share is a great Caribbean Rum, that is full of flavour, it seems to be going down so my Hubby must be enjoying it. Duppy Share will make a brilliant addition to all of my cocktails for the Christmas drinks night that we have. It would also make a great Christmas present as well.

Now I have sorted out the drinks and yummy foodie bits, it’s jus the ‘big shop’ and the craziness involved with that a couple of days before Christmas. I hope that whatever you are doing for Christmas I hope you have an amazing time.


*I have been sent products to include within my food and drinks Christmas guide.*

Christmas shopping with Bradbury’s The Jewellers

With Christmas coming it’s so important that your shopping experience is as easy and as stress free as possible. As more and more people shop online instead of the high street it’s important that companies have beautiful and easy to use websites so people can shop with ease and come back.

I am one of those people who loves to hit the high street but just runs out of time so I do most of my Christmas shopping online. I do not however like a site that is difficult to use. Recently Bradbury’s the jewellers got in touch with me to ask how I found their online shopping experience and if I would use their online store for a spot of shopping. Why not, when I love shopping and jewellery!

At the moment if you go to Bradbury’s the Jewellers home page, you are greeted with failing snowflakes! How perfect is that? It brings me straight into the Christmas mood, they are so small that they do not get in the way of browsing the site but they lovely.

bradbury's the jewellers gift wrap

Bradbury’s the Jewellers is a jewellers based in Halifax, Yorkshire and are home to some fabulous designer brands, Links of London, Thomas Sabo, Couer de Lion, Folli Follie, Olivia Burton and quite a few more. Their choice of brands are just fabulous, they are my go to for gifts for my sister and closest friends.

Bradbury’s the Jewellers website is so easy to use, you are able navigate round I going back and forth between that pages, different brands and product types. I was easily about to find numerous items that I like for both me and for gifts.

My Olivia Burton from Bradbury’s the Jewellers

I ended up buying an Olivia Burton honeycomb bee necklace in rose gold, there was so many lovely items I could have chosen. I have spoken about my love of bees before so this was perfect for me. Adding items to the basket is also easy and them continuing shopping was easy. It all adds up to make a lovely shopping experience.

My item arrived packaged beautifully and gift wrapped beautifully. I love my necklace and I cannot wait to start wearing it, it will suit so many outfits.

When I shop online it’s the whole shopping experience for me, from first landing on a website to the items arriving. I have many times gone back to a company online when the items have arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper or a nice branded bag or box, even if they are slightly more expensive. It just makes for a happy experience.

Thank you Bradbury’s for making my online shopping experience so wonderful. I look forward to shopping with you again.


*This is a collaborative post.*

Luxury Christmas gifts for her

Can you believe that another year has almost passed and it’s time to really start thinking about what Christmas gifts. I am going to be working on a couple of gift guides this year, one for him and one for her.

I love to buy Christmas gifts, finding something special that the person you are buying it for will love. When gifts are bought for me I normally like items that I wouldn’t buy for myself, a little treat that I just wouldn’t splash out on. It doesn’t always have to be bespoke jewellery, although it would be nice.


I have put together some fabulous items that the lady in your life will love to find under the Christmas tree.


There is nothing like breakfast in bed, and with this absolutely gorgeous hand made tray from Vincent Trading, means that my Hubby can treat me to breakfast in bed. Making a this beautiful tray at gift that will keep giving. The finish on the tray is just beautiful, Vincent Trading are based in Devon and I could happily fill my home with their beautiful hand made items, mini tables, chopping boards, benches and dinning tables. It’s the perfect size for a pot of tea and maybe a slice of cake.

Sass and Belle are one of my go to brands for gifts, they have someone for everyone. Having bought my niece and daughter numerous items from their unicorn range. I have chosen this gorgeous Seagrass basket with little grey pom poms, I have wanted one for ages, it is going to look fabulous with my blankets in. I have a bit of a jewellery obsession so this cute little gold honey bee hive jewellery tray with bees on is just gorgeous, I love bee’s and I am really thinking about having a hive in the garden. Both perfect gifts for the lady in your life.

During the winter months I love nothing more than snuggling under a blanket watching a film, so a blanket for me is the perfect gift. Secret project make a secret pillow, it is basically a blanket that folds up to make a pillow. It’s so warm and cuddly, plus looks lovely on the sofa. The Secret Project is a a project that is empowering women all over the world to produce items which helps them with financial independence. The Secret Project make lots of different items each of which I would be happy to be given as a Christmas gift.


I love Flowers, they really do make me happy. It doesn’t matter if they are daisies picked by the children or a beautiful bouquet bought for me by my Hubby. On the occasions when I arrive home to flowers I love it. Imagine how that would feel on a monthly bases for a year, with the gift of subscription flowers. Appleyard flowers have a stunning range of bouquets that can be delivered to your door. The subscriptions can be from 3 months to ongoing, with costs from as little as £22 per month, which for one of the Appleyard Flower bouquets each month I think is great value.


I love a makeup bag, I think you can never have too many of them. This gorgeous one from Oli Olsen is just gorgeous. It has got plenty of space, and will be perfect for having in my hand bag each day, with it’s wipeable fabric means it will last for ages. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous make up bag for Christmas?

Stocking fillers are a must have, Curaprox toothbrush and toothpaste, amazingly sharpe Rubis twisters, a Twist and Spritz refillable perfume tube that’s great for just popping in your hand bag filled with your favourite perfume. Not forgetting Olverum bath oil, which is perfect for relaxing after all of the festivities. I have used Olverum for a while now, and it is a lovely product, you get out of the bath with smooth silky skin and wanting another bath.

I love to have pretty nails, so having nail varnishes from Cienna Rose and a fabulous nail art kit from Sensationail are a must for me. These little gifts are wonderful stocking fillers.

Each year on my Christmas list I pop on a bottle of perfume, I love to have a few different ones on my dressing table so I can use something different depending on my mood. I love this Seksy entice perfume, it has a fresh fruity smell that is perfect for everyday.

Every lady loves a bath bomb, so a hamper full of them is just perfect for any lady. My 5 year loves to have a bath bomb in her bath so no doubt a Bomb Cosmetics hamper from find a gift will be shared with her. Packed with bath bomb, soaps and even a fabulously smelling candle. The hamper really is large, I would love to see it waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning.

One thing that I always have in my handbag bag is a lip balm, O’Keeffe’s have a fabulous range for hard working hands and feet. Their gift set comes with a lip balm, hand cream and foot cream. It’s a great gift, when you are on your feet all day and maybe like me don’t use quite enough foot cream. I cannot wait to start using this gift set.

Sweet Treats

Yummy chocolate is a must have gift for any lady, these cute little chocolate squares from Oli Olsen make a great little stocking filler.

I do love a nice glass or two of Prosecco, Popaball produce a large range of different flavoured balls that you add to your glass and then they flavour your drink and they pop in your mouth. I have tried a few different flavours, but I’m looking forward to trying the Lychee ones they have recently launched. Popaball also have some designed for gin. Yummy!

A little treat

Candles are just about always burning in our house, in the family room, the living room and on occasion our bedroom. So being gifted a candle will always makes me happy. Me and Mats love candle is lovely and this one actually arrives wrapped and smells amazing when lit.

I love heading to the beach for the day, enjoying the sun and the sea. However I really hate sand. It gets everywhere, all over my towel and in places I didn’t know would be possible get sand. However, Tesalate have designed a towel that is sand repelling. It basically means that the sand will not stick to it, it just falls off, which is also perfect for when you are packing up for the day.

The towel folds up really small into it’s own little bag. So you can pop it into your beach bag with the knowledge that it is not going to add extra sand to you bag. Tesalate have a fabulous collection of styles, I really loved To Tuscany style. The towel has a more waffle feel to it rather than the standard fluffy beach towel, but if it keeps the sand away then it’s a winner for me.

As you readers will already know, I’m a stationery lover. So being gifted a gorgeous Filofax note pad and pen set from Ryman the stationery, is one of the most perfect gifts for me. I always have a note pad on me, they are also all over the house. This Filofax note pad is lovely, as it has moveable pages and page separators, perfect for all of my lists.

I love to read, so finding books under the Christmas tree is also a joy for me. I really like easy reading, girly romance style books. A new map of love by Abi Oliver has got great reviews and looks like the perfect story for me to enjoy on the sofa with a cuppa on a Sunday afternoon. No one but you by Tessa Levy is a post war story about a young lady who has a difficult life on but in America and England. It’s not my normal style of story but it looks like a great read.

I have been trying to eat healthier over the last few months and I plan to take that into the new year. So having the A Kitchen Fairytale is a fabulous book packed full of lovely healing with food ideas and recipes. We also really want our own vegetable patch to grown our own produce, I’m not saying we would grow enough for all of our vegetables but enough to enjoy and make a few messages. The Grow Happy, Cook Happy and Be Happy book is going to be a great helping to enjoy all everything we will be growing.

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I know it’s been a big part of my life for a very long time, it makes me so happy that we now have the Fantastic Beasts films to enjoy. I’m just in love with this cute little Niffler trinket dish it’s just the perfect little gift for any Happy Potter lover.

The little things

With the new year not so far away, it’s the start of new things and that often means a healthy eating plan. This is cute little flamingo lunch box on my list means I will have be able to plan out my lunches and not pop to the shop on the way to the studio.

I am always trying to ensure that I drink more water, Stigg have sent me this gorgeous blush coloured water bottle. It keeps cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. I haven’t tried it hot yet, however it really does keep things cold. It also looks fabulous when I take it from my hand bag. It really has helped me to up my water intake.

We have been trying to keep away from plastic straws, so these reusable ones from Klean Kanteen are perfect for the cocktails and the kids drinks. Plus I love this travel cup, so I can take it along on the school run. Wonderful stocking fillers that are practical and brilliant Christmas gifts.

It’s no surprise that I love a handbag, who doesn’t right. I have taken to using a back pack on occasion when out as a family, it really does free up your hands for the children. My Mia Tui bag is gorgeous, I love it’s mustard colour, and the hidden zip on the back so I can pop my purse and phone in there and not worry about someone getting them while it’s on my back. My Jess backpack is the perfect size as well, it’s not big enough to look like a school bag, or so small it should belong to my 5 year old. As with all Mia Tui bags they are vegan friendly and made to a really high quality.


Whatever you get your lucky lady for Christmas I’m sure she will love it, don’t forget that how your wrap your presents is also really important. So why not add them into a beautiful Christmas sack from Hand Made Christmas, you could even get them personalised, for added brownie points.

I hope you have got some inspiration from my gift guide for finding the perfect gift for the lady in your life and you have the most magical Christmas.

Happy Christmas!


*I have been sent the items for inclusion within my gift guide. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*