Christmas shopping with cashback

I love Christmas shopping, well shopping in general, I’ve spoken about it many times. I do generally online shop for most things, the main thing I don’t do online is food shopping. As much as I hate food shopping I just have never got my head around online food shopping.

When I shop online I always look for a discount code or a Christmas cashback site to use for it. I am always looking at ways to save some money, it helps me to justify everything that I buy and it’s quite a lot. My Christmas shopping has just about all been completed online.

Along with the 42% of people who do their Christmas shopping online or so statistics say, I do almost all of mine online. The thought of walking around shopping centres or city centres with large shopping bags really puts me off.

Did you know that you could have a chance of winning all of your money back each time you shop online? How fabulous is that?

Hello Boom25

Boom25 is ‘not your regular cashback site’ where by you can get a small percentage of our shopping in cashback. Boom25 gives you the chance to win all of your money back. Sounds great to me.

So how does it work?

I have spent some time looking at their website so find out just how it works and how easy it is to use. Like will all many of the cashback sites it is free to sign up too. Once registered you can start of track your shopping activity, in your account area you can see this and it shows you any winnings or bonuses you have made. You then find the retailer you are wanting to shop with, click through to their site, on you have made your purchase you then need to pray you are a winner.

Boom25 pays out winnings to every 25th purchase made using their site. So that’s a 1:25 chance of winning the cost of your shopping back. It’s then paid to you via PayPal, just don’t forget about their fees that gets taken off as well. If you a making a large online purchase it might well be worth while giving Boom25 a go, you could get everything you paid back.

I love the idea of Boom25, when I get my head around online food shopping I might well give it ago. As it supports so many online retailers with all of the major supermarkets being there. Why not give it ago.


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The Different Eras Of Antique Jewellery

Antique and vintage jewellery has been popular for a long time, and there are many different years where the jewellery is still in vogue even today. If you have a passion for jewellery and want to better understand where your favourites pieces have come from, below is a summary of the most popular ears for jewellery.

The Different Eras Of Antique Jewellery
Image:- Pixabay

The Georgian Era from 1714 to 1830

The Georgian era is named after the British kings George I, Gorge II, and George III, spanning from 1714 up to 1830. During this era, jewellery was predominantly worn by the upper classes and is more about the size and cut of the stones, rather than the intricacy and beauty of the jewellery itself. As such, many Georgian pieces were broken and reused to create other pieces of jewellery, which makes what survived highly collectable.

The Victorian Era 1837 to 1901

The Victorian era was also named after the British monarch, Queen Victoria, and it is said that the style of jewellery at the time often mimicked her life. Popular during this time were hearts, bows, birds, as well as flowers, and during this time, it also became fashionable to wear darker coloured jewellery which incorporated black enamel, fossilised coal, as well as black onyx.

Art Nouveau Era 1880 to 1910

The Art Nouveau era did not last for very long, but it did have a big impact on jewellery design which can still be seen today. The era is famous for getting inspiration from nature and also for using new types of material such as horn, copper, or shell. The popular precious stones for this era were freshwater pearls, amethyst, amber, opal, and citrine.

Art Deco Era 1920 to 1939

Within this era, symmetry was embraced which is reflected in the geometric designs that became popular during this time. You can see some excellent examples of Art Deco pieces such as vintage watches from Kalmar Antiques. Bigger and brighter stones were used during this era with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds being popular.

Edwardian Era 1901 to 1915

During the Edwardian era, the most popular materials that were used for jewellery are diamonds, platinum, as well as pearls. The style was thought to be the epitome of sophistication with its white on white design. The jewellery designers of the time would often look at Ancient Greek, Roman, and Napoleonic art for inspiration when designing their jewellery.

The Different Eras Of Antique Jewellery
Image:- Pixabay

Retro Era 1939 to 1950

The retro era is the final one in antique jewellery, and the jewellery that was created in this time is also known as cocktail jewellery. With films being extremely popular during this time, the demand for Hollywood style fashion also grew.  Many of the stones that were used were oversized while keeping a playful feel. It was also a time when many synthetics were introduced, and alloys became a more popular choice for the metals used.

The Different Eras Of Antique Jewellery
Image:- Pixabay

If the history of jewellery is something that sparks your interest, then you may also wish to read the History of Jewellery.

These are the different main types of antique jewellery that you find in the marketplace. There will always be some jewellery which is not really classifiable but is still an antique and beautiful.

Christmas food and drink lover…..

I love Christmas and everything that comes along with the joys of it all. Putting up the tree and all of the decorations up, heading to local Christmas markets, the town lights switch on. Buying gifts and wrapping them, seeing the tree with beautifully wrapped gifts under it. Not forgetting the food. For the last few years I have cooked Christmas dinner at home, with my Dad and sister coming along. This year I will be cooking for 5 adults and 3 children, and I love it.


On Christmas Eve I prep all of the vegetables for the following day, I set the table, place little gifts on everyone’s charger plates. In the evening we will often have a cheese board along with a glass or two of wine. We always make fancy hot chocolates and watch a Christmas film with the children after their bath. I add marshmallows, sprinkles, cream and a candy cane. Once the very excited children have gone to sleep, Santa arrives and we enjoy a bottle of champagne and a nice box of chocolates.

Christmas day in our house is always full of fun and very focused around the food and drink. I put the turkey in about 7, when the children wake up to open their stockings. My Hubby and I start off with bucks fizz at about 9 in the morning and then continue to drink slowly throughout the day. As I prep all of the vegetables on Christmas Eve I then just have to cook it all on the big day. Ready for us to eat once it is all ready. I always aim for 1pm to eat but it’s often nearer 2pm, timings are just not my strong point. We then eat, along with more wine or fizz, before watching the queen’s speech and opening presents.

Christmas food guide

As food and drink plays such large part of Christmas in our house I thought I would share with you some lovely indulgent food and drink item to have over the festive period. Whether you are entertaining friends, looking for a foodie gift or just wanting something for yourself.

I love a hamper at Christmas, this fabulous sweet treat hamper is the perfect little gift for someone for Christmas. Or to buy for yourself to enjoy over the Christmas period. This little hamper bag is from Fine Me A Gift, they have lots of other yummy gifts to choose from.

Christmas biscuits are a must in our house for Christmas Eve, we all sit down with a hot chocolate and a Christmas film and eat a few to many. Plus Father Christmas loves a biscuit and a mince pie. Konditor and Cook have a lovely range of luxury treats that you can enjoy during the Christmas festivities.

At Christmas we always buy in so many items that we just don’t throughout the rest of the year. Pickled Walnuts, Stem ginger and alcohol socked apricots, all yummy and will be make perfect additions to all of the baking and cooking that I do over Christmas. Opies have a whole range of yummy fruit products that are perfect for baking with. I cannot wait to find recipes that I use these items in.

In our house ice-creams and cheesecake are a must have over Christmas, we regularly have people round so these mini cheesecakes from Oppo are perfect to keep in the fridge for when people turn up, plus at only 159 calories its perfect for a treat even after having indulged over Christmas. Oppo’s ice-cream is also low calorie and taste amazing. The chocolate hazelnut one is delicious, I have loved having Oppo ice cream in the freezer to enjoy.

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas cake right? Now I’m not the biggest fan of fruit cakes, although my Hubby loves them. So this cute little post box cake from bakerdays, it tastes yummy and they have a large selection of different filling and also styles you can choose from. Baker Days also offer personalised cakes and not just for Christmas.

Christmas Drink Guide

The Crane Twins are currently rocking the world with their amazing cranberry delights, this Cranberry and Blood Orange liqueur is the perfect addition to the Christmas drink collection. It has the taste of Christmas and added to prosecco it is a my new must have Christmas drink. If you pop over to their wed site they have a collection of cocktail recipes you can use, why not host a Christmas drinks party, or save it all for you.

Celia is an organic Czech larger, it’s also gluten free and vegan friendly, which makes it perfect for our house when then our vegan friends come round. It also tastes amazing and it’s lovely to have in the fridge not just for Christmas but all year round.

I love prosecco, it’s a staple part of my weekly food shop. I don’t often open a bottle just for me, but I enjoy a couple of glasses with friends on a weekend. This Sensi Vini Prosecco is going to be of the table on Christmas day, the gold bottle is a show stopper. I shall be enjoying with our Christmas dinner and then during the Queens speech.

When I was pregnant, I found it very difficult to find a drink that was an alcohol free wine. I really wanted a to have the celebratory feeling without the alcohol well Botonique is just that. It is an alcohol free and is lovely to drink, a low calorie Champagne that you can enjoy over Christmas even if you are driving.

My Hubby loves a rum and this Duppy Share is a great Caribbean Rum, that is full of flavour, it seems to be going down so my Hubby must be enjoying it. Duppy Share will make a brilliant addition to all of my cocktails for the Christmas drinks night that we have. It would also make a great Christmas present as well.

Now I have sorted out the drinks and yummy foodie bits, it’s jus the ‘big shop’ and the craziness involved with that a couple of days before Christmas. I hope that whatever you are doing for Christmas I hope you have an amazing time.


*I have been sent products to include within my food and drinks Christmas guide.*