A Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace Length

When it comes to wearing necklaces, length is always a concern. Too long and the item looks unflattering, and too short makes you look like an oversized giant, so how does a girl ensure that the necklace she wants to wear is of the right length? There are no hard and fast rules on necklace length, it’s more a question of whether it suits the wearer. There are 5 industry necklace lengths for women, namely, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches. Of course, it very much depends on the outfit, but for the choker style, the 14 inch would work for most girls, while something for that formal evening gown would be better at the longer end of the scale, say 20 or 22 inches.

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Mid-Range Necklaces

The most common sizes are 16-22 inches, which hang slightly different depending on your size. If you are looking to buy handmade silver jewellery for her and you prefer to purchase a necklace, the middle sizes offer the best chance of success. Failing that, why not secretly measure one of her favourite necklaces? That way you can be absolutely sure.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a necklace for your partner, the following should be taken into account:

  • Her neck
  • Her height
  • Her body size
  • Her face shape

If possible, measure her neck and add two inches to that if you want a choker-style bracelet, while a pendant type necklace requires 4 inches added to the neck size.

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Avoid Current Trends

When looking at necklaces, the trend is not important, rather ensure that the item will sit right on the wearer. Always remember that what might look great on one woman, will look terrible on another, and so gauge your partner’s style and preference before making any decisions.

Bust Considerations

The lowest point of a necklace is the area that people’s gaze is drawn to and for big busted women, a shorter necklace might be more suitable, while a woman with a small bust would look better with a slightly longer necklace. Does your girl have a few necklaces she likes to wear often? If you can measure one, so much the better. This way you can shop with some confidence. Ask any girl which necklaces she has that she never wears and the chances are they will all be gifts.

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Buying From Online Jewellers

When buying jewellery today, most people automatically think of the online jeweller, and for good reason. For a start, you can browse to your heart’s content from the comfort of your armchair and the online jeweller has a much wider range of items on offer than any high street retailer could ever stock. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the item shipped to your home address and the courier service is very quick.

By following the above advice, the necklace you choose should be of perfect length and by researching style, the surprise gift will be one that takes pride of place in her jewellery box.

The perfect tea and cake with Maxwell and Williams

I love nothing more than a cup of tea. I even take a travel mug of tea with me on the school run. But it’s just not the same as drinking loose leaf tea from a tea pot in a lovely mug and with a slice of cake. What could be better?

I always think that loose leaf tea tastes so much better than that in a bag, however it’s not often that I have a pot of tea. I’m normally so busy it goes cold so I normally stick to a bag and a mug.

Tea and cake with Maxwell and Williams

Maxwell and Williams have recently launched their autumn/winter collection and were kind enough to send me a couple of gorgeous items from the collection. Including a cute little pink teapot, with a matching mug from their gorgeous Tint stoneware range and a serving platter from the Artisan collection. Perfect for having tea and cake.

The teapot in Rose has a build in loose leaf tea infuser, plus it works as a leaf strainer so you do not have to worry about having one of those as well. I love the shade of pink, it’s a pastel dusky pink shade. It is also light weight, even though it is stoneware, and very easy to take apart for cleaning and easy to load with your tea leaf of choice. Although it is not the normal vintage style china tea pot with a little lid that no doubt I would drop and break, I actually love the modern style and yet it feels traditional to be using a tea pot.

The matching snug mug also in Rose, really is snug as it sits beautifully within your hand. It the perfect mug for cuddling on a cold winters day in front of the fire. Both hands fit around curves, plus it also has that beautiful dusky pink shade that I love so much.

The Artisan serving platter is a gorgeous bespoke item. It has a lovely pink shade to it, so although it is not part of the Tint collection I actually think the items sit beautifully together. The platter has a crackle glaze finish, which looks beautiful and very unique, using the crackle glaze technique it means that each item within the Artisan collection is unique. I love it. As the platter is also not a traditional circle or oval shape, it is more of a tear drop. It means I can add cake and still have space to place the knife or add a pot of hummus if I was using it as a bread board.

I am going to make sure that I incorporate my cute little Tint tea pot and mug into my everyday life. It will be my companion while sat at my desk working from home each day. Do you use a tea pot or do you just go for a bag in a mug?


*Thank you Maxwell and Williams for gifting me this stunning items, they are now a firm favourite in my house.*

Luxury travel for all with Niche Retreats

I love a little bit of luxury in my life, but for so many people they hear the word luxury and think expensive. Adding luxury to your life doesn’t always have to be expensive. Heading away on holiday or a weekend break for me is about finding a a beautiful place to stay. Sometimes you just need to get away from everyday life and relax with a little bit of luxury.


Finding a holiday that is not only luxurious but also affordable for all, really isn’t as difficult as people think. Niche Retreats is the perfect place to start looking for that luxury break that is affordable. It could be you are looking for a romantic break away or organising something for the whole extended family or a large group of friends. Niche Retreats offers it all. From a couple to a group of 50 people.

A couple of years ago I was tasked with finding a property that was big enough to house all of the Hubby’s family including all four of his step brothers, sister, partners, children and dog. In total their was 17 of us going and at the time 4 dogs, it was really difficult to find somewhere within the school holidays that was affordable for everyone but also big enough and would take the dogs.

I started to look about 18 months before we were going and although I booked it just over 12 months before the holiday it was a struggle. We ended up a place that was large enough for us all, a good location to a beach however it wasn’t really a luxury property. Now the family has extended even more, we have more children, more partners and we have 9 dogs between us all. Not that we would now take that many dogs away.

Luxury for larger families or groups

I thought finding something that would be suitable for everyone almost impossible. However, with Niche Retreats they had many luxurious yet affordable options for us. I thought I would share my favourite with you.


Tregoninny Farmhouse and Barns is located near the beautiful village of Tresillian, Cornwall. Set in it’s own private woodland and farm and only 2 miles from Truro. The farmhouse and barns sleep 22 people, 11 in the farm house and 11 in the barn and welcomes 5 dogs. Not only would Tregoninny be more than large enough for my Hubby’s family it has that luxurious feel that I look for. Believe me, spending a week away with his family needs a bit of luxury and a lot of gin to help me get through it.

The farmhouse and barns has large dinning areas, beautiful sitting rooms, so much outdoor space for the children and the dogs. 7 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms, parking for numerous cars, woodlands to walk around and log burners to keep you toasty and warm.

Tregoninny farmhouse and barns really is the perfect venue for a large group of friends or a large family gathering.

Finding a luxury holiday for a large party can be affordable for all. Do you go on big family holidays? Do you have any tips or coping with so many people?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*