Financial challenges for a New Year

Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us. I am hoping that 2019 will be our year. Although 2018 wasn’t a bad year our December hasn’t been the best, my Hubby’s Gran Mother passed away on Christmas Day. I just knew she would become our Christmas Day Angel, so with young children it was an upsetting day for us, we didn’t tell the children until boxing day. As we didn’t want to upset the children on Christmas day.


I was also involved in a car accident two days before Christmas on my way home from visiting Gran. Which, as you can imagine has caused a few issues, my car isn’t drive-able, luckily I have good insurance and the accident wasn’t my fault so it will all be sorted out. However there is still the possibility that my car could be written off, due to my car being hit directly on the wheel, which will add financial strain to the beginning of the year.

Facing financial challenges for the New Year

After Christmas, when you have spent up buying fabulous gifts for people and all I want is nice short month. However January always seems to be the longest month and we are willing for Payday to arrive. Plus every January something happens that means we are short on money. I’m not sure why, but it’s the boiler, the children both need school shoes, the dogs need to go to the vets or like us at the moment it’s the car.

The month of the year when you could just do will very little extra out goings to bump up the saving you have dipped into over Christmas and in the sales, something just about always happens that you are not expecting.

I am worried about my car, we have only had it a year so if it is written off then I’m pretty sure the insurance company would give me the amount of money that it would cost to replace it like for it. Which would then mean I need to look at other ways to top up the money we need to replace it. So just to pre-empt that we will need to find some extra cash fast I have been looking at the CashLady, so if we need it we can easily apply and have some extra cash fast.

When we head into 2019 we want to do it in a good healthy way, we have big plans for 2019 and I hope that they all happen. It could be our best year yet. I hope 2019 is a great year for everyone!


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Saving Money the Christmas

that I have now got everything finished and wrapped up. I have excelled myself this year, as last year it was a made panic to get everything finished and wrapped in time for the big event. So this year I made sure I had it completed early.


I shop for Christmas all year round, I love to find a bargain, online or in the shops. But over the last couple of years I have spent more time looking online for those bargains. It could be a fabulous cashback offer, a brilliant sale that I just caught at the end with an extra discount or it could be a deals online site. When my children were much longer I did almost all of their Christmas shopping in the sales, often hitting it big with the January sales. Now however it is more difficult as they are asking for gifts and not quite so happy to have anything, they both make lists nearer Christmas, plus at the age of 5 the latest doll isn’t out until later in the year. Heaven forbid she didn’t get the last baby doll she wants haha.

Making a list, checking it twice!

Each year I write a list of everyone who I have to buy gifts for, both birthdays and Christmas. I then add ideas to the list with a question mark next to it, sometimes I come up with a great idea for someone on the list and then I forget what it is. So I have to write my ideas down. Then as I buy a gift for each person I then write it down with the price and tick it off. All of this is on my phone, so I always have it with me.


A few years ago when my closest friend had her 3 child, we decided that we would no longer buy Christmas gifts for each other and the children, but spend a bit more on their birthdays. The first couple of years it seemed odd to me not buying the boys gifts but now we are both pleased we don’t have that extra expense over Christmas. I now have this rule with a couple of other friends, I just have one other that I need to arrange this with, but it will wait until next year. I find that I spend £10-£15 on each for her children and she does the same for me. This year I have struggled to come up with gifts for mine, as they haven’t really asked for too much. So I find myself coming up with a gift for the sake of it.

I also cook a large Christmas dinner and I try to make my own christmas cake, but I have found that it’s cheaper to by a fruit cake and decorate it myself. It’s just another one of my money saving tips for this Christmas.

The other way I like to save money for Christmas is to put a little bit aside each month, so I know when it comes to ticking all of the items off the list I know I have money there to do it.

How do you save money for Christmas? I would love to hear your top tips.

Christmas shopping with cashback

I love Christmas shopping, well shopping in general, I’ve spoken about it many times. I do generally online shop for most things, the main thing I don’t do online is food shopping. As much as I hate food shopping I just have never got my head around online food shopping.

When I shop online I always look for a discount code or a Christmas cashback site to use for it. I am always looking at ways to save some money, it helps me to justify everything that I buy and it’s quite a lot. My Christmas shopping has just about all been completed online.

Along with the 42% of people who do their Christmas shopping online or so statistics say, I do almost all of mine online. The thought of walking around shopping centres or city centres with large shopping bags really puts me off.

Did you know that you could have a chance of winning all of your money back each time you shop online? How fabulous is that?

Hello Boom25

Boom25 is ‘not your regular cashback site’ where by you can get a small percentage of our shopping in cashback. Boom25 gives you the chance to win all of your money back. Sounds great to me.

So how does it work?

I have spent some time looking at their website so find out just how it works and how easy it is to use. Like will all many of the cashback sites it is free to sign up too. Once registered you can start of track your shopping activity, in your account area you can see this and it shows you any winnings or bonuses you have made. You then find the retailer you are wanting to shop with, click through to their site, on you have made your purchase you then need to pray you are a winner.

Boom25 pays out winnings to every 25th purchase made using their site. So that’s a 1:25 chance of winning the cost of your shopping back. It’s then paid to you via PayPal, just don’t forget about their fees that gets taken off as well. If you a making a large online purchase it might well be worth while giving Boom25 a go, you could get everything you paid back.

I love the idea of Boom25, when I get my head around online food shopping I might well give it ago. As it supports so many online retailers with all of the major supermarkets being there. Why not give it ago.


*This is a collaborative post.*