Advent Calendars for 2018

When I was a child advent calendars were cardboard with little images of the nativity within each window, slowly that changed to include a chocolate each day. Now the advent calendars have evolved even more and include anything from designer make up, luxury chocolates, cheeses and alcohol. Not forgetting the various different ones that include toys for the children or in some cases adults.

I have always bought my children a chocolate Thorntons calendar each year that is personalised with their name, and they have often been given a lego or a Playmobil one. This year I have my eyes on advent calendars for me.

Advent Calendars for 2018

Demijohn are a lovely company that produce a beautiful range of liquors. Each one a little bit unique and this year they have released a fabulous advent calendar with 24 mini demijohn bottles of their amazing liquors. It isn’t cheap at £118.68, but each of the bottles on their own are lovely and you get to try lots of different flavours.

I love chocolates it’s not a secret and this year Born Gifted have a fabulous personalised advent calendar filled with Lindt chocolates…. yummy! I love that it comes in a personalised box, saying ‘especially for Sarah’. Fingers crossed it will stop my Hubby and the children from opening them up. there is also a lovely range of personalised baubles from Born Gifted, perfect for a first Christmas or for someone with a new family home.

Advent Calendars for 2018

Cathkidson for the first time have released an advent calendar, its packed full of their gorgeous products. I do love a Cath item or two. I have asked my Hubby to get it for me, only time will tell if he has done or not.

Super markets this year have jumped on the advent calendar wagon, with Sainsbury’s offering a cheese one, Aldi doing their every popular wine one, boots are offering an array of luxury beauty ones.

There are so many lovely calendars on the market this year, that it’s difficult to decided which on you would like. I am still wondering what to do for the children this year, we head away on holiday at the beginning of December and I don’t really want to be taking them away with us. They will of course have their personalised Thorntons ones along with my niece who I also buy one for.


*I have been sent items to include within my guide. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Entertaining this Christmas with DOMU

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love it, the decorations, buying beautiful gifts for people but most of all I love to socialise with family and friends. We have Christmas day at home, I cook a traditional Christmas dinner for the family, I drink a bit too much and eat too much, but I love it. It’s a real family day, full of love and laugher.

For the last few years we host a turkey curry night between Christmas and New Year, it’s always lots of fun. We have a few drinks and eat a lot of curry. One of my favourite things about the run up the Christmas is the Christmas drinks night we host at our house each year, at some point in December. We have quite a close group of friends we generally have the same people around each time we have a gathering.

Entertaining this Christmas with DOMU

This year I have decided on a Gin and Whiskey night, along with nibbles. I do love a gin, I have been sent a couple of fabulous items for my Christmas gift guides that I cannot wait to try. Cocktails are something I love, I like to make them and especially drink them.

Entertaining This Christmas with DOMU

To help me out with my Gin and Whiskey night, DOMU have sent me some beautiful copper items. A cocktail making kit, a cheese board and a cafeterias that will help the following morning with the sore head.


The Parisian cocktail making kit exudes glamor, it’s cooper in colour and comes with everything you could possibly need to make amazing cocktails, other than the liquids. The kit comes with a muddler, twisted bar spoon/fork, strainer, bottle pourers, double ended shot measurer not forgetting the cocktail shaker and arecipe guide. All packaged up in a lovely geometric patterned gift box.

Cheese lovers

The herringbone cheese board, is gorgeous. It comes complete with 3 specialised knives perfect for cutting all of your cheeses. The knives sit beautifully within the back of the board, to keep them safe, each one has its own little magnetic space so they are secure while not in use. The board is made from bamboo and comes with a hanging loop to allow for it to be stored hanging. I love the herringbone finish to this board, it looks really classy and I cannot wait to use it for my Christmas drinks night. Plus it arrived boxed in love geometric black and gold box.

Morning Coffee

The copper French press is another beautiful VonSuf product. It is the fashionable copper colour that is making it’s way into kitchens everywhere. It has a 1L capacity and makes the perfect coffee and apparently it can be used for tea as well, which is something I hadn’t even thought about until I read about it on the box. The press is easy to clean and I just love it. Another product that is beautifully packaged. It’s going to be perfect for the sore heads the morning after my Gin and Whiskey night.

The VonShef items, are all of fabulous quality, they not only look stylish they are also well made, high end products. As Christmas is coming these would make for perfect gifts, they are affordable, stunning and beautifully packaged.

Thank you VonShef for sending me out these beautiful items, I love them all.


A Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace Length

When it comes to wearing necklaces, length is always a concern. Too long and the item looks unflattering, and too short makes you look like an oversized giant, so how does a girl ensure that the necklace she wants to wear is of the right length? There are no hard and fast rules on necklace length, it’s more a question of whether it suits the wearer. There are 5 industry necklace lengths for women, namely, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches. Of course, it very much depends on the outfit, but for the choker style, the 14 inch would work for most girls, while something for that formal evening gown would be better at the longer end of the scale, say 20 or 22 inches.

Image:- Unsplash

Mid-Range Necklaces

The most common sizes are 16-22 inches, which hang slightly different depending on your size. If you are looking to buy handmade silver jewellery for her and you prefer to purchase a necklace, the middle sizes offer the best chance of success. Failing that, why not secretly measure one of her favourite necklaces? That way you can be absolutely sure.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a necklace for your partner, the following should be taken into account:

  • Her neck
  • Her height
  • Her body size
  • Her face shape

If possible, measure her neck and add two inches to that if you want a choker-style bracelet, while a pendant type necklace requires 4 inches added to the neck size.

Image:- Unsplash

Avoid Current Trends

When looking at necklaces, the trend is not important, rather ensure that the item will sit right on the wearer. Always remember that what might look great on one woman, will look terrible on another, and so gauge your partner’s style and preference before making any decisions.

Bust Considerations

The lowest point of a necklace is the area that people’s gaze is drawn to and for big busted women, a shorter necklace might be more suitable, while a woman with a small bust would look better with a slightly longer necklace. Does your girl have a few necklaces she likes to wear often? If you can measure one, so much the better. This way you can shop with some confidence. Ask any girl which necklaces she has that she never wears and the chances are they will all be gifts.

Image: – Story Blocks

Buying From Online Jewellers

When buying jewellery today, most people automatically think of the online jeweller, and for good reason. For a start, you can browse to your heart’s content from the comfort of your armchair and the online jeweller has a much wider range of items on offer than any high street retailer could ever stock. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the item shipped to your home address and the courier service is very quick.

By following the above advice, the necklace you choose should be of perfect length and by researching style, the surprise gift will be one that takes pride of place in her jewellery box.