Dressing For Yourself And No One Else!

Dressing for yourself, instead of other people, takes a bit of courage. As people, we’re tuned to wanting to fit in, and wanting to attract or impress other people, and wearing the right clothes and shoes is one of the best ways to do so. However, you can very well turn this idea on its head, and start putting your own wants and needs for your style ahead of everything else!

Because in truth, if you feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing, you’re going to be the centre of attention, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing! Fashion should be about you, and it should make you feel good. So, let’s make sure you’ve got the right pointers to start dressing for yourself – feel free to go through them below.

Dressing For Yourself

How Do You Feel in Those Clothes?

If you’re going to be dressing for yourself on a regular basis from here on out, you’re going to need to work out how your current wardrobe full of clothes make you feel. Dressing for yourself is about confidence, and feeling good in what you’re wearing, and not allowing anyone else’s opinion in to make you feel worse about yourself. 

So, when you put on your ‘normal’ clothes, how do you feel? Do you feel good in what you wear? Do you feel comfortable pulling them on? Do you feel like you could face any situation wearing what you’ve got on right now? Of course, every clothing item has an occasion that’s perfect for it, so put yourself in the shoes of that occasion. 

All in all, when you put something on and look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do these items ‘suit’ you, in that they highlight what you love about yourself? Because if they do, those are the clothes to keep, and the kind of clothes you need to look out for when you go shopping. 

Point Out What Makes You YOU

What makes you YOU is a culmination of a variety of factors. When it comes to dressing for yourself and no one else, you’re going to need to work out what these factors are, and why they make you feel like you. Because in truth, you dress according to a style that suits you, and you always have done. Now you just need to feel comfortable in what you wear, and maybe even a little bit sexy!

Sure, dressing for yourself takes confidence, but that’s not something you achieve overnight. So, for the meantime, you’ll have to fake it until you make it. Which means it’s time to make use of fashion that you know you love to look at, but you don’t necessarily love to dress up in. 

Those rails you always look at when you’re in the shop, but you’d never pick anything off of them to buy for yourself? It’s time to go up and pull out some items! Even just getting rid of your old pair of glasses, and making good use of a free shipping to get an updated pair of frames that you feel suit your face shape much better, can make you feel a lot more at home when you look in the mirror. 

And that’s what you need to get used to right now. Make some small changes here, that take you towards dressing for yourself and feeling comfortable to do so. 

Work Out Your Comfort Level

Working out your comfort level might take years of experimentation, but seeing as you’ve been dressing up in all kinds of clothes for the entirety of your life, you’ve got a great head start here!

Everyone has their own comfort level, and their own thoughts on what skirt length is comfortable to go downtown in. Think about what clothes you turn to when you’re just sitting at home. Full length legging? Roomy t-shirts? Shorts that reach your mid-thigh at the very least? Because it’s clothes you turn to when no one is looking that can help you truly determine your comfort level. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like to show off much of their skin, don’t worry! You don’t need to break out those legs or those shoulders unless you’re absolutely comfortable to do so; don’t let someone pressure you into dressing the way they think you should, because your outfits should be about you. 

Dressing for yourself takes a bit of practice, but you can do it! Find your perfect style.

Semi-Precious Stones: Identification And Buying Tips

While the precious stone family of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are very much in demand, and are graded using the 4Cs, the semi-precious stone family is indeed a large one, with jewellery items that contain both precious and semi-precious stones, and items made exclusively from semi-precious stones.

Semi-Precious Stones: Identification And Buying Tips

Here is a list of semi-precious stones:

The stones that are classified as semi-precious are as follows:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Garnet
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Peridot
  • Tanzanite
  • Topaz
  • Zircon

Each has its own unique properties and range of colours, and you will find semi-precious stones in antique and vintage jewellery that were hand-crafted by experts of their time. If you are looking to create a very special piece of jewellery, you should contact a custom jeweller as he would have access to loose stones, and at trade prices too. You could create a unique piece of jewellery and keep it as an heirloom and start a new family tradition, and with your choice of stones and settings, the perfect piece awaits.

Free Online Resources

If you want to learn more about the colour and properties of semi-precious stones, there are lots of free resources online where all precious and semi-precious stones are classified. Some semi-precious stones come in different colours and hues, with a few very unique stones that are valuable, while most people have at least one favourite.

Semi-Precious Stones: Identification And Buying Tips


These are the recognised birthstones:

  • Garnet – January
  • Amethyst – February
  • Aquamarine – March
  • Diamond – April
  • Emerald – May
  • Alexandrite, Pearl – June
  • Ruby – July
  • Peridot – August
  • Sapphire – September
  • Opal – October
  • Topaz, Citrine – November
  • Zircon, Tanzanite – December

If you would like to have items of jewellery made to your specifications, there are custom jewellers who can craft your design, using the stones you selected. It might even surprise you to learn that custom made jewellery is no more expensive than off-the-shelf items.

Tips for Buying Semi-Precious Stones

Obviously, the more you know about the stones you are after, the better, so do read up on the make-up. If you’re looking for semi-precious stones jewellery in Australia, for example, there are established online jewellers that focus on semi-precious stone jewellery. If you buy from a reputable online jeweller, you can rest assured that the stones are authentic, and the online jeweller has more of a selection than the traditional bricks and mortar jeweller.

Comparing Prices

The Internet offers many benefits, one being the ability to instantly compare products or items, and when you are searching for online jewellers, you can view many fine examples of unique pieces, and when you find something you really like, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the piece packed and sent by courier to your home address.

Nature is amazing and semi-precious stones are a fine example of the natural beauty that took millions of years to produce, and if you have a favourite semi-precious stone, why not look for jewellery items that feature your chosen stone?

Staying happy and healthy during the Coronavirus lockdown

Well 2020 has not been the year we had planned, I don’t think anyone expected weeks of the country and along with the rest of the world being on lockdown. Our year started well with a trip to Finland which was amazing, then 4 weeks later Covid-19 started its trip around the world putting plans on hold for everyone. For some people they are home along struggling to be alone or home schooling children and just generally not

Staying connected

There are so many ways to stay connected, video calls using zoom or house party. Facetime, which is my go too, I have used it a lot to stay in contact with family and friends more over the last few weeks than ever before. Sometimes it’s just sending that little text to to see how someone is doing or just so they know you are thinking about them. It’s those little things that let people you care even during the strangest of times.

Get ready for the day

I found that during the first couple of weeks of lockdown I was wearing comfy clothes and some days I didn’t even get myself or the children dressed. Before long I was feeling a bit meh, it was then I started to make an effort to straighten my hair pop on some make up and add a splash of lip colour and some jewellery. It made me feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong it’s 10am I’m writing this while still in my pj’s but thats ok. I will get dresses and enjoy the day.

Keep healthy

Staying happy and healthy during the Coronavirus

Exercise is great not just for psychical but also for mental health, so heading out each day for a walk with the children and the dogs has been great for all of us. Now I’m not someone who regularly goes to the gym so it hasn’t been something that I have missed, but I can understand that those who use the gym daily will be getting adventurous with new home work outs. There are lots of online workouts you can can choose from.

Keeping our bodies healthy is something we all want, however you really don’t know what is happening unless you get health check-ups. It’s so important for our personal health that you get checks. It could be bloody pressure, allergy checks, STD checks, eye sights or even routine bloods, these are all ways you can make sure your keeping healthy. Also it helps to know what is going on so you can make any necessary changes.

Stay positive

Staying positive during these times isn’t easy for anyone. We all miss our family and friends. When I face-time my 2 year old niece she asks to come to my house to see us and not on the phone, it breaks my heart. Not seeing her for 3 months now means I have missed out so much on watching her grow. However, we all know that making these sacrifices in the short term will be beneficial in the long term. I cannot wait to see our family again, fingers crossed it wont be for too much longer. Be Happy Be You can help with some positive idea to stay positive.

gardening for mental health

We have like so many other people been working on our garden, which has been something the whole family has been involved with. We decided to cancel our holiday to France so we have used the money on the garden, we are so pleased to be able to time and money on the garden this year.

I hope that you have been able to stay positive throughout this whole Coronavirus and be able to enjoy having the children at home and spending time as a family unit. Fingers crossed it won’t be to long before some more of the restrictions are removed and we can start to see some family and friends.