Very birthday girl needs Bunch O Balloons!

My little girl has just turned 6 years old. How did that happen? She’s a joy to be around, she also thinks she rules the roast and has a fire cracker personality that is loved by everyone who knows her.

pink balloons and birthday cake

What does every 6 year old girl want, other than a mobile phone….. which she is NOT getting until she turns 11! Well Unicorns and makeup of course. I have to say that make up wasn’t something I planned on buying my 6 year old daughter however, it saves her attacking my makeup. She has developed the taste of my pricey Charlotte Tilbury items not the cheapy items I have, oh not she goes straight for the Tilbury. So I caved in a bought her her own set of make up! Oh the poor carpet…..

bunch o balloons gift box

To help me out this year with the unicorn items, Zuru sent me some items to help celebrate her 6th birthday! Within the parcel was their brand me Bunch O Balloons and Party Pump, also with a Pets Alive Magical Unicorn and 12 5 Surprise Unicorns.

Bunch O Balloons Review

When I opened up our gift box from Zuru, I was intrigued to see what the lasts party must haves really were and how they worked.

bunch o balloons how to use

Opening up the Bunch O Balloons pump box, I was pleased to see the instructions were on the back of the box and even more pleased to see how simple it is to use. You just don’t need something complicated to use when setting up a child’s birthday party. I mean its always a stress getting everything ready so finding something as simple to use as Bunch O Balloons is really going to speed up the whole process.

Inflating Bunch O Balloons

I read the instructions and I thought I would have a try blowing up just one bunch of balloons to start with, just to make sure I knew what I was doing…. haha!

bunch o balloons instructions

I really didn’t need to worry, its a very simple process. Pugging in the pump, twisted the top round so the one bunch was over the inflate here sticker, added the stem for the bunch. Just make sure you have the stem in correctly so it’s nice and tight, so when the pump switches on it doesn’t come away.

bunch o balloons inflating

Once in correctly just switch it on and watch your balloons start to inflate. So simple! Within a few seconds you have a bunch of 8 balloons ready for the party. You can add up to 5 stems at one time which is 40 balloons.

After they are inflated, you switch off the pump and remove them stem. They self seal so you have no worries about them deflating. You can then leave it bunch together or slowly pull them apart so you have 8 separate balloons, on long flexible tubes that you can tie to chairs or hang from the ceiling, whatever you want really.

bunch o balloon pump and attachments

The pump that comes with your start up kit also has various other adapters so you could use helium if you wanted to. Or your could use it for the paddling pool for the summer, camp bed or anything else you need to pump up. I have now stored it in the dresser so it’s accessible rather than in the loft with the electric pump.

5 surprise unicorn squad

As the balloons come apart it means you can give them out to children at the end of the party, a lovely little addition to the 5 Surprise Unicorn goodie bag I added to paper party bags for the girlies.

Happiness is Balloons and Unicorns!

bunch o balloons inflated

I’m really impressed with the Bunch O Balloons and I was surprised to see the re-fill packs on offer for only £4.99, which makes then super affordable for everyone.

Thank you so much Zuru for sending out Bunch O Balls, Alive Pets Unicorn and the 5 surprise balls to help make my daughters birthday one to remember.


Heading into Autumn with Lighthouse Clothing

I love the Autumn, it’s my favourite time of the year. The slightly colder days, the changes in the trees, conker picking with the children, hot chocolate, the log burner, Sunday afternoon snuggling on the sofa watching a film not forgetting long walks in the woods with the dogs.

Heading out for family walks is something we all love, even though we don’t get out together as often as we should do. My Hubby is the main dog walkers he heads out for miles over the fields and I take them for a quick walk around the village between working and collecting the children from school.

Autumn at the moment is all about the rain! I mean it’s rained everyday for the last couple of weeks. It’s been awful, you look out of the window to find bright skies then 5 minutes later the heavens have opened and we have black skies and heavy rain.

Lighthouse Clothing Review

Luckily the lovely Lighthouse Clothing offered to send me out a coat, scarf and hat to help me through the rainy Autumn into the Winter. I looked that their large collection of lovely coats and quickly found the gorgeous Alanna coat in the Night Sky shade, which is a lovely rich navy colour.

My gorgeous coat

navy alanna coat from lighthouse clothing

I just loved the Alanna because of it’s length. I like a longer coat, I don’t like waste length because I’m quite curvy and heavy on the hips so I like longer coats to cover my bum. The other thing that really appealed to me is the hidden pull cord to help create a waist line within the coat. So it sits just how I like it.

Of course its fully waterproof Teflon, which is just perfect for the weather that we are currently having. It has a super soft lining, hidden pockets and pockets on the outside perfect for dog treats and poo bags. I took my coat on a weekend away in Hull, good job I had it with me as it rained just about the whole time we were there.

The hood on my Alanna coat is also detachable, which is a great addition, but I don’t think I will remove it. I quite like the added hood.

I have warn this coat lots over the last couple of weeks it’s honestly been perfect for all of the rain we have been having. It has kept me dry on the dog walks and also on the school run. I’ve also had to wash it as the muddy dogs jumped up, but it wasn’t a problem because it washed beautifully and dried quickly.

All of the pockets have proven very useful and it look fabulous on. I’ve had a few nice comments on the school run.

Hat and Scarfs

lighthouse clothing hat and scarf

Not only is the coat gorgeous but the hat and scarf I also got to go with it are just lovely. I chose the Hannah Bobble Hat in stone and the Merino Scarf in Lilac Dusk Blue Stripe. Choosing the scarf took me longer than choosing the coat. As yet I haven’t really needed to wear the hat and scarf as the weather hasn’t been quite cold enough yet. But I cannot wait for the temperature to drop a bit more so I can get lots of wear out of them.

lighthouse clothing scarf label

I’m so pleased with the coat from Lighthouse Clothing that I have been looking the different styles for the children. I will be using Lighthouse Clothing again, the quality of the coat is fabulous and I really feel that their items are good value for money. It really pays to spend a little more on coats so they last you.

Thank you Lighthouse clothing for sending me my lovely new coat, hat and scarf to help keep me warm and dry over through the Autumn and into the winter.


Unfaithfulness in Marriage – When to Ask for Divorce

Broken Heart

What is infidelity?

Infidelity may be explained as an act of a spouse getting involved in an intimate or sexual affair with an individual who is not your legally married wife or husband. It could as well involve the existence of an emotional relationship even when there isn’t any physical romance. The betrayal that results from a spouse having an emotional connection with a third party is as hurting as having sexual intimacy itself. Both circumstances result in trust issues and may end up causing separation of the spouses.

What leads to unfaithfulness in marriage?

The issue of unfaithfulness or infidelity among marriages is common and takes place in most if not all marriage relationships. Divorce statistics after infidelity that about 40% of the married spouse are affected by at least a single incident of unfaithfulness or infidelity. Ironically, even with such high rates of infidelity, most persons in marriage relationships affirm that unfaithfulness is wrong, including the ones who have cheated or are cheating.

In most cases, unfaithfulness results from a sense of emotional detachment among the spouses. Most of the individuals who partake the infidelity argue that they are ignored, unrecognised, unloved, feel insecure or feel unappreciated by their spouses, which translates into cheating as they search for what they lack in their marriage. However, it is not always true that this is the case. Some individuals cheat despite having stable and satisfactory marriage relationships. Therefore, it is difficult to explain why people become unfaithful in their marriages.  Despite the difficulty in determining the causes of infidelity, there are some obvious causes. For instance, the inability of spouses to handle marriage issues could progress into serious problems. In most cases when a spouse does not get the attention he/she needs from their spouse, they tend to find the same from other persons like co-workers, or close friends, this results in the likelihood of unfaithfulness. Also, boredom is the other major cause of infidelity among married spouses. When spouses live together for a while, they tend to get used to one another, the excitement disappears, their relationship becomes boring, in reaction to this, one or both spouses may end up searching for an exciting relationship outside their marriage, this consequently leads to unfaithfulness.

What is the effect of unfaithfulness?

How long does a marriage last after infidelity? Unfaithfulness could destroy even the strongest bond which ties two individuals through marriage and results in a divorce due to infidelity. Married people often face life-long challenges, and they need to make choices. Several can resolve the challenges they encounter well and afford to address their beliefs to avoid a hard decision, including separation through a divorce, from taking place, whereas many others find it harder to resolve the challenges like fidelity which render divorce their last alternative. Divorce usually takes effect when one partner breaks the marital vows that a couple took while getting married. Divorce marks the end of the marriage relationship that two married individuals had. The reasons for separation through divorce are usually varied among marriage relationships, however, it is acknowledged that unfaithfulness, financial challenges as well as poor communication are the key reasons for divorce today.

It is the bitter truth that unfaithfulness could affect even the best marriages. You could be the person on the fault or probably the victim of circumstances. Whereas several marriages may overcome the betrayal of infidelity, many others fail immediately the unfaithfulness is realised, leading to separation of the marriage partners.

But the big question is, when do you ask for a divorce after infidelity in your marriage? When is it right to walk away after infidelity? Here we provide you with key considerations before you take the big step-divorce! Before you take any action, it is critical that you take into consideration the scope of marriage. The following are the key factors for you to take into consideration to assist you to determine when to ask for a divorce after infidelity in your marriage.

When to Ask for Divorce After Unfaithfulness: Factors to Take into Consideration

(i) History

It would be crucial for you to take into consideration your spouse’s historical occurrences of similar acts. Has your spouse ever committed an act of infidelity in the past? Did your spouse act in a suggestive manner?

When you find that your spouse has the habit of cheating and does not show any sign of remorsefulness, and you find that you are not ready to cope with the situation, then it would be best for you to end the relationship and ask for a divorce.

On the other hand, when you find out that your spouse has always been faithful in the past and only made a single wrong decision, your spouse’s fidelity and faithfulness from the past should be taken into consideration while you decide to either salvage the marriage or ask for a divorce.

Additionally, take into consideration the past status of your marriage outside the issue of unfaithfulness. Is your marriage already having other deeper issues? Or is your marriage going on well?

(ii) Emotions

Emotions are the most difficult to deal with after infidelity has occurred. You need to identify the particular emotions you have after your spouse cheats. Particularly, are you still in love with your spouse? Is your spouse still in love with you? Are you not attracted to your husband after he cheated? Do you want to divorce cheating wife?

In case you find out that your spouse has developed strong emotions for the other person in question, this could imply that your marriage would not most probably overcome the effects of infidelity. On the other hand, in case your spouse shows how remorse he/she is and demonstrates that they will end communication with the other person, then you could consider salvaging your marriage rather than asking for a divorce due to infidelity.

Also, you should take into consideration your emotions in the sense that, if you decide to give your marriage another chance after the infidelity, are you the type of individual who can overcome that with time? Or are you the type of person that would be haunted by reality?

(iii) Longevity

How long has your marriage existed? Probably long enough or maybe in its early stages. All in all, the length of your marriage is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration while deciding to ask for a divorce or not after infidelity. In some cases, a spouse would make the mistake of being unfaithful after so many years of fidelity and faithfulness in marriage.

You should, therefore, take into consideration the life you have established together with your spouse over the years. Have you had children together? Have you established a business or own a house together? If you find that your spouse has admitted the fault and he/she is regretting it, you may consider saving your marriage rather than asking for a divorce.

On the other side, if your marriage is relatively new and you find that you and your spouse have not invested much together, this could be the most appropriate time for you to call it quits before things escalate and try your marriage life with another person.

(iv) Lies/Lack of Trust

Trust is one of the key pillars of any marriage relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship. The trust is usually built on truth and faithfulness. If maintained, trust can result in the progress and achievement of many things in a marriage. Similarly, lack of trust, which is built on lies, could be detrimental to a marriage and can affect many aspects of a couples’ life, such as parenthood and even finances.

For instance, if you find out that your spouse had attempted manipulating you through lies to advance their infidelity, you need to take into consideration whether you can trust your spouse again or not. Trust can be broken with just a single act of lying, but it could as well be built over time if there are commitment and perseverance between you and your spouse.

However, in case you find that the betrayal due to unfaithfulness is by far hard for you to bear, then you should consider asking for a divorce and taking separate ways with your spouse.

What are the types of Unfaithfulness?

According to legal definitions, unfaithfulness or infidelity involves a pair getting involved sexually where at least one individual has been married. However, in day to day context, there are various ways through which unfaithfulness can be perpetuated. For instance, some people feel that if their wife or husband kisses another person, it is wrong and they consider it as being infidelity, but it is not necessarily infidelity. The following are the popular forms of unfaithfulness:

Physical Affairs: In this type of infidelity, there is a mutual sexual connection and vaginal or anal sex. The most popular form of physical affair includes a one night stand, online affairs, long or medium-term affairs, and revenge cheating.

Emotional Affairs: This type of infidelity could be the most painful to the victim in most cases than even the sexual infidelity. This is so because, when a spouse develops an emotional connection with a third party implies that whereas your spouse might have not yet had sexual intimacy, his/her feelings have evolved into an emotional affair, which to many victims results in much pain.


In conclusion, what defines fidelity depends on what you and your spouse set as the boundary of fidelity and infidelity. You and your spouse should discuss openly and lay down what would be considered the breaking point of trust in your marriage. Additionally, if you feel you can’t go on with your marriage after infidelity, you need to understand what the legal framework about infidelity is before you consider taking a divorce decision.