Wedding hair styles for 2017

wedding hair styles

Just like finding the perfect wedding dress, choosing your hair style for the big day is important. You need a style that you love, something that suits you and shows off your stunning dress. Then you have to decide if you want to add a hair clip, tiara, fresh flowers, beads, ribbons, peals or go completely natural.

wedding hair styles

2016 saw the rise of the plait. Such a versatile style, beautiful with added beads, flowers or ribbons. Plaits continue will continue to be popular throughout 2017 and over the next few years.

wedding hair styles

Leaving long hair down creates an elegant wedding look. Curling your hair into loose waves, and arranging them off to one side enhances this style. Just add some delicate earrings to complete the look. Adding a floral crown would give that whimsical feel that it very on trend right now.


wedding hair styles

Of course having a simple elegant up-do for you wedding day is still very popular. Allowing people to see your full dress and any details on the back, which are often not seen with long hair that is left down. On a warm day is is great to have your hair up and out of the way. Having your hair up on your wedding day is a classic style that will be with us forever.

wedding hair styles

There are fewer brides than ever having a veil on their wedding day. They now seem to be to worn for Church weddings but less so for civil ceremonies. However, mini veils are being used an alternative. Often for those quirky brides who want a bit of tradition but also like to look different. They are also really popular for retro wedding themes.


wedding hair trends for 2017

Flower crowns are not only seen on young flower girls, but on brides as well. This comes from an increase in outdoor, whimsical, woodland weddings. Which are becoming more popular. These stunning crowns are unique to each and every bride because they are freshly made to match your bridal bouquet. I can see these being increasingly popular over the next few seasons.

What style are you thinking about having for you wedding?

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Gluten Free Diet

gluten free diet

I often hear people say “I’m on a gluten free diet” but what is a gluten free diet?

Gluten is a type of protein, it is found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Therefore avoiding these grains makes things gluten free. People with gluten allergies or those suffering from Coeliac disease must not eat gluten as it can cause intestinal damage along with other health problems.

gluten free diet

If you are eating a gluten free diet then you must always check the labels on any food products you buy. Some products do not clearly state wheat, rye or barley, but have malt or hydrolysed vegetable protein written on them. Which both contain gluten. In the UK common allergens in foodstuffs should be listed, in the ingredients, in bold type.

No-No foods when gluten free

gluten free diet

Just about all bread contains gluten because it’s made with wheat flour. However there are some alternatives out there that have been made with rice or potato flour instead of wheat. Lots of cereals contain gluten, but there are gluten free options, just make sure you check the packaging. Pasta is also a big no-no, but you can get pasta that is made with rice, corn or quinoa. Rice cakes are a great alternative to crackers for lunches. Watch out for breaded foods though, people often forget they contain gluten.

Beer is high in gluten so needs to be avoided. If that seems awful to you don’t worry! Wine is fine to drink. As are spirits, as all traces of gluten are removed during the distillation process. Whatever your tipple make you drink responsibly.

What can you eat when gluten free?

gluten free diet

Even though you will have to make changes to the things you eat, there is still so much you can enjoy. Eggs, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and milk products are suitable for you to eat. So it opens up a world of yummy things to try.

It isn’t always easy but for those of who need to be gluten free, instead of those who make the personal choice. It is getting easier to find products, as most super markets now have a dedicated ‘free from’ area.

So whether you are gluten free through choice or need, there is an amazing amount you can eat. After a while of checking products it will become instinctive and will no longer seem like an impossibility, but something completely ordinary.

Do you have a favourite gluten free alternative?

Why we want a village life

wanting a village life

Moving into a village in the countryside is something we have been dreaming about for the last few years. I grew up in a village, attending the village school, making life long friends and having the close community around us. Everyone knew each other and all the children, so you could play out without too much worry. The Hubby however grew up on the outskirts of a town, attending a much larger school. Although he had a lot of family around when growing up, he didn’t experience that close community feel that I did.

We bought our first house before we had even thought about starting a family, it was in a town. However it didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted the quiet life. I think that having a family has really made us want that lifestyle even more.

Why we want a village life…..

wanting a village life

When we visit family who live out in villages, life just seems more relaxed, more tranquil and more appealing to us. I’m under no illusions that a move will mean no more arguing with the kids about brushing their teeth, tidying their rooms or rushing in the morning to get to school on time. However village life seems more for us.

Raising our family out in a village would give the children that close community feel we don’t have in the town. Getting involved in local events, the children would attend the village school. We would love to have that full village life experience.

why we want a village life

We plan to have chickens for their eggs and grow some of our own vegetables. So we can help encourage the children to learn more about what they eat and where it comes from.

Not only do we have our two children to think about, we also have our 4 legged friends as well. Oakley and Tash our crazy Spaniels. It’s important that they get exercised daily, but also that we enjoy this as a family. So in a village surrounded by fields it will mean we are able to get out and explore more of our new home, but also be more active.

why we want a village life

We have chosen the village we want to live in, it’s about 20 miles outside of our town. Which doesn’t make it completely rural but far enough out to be surrounded by beautiful fields and woodlands. We can’t wait to be able to enjoy waking up to the sounds of birds singing, instead of a cars speeding past the house. Walk the children to school daily instead of having to drive them. Grow our own vegetables and collect eggs for breakfast.

Although our village dream won’t be happening anytime soon. One day it will happen and we can’t wait to embrace a new lifestyle.