Skipping The Dating Games No Woman Should Have Time For

Sometimes, as a sane and rational woman, it can feel like some people are intentionally making the dating world a lot more toxic and tough for the rest of us. People playing games ruins not just relationships for them, but the whole culture and language of dating for the rest of us. If you’re sick of the mind games, how can you date without them? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy romance, affection, and attention, without worrying about having to play along with some game that you hate.

Skipping The Dating Games

Forget any advice that sounds like it came from a movie

“Wait three days before you get in touch.” “Make him come chase you.” “Lie about yourself to project the image of what you think they want.” A lot of people have gotten some pretty awful advice from movies, especially romantic comedies. It’s time to put all of that out of your head. Life doesn’t play out like a movie. Communication and earnestness are always two of the best predictors of a good relationship.

Know your red flags

A sense of mystery is fun because you begin to discover more about a date as you get to know them. However, it becomes less fun when mystery and a lack of openness is, in fact, their main personality trail. You should get to know your own deal-breakers and red flags to pay attention to. This can be a difference in values, any signs of controlling or even potentially aggressive behaviour, as well as a lack of any kind of interest in physical attraction. You don’t need dating to be a puzzle.

Go for some no-nonsense dating

Do you feel like it’s hard to escape the games when it comes to dating apps and other modern ways of meeting people? Then perhaps you might benefit from an approach that’s a little more old school. Speed dating is not a lot of fun, but it also cuts away a lot of the fluff of the dating world. If someone’s playing games, they have to play it quickly and it’s very easy to see. Otherwise, you get a limited amount of time to see if there’s genuine chemistry there that you can pick up on later.

Know what you want

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the other that there are games going on. If you don’t know what you want from dating, then it’s very to commit many of the sins mentioned above, blowing hot and cool, dating people you’re not really interested in, and so on. Once you know what you want from dating, it’s a lot easier to seek it out specifically and to avoid casually slipping into the kind of dating game behaviour that’s ruining the experience for so many people who do know what they want.

Of course, no one is a “sure thing” until you have the time to really get to know them. However, the tips above can help you keep your dating life game-free.

Let’s Keep The Romance In Your Relationship Alive

One of the things that you have got to try and do in your relationship is keep the romance alive. This is how you make your relationship last as long as possible, but it’s also something that people find extremely difficult. In this article, we’re going to be taking about some of the things that you can do in order to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

Keep The Romance In Your Relationship

Regular Date Nights

The first thing that you are going to want to do is make time for regular date nights. Even when you are busy, your relationship remains important and you have got to make time for it. We know that it’s tough, but it’s not impossible and planning a date night doesn’t have to be difficult. It can simply be a relaxing night at home if you don’t have the energy to go out or want to. Or, you can go and taste some Georgian Wines, head to a fancy restaurant, go for a walk, head to see a movie or really whatever you want to do. If you can do it together, then it counts as a date.

Communicate Your Feelings

One thing that you should always be doing when you are in a relationship is communicating how you feel with your partner. When the communication breaks down, everything else is going to follow. You have got to be able to talk to them, tell them how you are feeling, tell them when you don’t like something and vice versa. If there is no communication then there is no relationship and there is simply no way around this. 

Sometimes, the communication does wane over time, so it’s up to you to get it back. Make the effort to talk more, even if it’s not what the other person wants to hear. If you don’t do this then the romance is going to go anyway because the relationship is going to fall apart in front of your eyes. 

Never Stop Flirting

Once you have got your partner, you should not stop doing the things that it took to get them. They are still the person that you tried to get, and just because you have them now doesn’t mean you always will. Never stop flirting with the person that you are in love with, and never stop doing everything in your power to make them feel wanted. Keep the spark alive by always remembering the beginning and trying to create it every day.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you are going to need to do if you want to keep the romance alive your relationship. One of the most common reasons for a break up is because people say they no longer feel the romance and the effort that they did in the beginning, but if you do the things above, it will avoid this problem for you altogether. Good luck.

Some Potential Places to Find Yourself a Perfect Partner for Life

Are matches made in heaven? Says who?

When in the mood to hang out with someone new in your life, the world brings you hundreds of potential mediums to look upon. There are countless ways for all singles out there to bring a spice of love to their lives. No wonder you may have been enjoying your life in this singlehood, but then there is no harm in giving them new and happening platforms a try?

Thinking about what they are?

Well, here are all potential suggestions waiting for you!

#1 – Club – No wonder approaching someone and initiating a conversation seem no less than a hurdle. But when in a club, everything seems right. There is something about clubs that lets you muster up your courage and go for the hit. Such spots are open to making new relationships, friends, or just going head over heels for a stranger. So, the next time you plan for a weekend clubbing, don’t forget to give it a try!

#2 – A yoga session or park – If you are one of those health freaks who step out in the nearby garden for a stroll or have joined a yoga session, you must consider these spots too. The best part is you will get to see someone sharing the same interests – physical fitness. Additionally, it will give you a common ground to discuss and get closer.

#3 – Dating sites – Relax; there is a solution for all those shy ones too. If you hesitate and avoid in-personal conversations, begin with online dating. Pick the best dating online platform and start rolling the ball. Hundreds and thousands of platforms are available with countless features to simplify your search for the perfect partner. So, why not take advantage of it?

#4 – The grocery store – You are likely to step out to the grocery store, and that seems to be a nice place to interact with someone you have been admiring for a long time now. The best part is striking a conversation at such spots is easy and engaging. You can pretend to be an alien to many things out there or simply seek advice for a particular product.

#5 – A friend’s party – This can work the best when you have been noticing someone for a long time now. Maybe your mutual friend can be a way to get closer. A friend’s house party is the best time to invite and join hands with the one you have been waiting for so long. It’s fun and gives you plenty of reasons to start a conversation.

So, when are you stepping into the world of dating once again?

Good luck!

The final word –

You may be enjoying the phase of living on your own terms, but when it comes to spending those special moments, you need to have a love partner by your side. If you often feel the same, take no time to brush up on your dating skills once again. You never know you will end up meeting the love of your life soon!