5 things men do in a relationship that drive women crazy (with fury)

Have you seen the movie What Women Want? It’s pretty old now, but it featured an in-his-prime Mel Gibson receiving the power to know what women are thinking. Pretty useful huh? If only all men were the same…if only all men looked like Mel Gibson! Sadly, try as they might, when it comes to being with a woman in a relationship, a lot of men get the same things wrong. Know what we mean? Well, here are a few clangers men are known to make. Bless ‘em!


1. Dressing down on a night out

Most of us spend many hours getting ourselves ready for a night out, from hair and makeup to choosing the perfect outfit for the evening ahead. Men? Forget it! Not only have they ‘forgotten’ to shave, but their jeans and t-shirt appearance is no complement to our pristine appearance. At least make an effort guys, instead of looking like something the cat just dragged in. Meow indeed!

2. Saying they love us with gifts

Who doesn’t want to be lavished with gifts, but the way to a girl’s heart isn’t with material things. Well, maybe that’s just us! Regardless, it’s the small things that count, such as a tender kiss, an encouraging word of support, or actually listening to a word we say. Of course, being presented with a diamond brooch is also wonderful, but often a bunch of flowers from Ukflowerdelivery is a simple way for them to prove their love, as well as those three simple words that money can’t buy… I love you! Honestly, why is it so hard for them to say it!

3. Checking out the competition

On a night out, we want to be the only person in the room that the guy’s eyes are attuned too. Yet, no matter how much they try to hide the fact, men’s eyes tend to wander towards our competition. This is just rude, and is a major turn-off for us, especially if our guy is expecting some bedroom action at the end of the evening. If you’re going to be seen with us guys, then BE with us.

4. Being too nice

We all like to be flattered guys, but telling us that we look beautiful every few minutes is going a little too far. Hold the door open for us by all means, but you don’t need to be a doormat. After a while, a nice guy is going to appear insincere, and their words and gestures won’t mean much if it looks like they are making too much effort to appear nice. We want a guy with integrity, somebody who is comfortable at being themselves, and even putting their own needs first… occasionally!

5. Forgetting to put down the toilet seat

Little more needs to be said. They all do it, and yet it’s not difficult to put the seat down, is it? Of course, what’s worse is when they sprinkle when they tinkle, but that’s a whole other subject matter. It’s the little things that matter, and the toilet seat is but the tip of the iceberg.


Does your guy drive you crazy? Let us know your experiences of the annoying, irritating, and downright infuriating things that men are prone to do in a relationship. Still, they are only human, so we can probably forgive them for some of the things they do. That toilet seat though… grrr!

Don’t be a cold shoulder:- Supporting a loved one during a tough time.

Seeing anybody go through a tough time can impact us, and when it’s the person you love, it will have a bigger impact than we ever thought. Your loved ones, regardless of the experience they are going through, require our support and attention in one way or another, but it’s difficult to offer help if they won’t let you in. So how can you be supporting in this respect, but still establish boundaries? Let’s try and answer the question.

Establishing The Root Cause

Sometimes we know the cause, sometimes we don’t. The fact is that trying to establish the root cause can be painful for a lot of people, but for people that go through therapy, getting to the root of the problem is the idea behind letting go of the problem that has been casting a shadow over their life. The other thing to bear in mind is that this may be a problem that has been going on for a lot longer than you realise, and it may just be coming to the surface now, such as an impact on their mental health as a result of their workplace or something that was beyond their control. If you look at personal injury attorney Ross Mirian’s website, there is an insightful article on the causes of psychological disabilities and how they impact people’s ability to work and that it can take on different forms. Conditions like depression or anxiety can take many different forms, and if you’re loved one has been masking these symptoms, then getting to the root cause should be a goal, but it may take some time to get there.

Sometimes People Need A Hug…

Yes, they may appear standoffish, or reluctant to have any physical contact, but the fact is that sometimes people need that sense of closeness just so they know that everything is going to be okay. It’s your job to look out for them and to respect the boundaries, but be ready for some physical comfort if they so need it. It’s a little gesture, but this little hug may be all they need right now. You might not feel you are doing much, but a simple hug will mean a lot. You don’t have to think of the right thing to say sometimes, just being there is enough.

The Clouds Will Lift!

When people are going through a tough time it can be very difficult to weather the storm. It can feel like that they will never get out of this frame of mind, and it can be difficult for you to remain strong for them. But the solution is to wait for the right time when they will feel a bit better, it’s at this point to lend a hand or recommend that they get some extra help. It is pointless when they are gripped in the vice of anxiety or grief, but these things do pass, and you need to ride it out.

It’s easier said than done to remain supportive to someone you love, especially if the issues go on for a long time, but it’s important that you have the inner strength to support them, as they don’t right now. It can be a very difficult time, and so it’s important that it doesn’t affect you in a psychological sense, so if you feel weighed down by anything, be sure to speak to someone who will lend a sympathetic ear. Ultimately you are trying to do your best by lending your support, and if you can do this to the best of your ability, this will be enough right now.

Love your Mum…

As we all get older and journey through our adult lives, we might find that our contact with our family dwindles. Sometimes, building our own family, balancing a life and career as well as keep on top form regarding our own personal romances or duties can make us simply forget those we love. This isn’t due to any form of incompetency, or even maliciousness, it’s simply what happens when we have so much to think about in one day that there aren’t enough hours to fit it all in. You might find that your relationship to one of your parents might have fallen off in recent years. It’s up to you as a child to rekindle it.

Remember, we all owe our parents much. They taught us the framework for how we operate in the world now, and they kept us safe and fed as children. As such, it’s only right that we make use of our own personal ability to maintain our relationship. This guide will focus on the mother’s of our lives. Mothers bring us into the world, shower us with maternal affection and love, and think about us often. These tips will help you keep them as a prominent force in your life, and help them feel loved, cherished and desired, which they of course always are.

Spend time together

Your most valuable resource in any field of life is your time, and so choosing to spend it with your mother will no doubt help her feel desired and loved. You don’t need to plan anything significant around it, or even leave your or her home. Sometimes, grabbing a cup of tea and cakes from the local cafe is enough.

Sometimes, inviting them to a simple walk around the shops is enough. Spending the time is key, no matter if you simply sit on the sofa and watch a bad television movie together. It will never escape her that you are making the effort, and she will love you for it, especially when ageing. If you can, make sure that you organise any siblings you have around meeting your mother as well, because she will desire more than anything to see you all in the same place and doing well by one another.

Treat her

Sometimes the only way we can truly show our appreciation is by purchasing our parent gifts that show how much we truly care. It doesn’t matter what form of gift you buy, but purchasing it from a classy retailer such as cuckooland can help you find the most suitable items within a certain theme, and can help you provide that ‘wow factor’ with unique items that might not be found in your local shopping mall. It shows you have gone the extra mile to source something quirky that you believe she will enjoy.

Listen to her

Your mother is your mother, and she always will be. As such, she will probably either voice advice often or at least want to. This might seem annoying or unwarranted sometimes, but it’s most likely never done out of maliciousness. It’s simply the maternal urge that she will never lose, and you will no doubt relate to this if you have children of your own. In this case, listening to her will at least help her feel like you take her words with significance, even if you don’t act on them.

Keeping on top of these tips will help you nurture the relationship to your mother throughout all of your adulthood, and it will stay strong as you both age.