Valentines gift guide for her

Valentines day is almost upon us, I love Valentines day. It’s an excuse to have a nice meal, give a card and a gift and make some time for each other. Before we had children we always went out for a nice meal, now however we generally cook something nice at home, often a Marks and Spencer’s Valentines meal. We always give a nice card and a gift, it could be just a box of yummy chocolates or it could be a watch. Whatever we do we pray that the children go to bed on time without to many issues and enjoy a candle lit meal, with a few glasses of wine. Have you thought about what gift you will be buying for the lady in your life? I have put a little a guide together to help with some ideas of lovely gifts.


My top Valentines gifts

Enjoying a glass of prosecco is one of my favourite things to drink, along with gin. I love to make cocktails with prosecco, Chambord is the perfect addition to your glass of prosecco. It’s a black raspberry liqueur that tastes amazing, just add to the bottom of your glass and top up with fizz. Why not treat your lady to a nice bottle of prosecco and a bottle of Chambord this Valentines day.

You cannot go wrong with a nice bottle of perfume, why not try this lovely bottle of Ghost Sweetheat Forever. A lovely floral perfume that is perfect for wearing everyday, it’s not over powering and would be a lovely gift for your lady this valentines day.

If you do nothing else this Valentines then a box of chocolates is a must. Praliné chocolates are my favourites and these Guylian chocolates are lovely, to share or eat to yourself.

Beauty gifts

Why not try out a hamper of fabulous face masks? I love these 7th Heaven ones, they are so reasonable in price that it it won’t break the bank and can be a fun activity for you both. A nice relaxing evening, glass of wine and a face pack, they even do them for men.

We all love a nice bath, these Himalayan bath salts from Westlab are fabulous for that relaxing bath, it is a natural detoxifier, it helps to make your skin smooth a more radiant.  Dr Bronner’s pure-castile soap are a 18 in 1 liquid. Designed for, hair, face, body, hands,dishes, pets…. you name it this fair trade liquid soap is perfect for any cleaning job, plus it smells amazing, in the Rose. Or what about Nelsons Arnicare bath and massage balm, it’s made with natural products that you can use direct on to your skin or add it to your bath. Why not treat your loved one to a nice relaxing massage for Valentines?

How about this luxurious Grace Cole bath and body set? Think luxury hotel products, that smells amazing and feels fabulous on your skin. Plus they look lovely in your bathroom.

Stationery lover

What about a gorgeous note book from The Gifted Notebook if like me your lady loves stationery, then a notebook is always going to win you brownie points. Their notebooks are from designers across Europe and have very luxurious feel to them, embossed with a gold foil design.

Add some spice

Why not add a bit of spice into your love life this Valentine day, with the new So Divine ‘Kiss Kiss’ vibrating rabbit. Something for you both to enjoy.

Whatever you do for Valentines day, have fun, laugh and enjoy spending some quality time together.


*Thank you to everyone for sending me items to include within my Valentine gift for her guide. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Never struggle with finding the perfect gift again

When it comes to giving gifts, there’s a lot of that dictates what kinds of gifts are expected from us. It’s important that you identify who you’re closer to and who you would consider and just another friend (as shallow as that sounds), everyone has best friends. Not just the relationship, but the context of the gift is important too, sometimes certain gifts wouldn’t be appropriate. With all that said, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at the personality of the individual, which is what has the most value when it comes to what they’ll enjoy.

Close friends

When it’s time to celebrate special occasions with your close friends, you’re looking to get something that will mean a lot to them, rather than something you can pick up on the way to them. It’s that time where you need to put quite a bit of thought into what you should get them. Usually, taking a look at your past with them is a good signifier of what they’ll appreciate. With that said, it can be pretty difficult if you don’t have so much creativity, or the individual hasn’t been around in your life for all that long. In which case, you should turn to the occasion of the event. Perhaps it’s not a birthday, but something bigger like a wedding. At which point you could check out My Wish UK to get some ideas of what makes a good gift. If you would prefer to find something on your own, maybe you should do some low-key stalking into their life. That doesn’t necessarily imply that you should follow them around when they’re not looking, but instead trying to find out about their interests on social media, or through cryptic conversations. It can be quite easy to find out something they need if you really try, just make sure you don’t give the surprise away while trying.


Giving gifts in the family can vary quite a lot. It can depend on how much of a tight-knit family you’re part of, and the age of them. For example, you wouldn’t give your new seven-year-old nephew a bottle of wine, but instead maybe some toys or a cool gadget. When it comes to those who are closer to you, something that you’ve taken the time to make yourself might come across as more thoughtful. Perhaps if you’re talented in art, you could create something unique and special to them, rather than going out and guessing what they might like from a store. This way, even if it’s not something they would usually go for, the thought and time that you’ve put into it are still special to the gift itself.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to impress and leave a smile on the face of the person receiving the gift, you should focus more on what you know they like, rather than trying to get them something anyone would like. Taking the time and effort to come up with something/put together the right gift for someone can show how much they mean to you, which can make any gift big or small worth much much more. If you’re still not sure, you could check out for some great ideas of gifts that could be quite useful to many.

5 things men do in a relationship that drive women crazy (with fury)

Have you seen the movie What Women Want? It’s pretty old now, but it featured an in-his-prime Mel Gibson receiving the power to know what women are thinking. Pretty useful huh? If only all men were the same…if only all men looked like Mel Gibson! Sadly, try as they might, when it comes to being with a woman in a relationship, a lot of men get the same things wrong. Know what we mean? Well, here are a few clangers men are known to make. Bless ‘em!


1. Dressing down on a night out

Most of us spend many hours getting ourselves ready for a night out, from hair and makeup to choosing the perfect outfit for the evening ahead. Men? Forget it! Not only have they ‘forgotten’ to shave, but their jeans and t-shirt appearance is no complement to our pristine appearance. At least make an effort guys, instead of looking like something the cat just dragged in. Meow indeed!

2. Saying they love us with gifts

Who doesn’t want to be lavished with gifts, but the way to a girl’s heart isn’t with material things. Well, maybe that’s just us! Regardless, it’s the small things that count, such as a tender kiss, an encouraging word of support, or actually listening to a word we say. Of course, being presented with a diamond brooch is also wonderful, but often a bunch of flowers from Ukflowerdelivery is a simple way for them to prove their love, as well as those three simple words that money can’t buy… I love you! Honestly, why is it so hard for them to say it!

3. Checking out the competition

On a night out, we want to be the only person in the room that the guy’s eyes are attuned too. Yet, no matter how much they try to hide the fact, men’s eyes tend to wander towards our competition. This is just rude, and is a major turn-off for us, especially if our guy is expecting some bedroom action at the end of the evening. If you’re going to be seen with us guys, then BE with us.

4. Being too nice

We all like to be flattered guys, but telling us that we look beautiful every few minutes is going a little too far. Hold the door open for us by all means, but you don’t need to be a doormat. After a while, a nice guy is going to appear insincere, and their words and gestures won’t mean much if it looks like they are making too much effort to appear nice. We want a guy with integrity, somebody who is comfortable at being themselves, and even putting their own needs first… occasionally!

5. Forgetting to put down the toilet seat

Little more needs to be said. They all do it, and yet it’s not difficult to put the seat down, is it? Of course, what’s worse is when they sprinkle when they tinkle, but that’s a whole other subject matter. It’s the little things that matter, and the toilet seat is but the tip of the iceberg.


Does your guy drive you crazy? Let us know your experiences of the annoying, irritating, and downright infuriating things that men are prone to do in a relationship. Still, they are only human, so we can probably forgive them for some of the things they do. That toilet seat though… grrr!