My love for unique watches plus win $100 off your very own JORD watch

I love an accessory, for me they make the simplest outfit stand out, I love jewellery, watches, shoes, scarfs and bags. a clutch bag, handbag or even a cute back pack can complete a look. Take the larger items away, and it comes down to the jewellery. I am currently in the process of designing a gorgeous white gold, diamond, opal and ruby ring with a fabulous designer, I cannot wait to see it all finished.


Along with gorgeous fine jewellery, I love a unique watch. My brother in law has a watch collection that most would be envious of, with various designer brands and lots of different styles. However what he does not have in his collection yet, is a wood watch, I do! When I first received my gorgeous wood watch from JORD, my brother in law was among the first people to notice it, which didn’t surprise me.

Ooh, I love unqiue watches

The lovely people at JORD got in touch recently and asked if I would like to choose one of their watches and give my readers the chance to win $100 towards their very own unique watch by JORD. I choose the Cassia, in walnut and rose gold. It’s one of the watches designed for ladies, they also have a unisex collection and mens collection.

When I was first looking though the watches that JORD designs, I was quite surprised to see so many different designs. The Cassia stood out to me straight away. It has a more delicate style strap and the very current rose gold watch face.

My gorgeous new watch looks perfect with so many outfits, teamed with jeans and a plain t-shirt and pumps it even looks great for an evening out with friends or my hubby. It’s so versatile it will be worn all of the time.

For me I love that within the links there is a a hint of rose gold, it just finished the whole watch off for me. Safe to say my Brother in law is putting a JORD watch on his must have list of watches.

If you would like to win $100 off your very own JORD watch, click here to enter. You have until the 19th August 2018 to enter. Good luck.


*This post is made in collaboration with JORD. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Wooden Wristwatch


New menu launch at the Cosy Club Stamford

I love going into Stamford, it’s a beautiful little Lincolnshire town, which is about 15 miles away from my home. It is somewhere that I go with friends for lunch, out for drinks and a meal with my hubby and a great place for shopping as there are some lovely shops in the town. Stamford is sat on the river Wellend, which is a lovely spot to take the children for a picnic in the warm months. Stamford for me is a go to place for lunch, when the children are in school the Hubby and I will often head there for a wonder around and some lunch.


The Cosy Club Stamford

When we head there for lunch and sometimes breakfast, we would normally choose the Cosy Club, the only time we haven’t been there when visiting Stamford was when the Christmas Markets were on and it was so busy we couldn’t get in.

The Cosy Club have recently launched a new set of menus, they now offer a vegan, gluten free and of course their standard menu, plus they have a new selection of puddings and cocktails. So they invited me along to try out the new menu.

I love the Cosy Club in Stamford, I have visited many times before, I love the atmosphere there. It’s has a real old English feel to it, with a large vintage union jack flag hanging in one corner. Wood panelled walls, mismatched chairs and tables, random lampshades and pictures on the walls, all working in perfect unison together.



I took my sister along with me to try out the food and drinks. Looking through the drinks menu I was drawn to the cocktails, however with the school run to do later that afternoon we both went with mocktails. I will be honest, I don’t normally order a mocktail, in fact I don’t think I have had one since being a child. After trying them I am not sure why I don’t choose them more often.

I went with the watermelon and green tea cooler, my sister a virgin summer sangria. Later on during our meal we ordered another mocktail each a virgin passion fruit mojito and a St Clements they were lovely, by far my favourite one was the watermelon and green tea cooler. It was so refreshing and enjoyable, I would happily have it again and again.


For food we opted for the Tapas, which was an unusual choice for us. We head out for lunch together quite often but we have not had a sharing meal before, but the Tapas really appealed to both of us. There were however a lot of other items on the menu we would have loved to try. 


The Tapas is priced at £13.95 for 3 items or £4.95 each. So we decided on 6 items to share.

  • Halloumi sticks with a chipotle chilli jam.
  • Pulled chicken and chorizo with crispy potatoes.
  • Tempura king prawns with a soy and ginger dipping sauce.
  • Squid and chorizo pan fried with red wine and garlic and served with mixed leaved and butter bean aioli.
  • Crispy sesame seed chicken, with a soy and ginger dipping sauce and a coriander salad.
  • Garlic Mushrooms on a sourdough toast.

We also added a bread board of Ciabatta with dipping balsamic vinegar and oil.

We both really enjoyed the tapas, my favourite would have to be the crispy sesame seed chicken and the garlic mushrooms. Although it was all delicious, my least favourite was the squid and chorizo, mainly because I am not the biggest squid fan but it was my sisters favourite dish. The flavours all worked really well together, the halloumi sticks are very popular right now and I know why, along with the chipotle chilli jam they were so yummy.

The 6 items of tapas and the bread was more than enough for us both for lunch.


I love a dessert, in fact I generally will look at the dessert menu first before deciding on a main course, eating at the Cosy Club was no different. There is a fabulous range of desserts on offer at the Cosy Club Stamford. My eyes were drawn to the salted caramel cheesecake, with butterscotch sauce and popcorn straight away. My sister went for the Nutella and vanilla cream doughnut, topped with candy floss and raspberry dust. When they arrived they looked amazing, and we began digging straight into them.


I was a little disappointed with the cheesecake, I felt it was a bit warm, as though it needed another hour in the fridge to set, the base was also so thin that you hardly knew it was there. It did however taste amazing, full of caramel and butterscotch flavours. Just wish it was a bit firmer and a thicker base.

My sister is a big fan of doughnuts and nutella, so she was winning with this pudding. However, she also was disappointed with it. She felt that she couldn’t taste the nutella as it had been mixed with vanilla cream. I also tried a little bit and although there was some chocolate flavour I wouldn’t have said it had that rich nutella flavour I was expecting, it was a little disappointing.

The staff

I honestly have never had any issues with the staff at the Cosy Club, whenever I have visited they have always been helpful and welcoming, answered any questions I might have had. Our visit was no different, the manager who I have seen there a few times, was on hand to help with any questions, the staff were all happy and efficient in their work. They clearly have great mixology skills as the mocktails were all fabulous.

Although our desserts were a little disappointing, we had a wonderful meal at the Cosy Club Stamford and I wouldn’t hesiate to go back again, in fact my Hubby has a couple of days off work soon, so I thought we could go over together for lunch. He would love the tapas but also the Major-General burger, is what I would put money on him ordering.

Thank you Cosy Club for inviting me along to try out your fabulous new menu, great job.

My jewellery design experience at Roseanna Croft Jewellery

A couple of months ago the team at Rosanna Croft Jewellery got in touch to see if I would like to be part of the new bespoke design experience at their Bakewell studio. I do love jewellery, who doesn’t right? I have a few lovely items in my jewellery box, plus my engagement ring, wedding band and eternity ring, which I wear all the time. So, of course I wanted to have a bespoke design experience, you never know I might not ever be able to experience this again.

jewellery Design Experience at Roseanna Croft Jewellery

I headed over Bakewell in Derbyshire to meet with Roseanna herself, to find out a bit more about her and Roseanna Croft Jewellery. Roseanna, studied Jewellery design and manufacturing at university and then went on to travel the world working within the jewellery industry. While in Australia, Roseanna picked up a beautiful black diamond, I was luckily enough to be shown it while at the studio. Having not seen a black diamond before, I was blown away with the cut and the way the light reflected from it, just stunning.

Roseanna is also Princes Trust young ambassador, she has recently attended the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, I am very jealous. I would honestly love to attend a Garden Party at the Palace one day.

As we got talking about both of our loves for luxury items, we started to discuss what style of jewellery I like and the style of piece I would love to design. I already knew that it was a ring, that I had my heart set on designing with Roseanna. For a long time I have wanted something that represented my children. I have been looking for the last couple of years for something that did just that. I love the vintage style, so I am always looking in second hand jewellery shops and antique stores to find something, however I still have not found exactly what I have been looking for. This bespoke design service is perfect when you know you want something but haven’t quite found what it is yet.

As my son’s birthday is July, Ruby is his birthstone and my daughters birthday is in October so Opal is her birthstone. I felt like this would be my perfect opportunity to design a luxury item of jewellery that represented them both and have it’s very own story.

My jewellery design experience at Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Roseanna Croft Jewellery offers a unique champagne afternoon tea design experience, which we booked in for a couple of weeks later. Roseanna Croft Jewellery’s bespoke service gets booked up, so to get the day of the week suitable for me I needed to wait a couple of weeks. It wasn’t an issue, I gave me time to put some ideas together and email some over to Roseanna before going back.

Rosanna believes that ‘every piece of jewellery tells a story’ so with every piece of bespoke jewellery made, they produce a story card along with a valuation of your item.

I was really looking forward to working with Roseanna Croft jewellery and having my bespoke design experience. I arrived at the studio in the heart of Bakewell, to be greeted by the lovely Roseanna who had a glass of champagne to hand to me as I arrived. While I made myself comfortable she went out to the back of the studio to finish preparing the afternoon tea. Sandwiches, olives, mini shortbread, mini muffins, fresh melon and delicious champagne truffles, all serviced on a vintage style cake stand. I don’t actually eat olives, but everything else looked and tasted lovely.

We sat down together and began designing my ring. I had put together a Pinterest board of vintage rings that I loved, I had also previously sent Roseanna a few images I had found that I liked so she did have some idea of what I had in mind. While talking about the ring style, the stones and the metal it would be made from, I showed Roseanna a couple of other rings I had with me from home. A diamond solitaire ring set in white 18ct white gold plus an 18ct white gold wish bone style ring set with 11 small diamonds. These rings were actually from my ex fiancée when I was in my late teens, which for some reason I had kept in box in my jewellery box. I wondered if maybe we could use the stones and the gold from them within my new ring. It seemed silly to me that they had been in a box for almost 15 years. (Wow, 15 years……. time has flown)

As we set about looking at the different style rings that I liked, it became quite clear I wanted a statement ring. Something that I would probably never find anywhere else, something people would remember and ask where it came from. I felt drawn to the rings that I can only describe as a shield, something marquis shaped, but not as a single stone.

As Roseanna put pen to paper, she started to sketch a couple of styles out. We spoke about each one and then designed another, I also spoke about my ideas as we went along. Some good, some ……… well, lets just say there is a reason I do not design luxury jewellery. We continued looking at different styles, talking about what worked, until Roseanna had designed something that I loved, something that no one else would have and something that was perfect for me. Even though I had made a few different suggestions, most didn’t work however, Roseanna put me at ease to be able to come up with ideas and she never once made me feel silly for making a suggestion. I’m sure Roseanna knew they wouldn’t have worked but she sketched them down and we discussed each one as we went along.

Roseanna felt that using the diamonds from my other rings would work beautifully within the ring design I had chosen. When we were both sure it was what I had been dreaming about, Roseanna added colour to the sketch so I could see the placement of the Rubies, Opals and Diamonds. The sketch was then turned over with a few details written on the back, about the stones, the metal I had chosen and also my ring size, which Roseanna sized for me. Although at this point I wasn’t sure about white gold or yellow gold.

My bespoke ring design

As I wasn’t 100% sure about the metal for my ring, we discussed how yellow gold would help the Rubies to stand out, but make the diamonds slightly yellow looking and how the white gold would make the diamonds sparkle more. As it is quite difficult to visualise, Roseanna offered to send me the computer generated image of the ring in both yellow and white gold. Perfect. At Roseanna Croft Jewellery they work to a 6 week turn around from your jewellery design experience to taking your item home, of course that depends on how easy people find it to decide on the item they would like made (I did not), and also depending on the jewels as some have to be specially sourced from across the globe for these bespoke pieces.

As I finished off my second or third glass of champagne and nibbled at the afternoon tea, while chatting away about the Royal Wedding and Royal engagement rings over the years. Roseanna explained that after the appointment, she would design the ring on the CAD computer system, which allows you to see something in 3D image before actually making it. It would then be emailed over to me to look at and see if I would like any changes making.

After I said good bye, I couldn’t wait to see the design. Within 5 days my design arrived in my inbox. As promised in both yellow and white gold. Wow!

The yellow gold as you can see, just didn’t quite have the same feeling to me. I felt like that yellow gold made more of an impact that the setting of the stones and I wanted to stones to be the standout part. What do you think?


I am very indicieve about things, and I just wasn’t 100% sure about the placements of the rubies, so I asked Roseanna is she would be able to put together an image of them flipped around. It was no problem, Roseanna was more than happy to adjust the ring. A couple of days later another image arrived for me to look at.

I will be honest, I had had both of the images for a week or more and I still did not know which I loved more. I asked my hubby, my friends, my sister and my brother-in-law who has a great eye for design yet I still couldn’t make my mind up.

So I contacted Roseanna back again, to ask for the size of ring so I could visualise it even more on my finger. Roseanna said to me to try not to over think it and go with what I love, she also offered to see me again to re-design if I wanted to. I knew I loved the rings, just I wasn’t to sure which one I loved that bit more. In the end after almost two weeks of comparing the rings and writing this post, I have finally decided on the first design that Roseanna put together for me. I felt like it was more balanced and I love it.

Now, I cannot wait to see the process of my gorgeous ring being made, I will be going over to the studio again to see some of the stones being placed and to see how it is all made. I will share the rest of my jewellery design experience at Roseanna Croft Jewellery, when I have collected my gorgeous ring. I cannot wait.