Best Places In England For a Family Holiday

Life gets busy. Work gets hectic. People get stressed out. When it comes to self care, we sometimes have to bow out of life and take some moments to ourselves so that we can re-emerge our best selves. When we do, that is the time to take our family on the road and keep the family fun alive. Here are a few places around England where families can go to spend a fun time together. 

Best Places In England For a Family Holiday

The Lake District 

The landscape is so gorgeous in the Lake District that artists have been inspired by its beauty for generations. The green is so deep and the sky so blue, it’s almost as if it can’t be real. The lakes reflect the sun with such brilliance that illumination seems to come from every angle. 

The surrounding mountains offer hiking and climbing for the family that loves to be active in their off time. There are also lake cruises that can be had that set the perfect outdoor experience. When the sun goes down and it’s time to retire to your private quarters, there are quaint bed and breakfasts throughout the region that cap off the country’s splendor. 

Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle is an estate that is fit for royalty. Its grand landscape and grounds are breathtaking. Engine Yard is home to former buildings that were once part of the estate, and today, they are shops, dining, bars, and entertainment. It is the perfect place to take a family stroll and take in a lot of beauty from the myriad of gardens and lakes. 

The best thing to do is have high tea at the castle. It is the height of English luxury and it is one of the best parts of having a family day out to Belvoir Castle. There is so much country land around the castle where the entire family can explore. 

Legoland in Windsor

If your kids are smaller and require a little more attention and excitement, Legoland in Windsor is the perfect place for them. You can explore an entire park of rides and activities. Mythica is England’s first flying theatre ride, and kids love it. The entire area of the park is dedicated to mythical creatures. 

You can then go over to Miniland where the world is reconstructed with over 40 million Lego blocks. There is also a Lego Hotel on site, but feel free to stay wherever you choose. 

Peppa Pig World

Every young child loves Peppa, George, Miss Rabbit, and Mommy and Daddy Pig. Visit Peppa Pig world in Paulton’s Park in Hampshire for a true immersive Peppa experience. You can do such things as ride in Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter and ride on Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club ride. There are hotels on site that offer spas, dining, and relaxation. 


There are several other great places to take the family this summer, but this list is a great start. Get to searching what suits your family best, and get out on the road and refresh with some fun family time. 


Best Places To Stay When Travelling On A Budget

Travelling the world offers many advantages. With less expensive travel options, even more, people get to go on adventures and explore various cultures. However, the cost of accommodation has made it difficult for many to enjoy travelling. Fortunately, there are several affordable options to choose from. So, if you are travelling on a budget, here are some budget-friendly accommodation options. 

Travelling On A Budget 

Rental property for vacation

You can rent a house or apartment through a firm, usually located near a tourist attraction, such as a beach. Some excellent websites can assist you in your search, but it all depends on where you want to travel. For example, the Meriton offers affordable and luxurious vacation rental property for travellers visiting Australia. 

A timeshare is also an option. A timeshare is a holiday rental in which you own a portion of the property. Depending on the contract, you agree to pay a specific amount and are subsequently given a particular number of times every year to use the facility. These are ideal for those who desire to spend their vacation or holiday with their family.


This is the most popular sort of lodging. You can choose between a low-cost hotel and a premium “5-star” hotel. You rent a room with a bathroom and possibly some kitchen amenities. Breakfast may be available. 

A motel is a “mobile hotel” for those passing through a city and needing a place to sleep for the night. Traditionally, an inn is a restaurant or pub that rents out rooms. Except for premium accommodations, where you would only use the term hotel, these three phrases appear to be interchangeable today. This is ideal for anyone who needs a clean bed and a lot of comfort for a short period.

Guesthouse and B&B

In terms of style and price, a guesthouse or B&B (bed and breakfast) falls somewhere between a hostel and a hotel. There will normally be fewer rooms than in a hotel, though there may be a variety of sizes available. These are best for people who desire a social environment with amenities that hotels don’t normally supply.


Airbnb is a relatively new firm, having been formed in 2008. This website allows you to search for and list lodging. You may hire out opulent castles and mansions, pleasant little flats, a house bedroom, or even a couch! Prices vary greatly, and because you are renting from individuals rather than a firm, you must be cautious and meticulous in checking out all of the details. This is the best option for a traveller who wants to live like a local! It’s up to you to decide what kind of locale you want.


A hostel is a low-cost lodging that focuses on establishing a communal atmosphere for its visitors. These are available in a variety of price ranges and styles. Dorm-style rooms with bunk beds, shared bathroom, shared kitchen and shared common areas are typical (though not usually). Hostels frequently provide unique information and tours about the surrounding area. There are resourceful websites to use while looking for a hostel. They are ideal for budget travellers and those who want to immerse themselves in this type of social setting.

The Beginners Guide to Las Vegas ATV Tours

There’s much to Las Vegas than just nightclubs and casinos. There are more than enough outdoor adventures in Las Vegas to quench your adrenaline cravings. The drinking, the gambling, and the partying are just by the way. The city has an abundance of outdoor life to offer.

If you are planning to have a Las Vegas vacation, getting on an ATV desert tour can be more fun than you could ever imagine. You will experience fabulous and diverse scenery on the terrain. The sight of the orange wall of Las Vegas Valley of Fire is a great one to behold. As if those aren’t enough. The amazing sight of wild coyotes, mustangs, roadrunners, jackrabbits, burros and other desert wildlife is indeed a plus.

Beginners Guide to Las Vegas

So, how do you get started?

If you are trying an ATV tour for the first time, there are probably a ton of questions running through your mind. What’s the best time to rent an ATV? Which is the best ATV trail for beginners? What’s the condition of the ATV I’m renting? These and similar questions can make you want to opt-out. Fortunately, you’ve got an option.

ATV tours are of two types. You can either go it alone or choose a scenic motorised tour with a guide. The former is best for thrill-seekers who are already in the know. The latter is best for newbies and beginners. Let’s make a quick comparison.

ATV Rentals Vs ATV Tour: Which is Best for Beginners

ATV Rentals:

Choosing ATV rentals means you are going on a self-guided tour. The best help you’d get is the ATV operation lesson and a map. This option is ideal for experienced off-road adrenaline junkies seeking a rush of fun people who can operate ATV and can navigate using a map. This is no option for a newbie.

Guided ATV Tours:

Booking a guided ATV tour is an option for beginners. Guided ATV tours are more predictable, safe, educational, and more fun for participants. You will have an off-road expert in your company to guide and educate you on the beautiful history of every scene you witness.

The benefit of guided ATV tours over ATV rental can be a long one. In its simplest form, your safety on and off-road is guaranteed. You never know what you will encounter. You won’t have to worry about damages, should in case something happens to your rented machine. Plus, you don’t want to be lost in a desert.

What to Bring Along on Your First Tour?

No one knows what you are planning for your vacation. But if you are considering adding ATV tours to your bucket list, there are some fun enhancing items you don’t want to leave behind while on an Las Vegas ATV tour. Check again, can you find any of these in your backpack?

1. Your Camera: A picture speaks a thousand words they say. It can even speak a million if you are its maker. ATV tours can give you a lifetime of picture-making. You will get an abundance of nature to click. A heck load of beautiful scenery to take home in your pocket. A truckload of historical sites to capture. There are just too many photo opportunities as you go.

2. Swimsuit and Towel: You can leave your safety gear at home. No worries, since you are taking an ATV tour. Most ATV tours provide the necessary protective gear for adventurers. Along your path, the Colorado River is one place you won’t like to pass without taking a dip. You may not be comfortable doing so in your clothes. This is where your swimwear will be a saviour.

3. Sunblock or Sunscreen: Depending on the length of your tour. There’s no hard rule about sunscreen, sunglasses, or sunblock. You only need to remember that this is the desert. It’s where the sun scorches. To protect your eyes and skin, you can consider adding them to the content of your backpack.

4. Water Bottle: Bring it on. As you are thirsty for adventure, don’t forget the adventure can also make you thirsty. What about reaching out to your backpack when you are dry in or dry out? Your water bottle isn’t an extra weight. It could be your lifesaver.

Tips and Tricks for First-Time Riders

If you are riding an ATV for the first time, speed shouldn’t be your number one concern. Riding it safe and comfortable is what you need. Let’s look at some beginners tips for a safe ATV ride.

Understand the ATV Braking System:

The braking system of ATV is similar to that of motorbikes and bicycles. Thus, the breaking technique is the same. The left-hand brake controls the front wheel. The right-hand brake controls the rear wheels. The break on your right hand is the chief of the breaking operation. What’s on the left is supplementary braking for when you need extra braking power. Always start by applying the brake to the rear wheels.

Avoid using the left-hand brake when you are in a downhill motion. Breaking the front wheels in such motion can cause your machine to tip forward.

Balance Out Your Weight:

You must know how to shift your body weight to align with the ATV centre of gravity. It is crucial to prevent tipping. When you make turns or ride on slant terrain, your body weight leans towards a particular direction. Leaning your body in the opposite direction while making the turn is very important.

One quick way to pull this off is to watch out for the turns and slants. When you are there, raise your body on your feet to counteract the force in that direction.

Watch out for Bumps and Dips:

Understanding how to absorb bumps and dips is as crucial as understating braking techniques. A ride in the desert of Las Vegas is a bumpy ride. Every bump and dip on the trail will come straight at you. You must be prepared.

It’s the job of your ATV tour guide to make sure that your machine tires are probably inflated. But there’s no crime in confirming that. Overinflated tires are too bouncy and absorb less impact. Slightly raising your body off the seat can as well help you absorb bumps better.

Go for Your First Ride

There’s a package for everybody when it comes to ATV tours. For individuals, families, friends, and associates, a guided ATV tour is fun-filled and memorable. Don’t worry about being a first-timer. By following the above riding tips and advice, your first ATV tour will never be your last.